Chart House Menu Prices (Updated: July 2023)

Chart House Restaurant is known for their delicious food.  Including salads, sandwiches, and pasta dishes. The restaurant also has a variety of drinks to choose from, including cocktails and wine.

Chart House Restaurant’s food is excellent and unique, making it a great place to