On The Border Menu Prices (Updated: July 2023)

On The Border Restaurant is a Mexican-American chain of restaurants founded in 1982. With over 150 locations, On The Border is one of the largest Mexican-American restaurant chains in the United States.

Their starters include items such as queso and chips, Border nachos, and chicken flautas. For their main course, they offer tacos, enchiladas, fajitas, and burritos. They also offer a variety of sides such as refried beans, rice, and black beans.

If you’re looking for a delicious Mexican meal, you’ll definitely find something to your liking on the Border Restaurant’s food menu. They have all of your favorite traditional Mexican dishes, as well as some more unique options that you’re sure to love.

No matter what you’re in the mood for, you’ll be able to find it at the Border Restaurant. With so many mouth-watering options on the menu, it’s hard to decide what to order. But no matter what you choose, you’re sure to be satisfied.

The border fajitas are a customer favorite, and the margaritas are always perfect for washin’ down all that deliciousness. If you’re looking for a delicious and affordable meal, you’ll definitely want to check out On The Border Restaurant.

With a wide variety of Mexican-inspired dishes, there’s something for everyone on the menu. Plus, the generous portion sizes will leave you feeling satisfied. Whether you’re in the mood for a hearty entrée or a lighter option, On The Border is sure to have something that will tantalize your taste buds.

On The Border Restaurant Food Menu offers a wide variety of Mexican food items that are sure to please everyone in your party. The appetizers are great for sharing and include classics like chips and queso as well as border favorites like chicken flautas.

The entrees are hearty and filling, with options like fajitas, enchiladas, and tacos. And no meal at On The Border would be complete without one of their famous margaritas.

On The Border Menu Prices In 2023


Foods Sizes Prices
Coca-Cola $3.19
Diet Coke $3.19
Coke Zero $3.19
Dr Pepper $3.19
Sprite $3.19
Minute Maid Lemonade $3.19
Strawberry Lemonade $3.29
Iced Tea $3.19
Mango Iced Tea $3.69
Peach Iced Tea $3.69
Bottled Water $3.19

Kids Menu

Foods Sizes Prices
Kid Build Your Own Mini Tacos (Beef) $6.79
Kid Build Your Own Mini Tacos (Chicken) $6.79
Kid Enchilada Plate $5.99
Big Kid Beef Nachos $6.79
Big Kid Fajita Chicken Nachos $7.39
Kid Cheese Quesadilla $5.99
Kid Fajita Chicken Quesadilla $7.69
Kid Grilled Chicken Soft Taco $6.79
Kid Border Chicken Strips $6.29
Kid Corn Dog $5.99

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Sides And Add-ons

Foods Sizes Prices
Beef Empandas(Two) $4.59
Chicken Empandas(Two) $4.59
Tacos (crispy or soft) $4.59
House Salad $5.69
Chips And Salsa $2.89
Flour Tortillas (3 each) $1.19
Dozen Flour Tortillas $3.79
Corn Tortillas (3 each) $1.19
Dozen Corn Tortillas $3.79
Chips Small Bag $2.89
Chips Large Bag $9.09
Salsa $7.39
Side Signature Ques $1.19
Quart Border Queso $21.49
Quart Signature Queso $20.89
Side Guacamole $1.19
Quart Guacamole $22.59
Side Pico de Gallo $1.19
Quart Pico de Gallo $8.49
Side Mixed Cheese $1.19
Quart Mixed Cheese $6.79
Side Sour Cream $1.19
Quart Sour Cream $7.99
Avocado $1.19
Side Black Beans $1.69
Quart Black Beans $7.99
Side Refried Beans $1.69
Quart Refried Beans $7.99
Side Cilantro Lime Rice $1.69
Quart Cilantro Lime Rice $9.59
Side Mexican Rice $1.69
Quart Mexican Rice $7.99
Side Sautéed Vegetables $2.29
Pound Sautéed Vegetables $11.59
French Fries $1.69


Foods Sizes Prices
Border Brownie Sundae $7.99
Border Brownie Sundae $7.19
Caramel Churros (Two) $3.99
Caramel Churros(Four) $7.19
Sopapillas(Two) $2.89
Sopapillas(Five ) $5.69
Mini Sopapilla Sundae $3.99


Foods Sizes Prices
Chicken Fajita Wrap Box $9.39
Steak Fajita Wrap Box $11.09
Veggie Fajita Wrap Box (vegetarian) $9.39
Half Chicken Wrap & Salad Box $8.29
Half Steak Wrap & Salad Box $9.99
Half Veggie Wrap & Salad Box (vegetarian) $8.29

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Burritos And Chimis

Foods Sizes Prices
Two Dos XX Fish Tacos $11.69
Three Dos XX Fish Tacos $13.89
Two Southwest Chicken Tacos $11.29
Three Southwest Chicken Tacos $13.59
Two Brisket Tacos $11.89
Three Brisket Tacos $14.19
Street-Style Mini Chicken Tacos $11.89
Street-Style Mini Steak Tacos $12.99
Grilled Fish Tacos del Mar $11.89
Cabo Grilled Shrimp Tacos $12.99
Chicken Big Bordurrito $14.19
Steak Big Bordurrito $15.89
Three-Sauce Chicken Burrito $12.99
Three-Sauce Steak Burrito $14.69
Classic Burrito $12.19
Bean & Cheese Burrito $12.19
Veggie Burrito (vegetarian) $12.19
Classic Chimichanga $12.19
Veggie Chimichanga $12.19

Border Favorites

Foods Sizes Prices
Chimichurri Chicken & Shrimp $16.99
Carne Asada $18.09
Grilled Queso Chicken $13.39
Mexican Grilled Chicken $13.39
Caribbean Mango Grilled Fish $14.69

Fajita Grill

Foods Sizes Prices
The Ultimate Fajita $19.79
Monterey Ranch Chicken Fajitas $17.59
Border Smart Chicken Fajitas $12.99
Grilled Chicken Fajitas $15.89
Carnitas Fajitas $15.89
Grilled Steak Fajitas $18.09
Portobello & Vegetables Fajitas $15.89
Pick Two Fajitas $15.89
Grilled Shrimp Fajitas $18.09
Classic Fajitas For Two $29.39

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Cyo Combo

Foods Sizes Prices
Superior Dinner $14.19
Chile Relleno Combo $11.89
Create Your Own Combo Choose 2 $10.19
Create Your Own Combo Choose 3 $11.89
Create Your Own Combo Choose 4 $13.59


Foods Sizes Prices
Ranchiladas $19.29
Fajita Chicken Grilled Enchilada $12.49
Avocado Grilled Enchilada $12.49
Fajita Steak Grilled Enchilada $14.19
Border Queso Beef Enchiladas $11.09
Tomatillo Enchiladas $10.79
Enchiladas Suizas $12.49
Tres Cheese Enchiladas with Tomatillo $11.89
Tres Cheese Enchiladas with Ranchero $11.89

Border Bowls

Foods Sizes Prices
Grilled Chicken Border Bowl $11.29
Grilled Steak Border Bowl $12.99
Grilled Shrimp Border Bowl $12.99
Grilled Portobello Border Bowl (vegetarian) $11.29

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Soups And Salads

Foods Sizes Prices
Chicken Fajita Salad $13.59
Steak Fajita Salad $15.29
Grande Taco Salad Beef $11.29
Grande Taco Salad Chicken $11.29
Mango Chicken Salad $11.69
Chicken Tortilla Soup Cup $5.49
Chicken Tortilla Soup Bowl $7.39
Bulk Chicken Fajita Salad $45.19
Bulk Steak Fajita Salad $51.99
Mango Chicken Salad Large $32.79
House Salad Large $28.29
Confetti Salad Large $28.29

Border Bites

Foods Sizes Prices
Chicken Flautas $4.29
Street-Style Corn $3.99
Puffed Gordita Bites $4.89
Avocado Fries $5.69
Fried Pickled Jalapeños $3.39
Crispy Chicken Skewers $5.49


Foods Sizes Prices
Border Sampler $14.69
Stacked Nachos $11.89
Empanadas $9.59
Firecracker Stuffed Jalapeños $9.59
Grande Fajita Nachos $12.49
Grande Steak Nachos $14.19
Grande Steak & Chicken Combo Nachos $14.19
Grande Bean & Cheese Nachos $10.79
Guacamole App $7.99
Guacamole Live $11.29
Guac/Queso Duo $10.79
Signature Queso Cup $5.99
Signature Queso Bowl $7.39
Border Queso Cup $6.59
Border Queso Bowl $7.99
Brisket Quesadillas $13.39
Fajita Chicken Quesadillas $12.19
Fajita Steak Quesadillas $13.89
Spinach & Mushroom Quesadillas (vegetarian) $11.29
Veggie Quesadillas (vegetarian) $11.29
Cheese Quesadillas (vegetarian) $9.99

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On The Border History

on the border menu prices history

In conclusion, The On The Border restaurant company has a long and rich history dating back to 1982. Tim Ward is the current CEO and the company is headquartered in Irving, Texas, United States.

The company has been widely successful and has grown significantly over the years. On The Border is a popular eatery that offers delicious Tex-Mex cuisine and is known for its friendly and inviting atmosphere.

If you’re ever in the area, be sure to check out On The Border for an enjoyable dining experience. On The Border is a restaurant chain that specializes in Mexican-American cuisine.

The restaurant has over 150 locations across the country. On The Border is known for its fresh, made-from-scratch dishes, friendly service, and festive atmosphere. On The Border is known for its Mexican-style cuisine, and it offers a wide variety of menu items.

The restaurant also has a bar, and it is a popular destination for happy hour. On The Border has locations all over the United States, and it is one of the most popular Mexican restaurants in the country.

Today, On The Border is one of the largest full-service Mexican casual dining chains in the United States, with over 150 locations nationwide. The restaurant features a wide variety of traditional Mexican dishes as well as American favorites, all made fresh with quality ingredients.

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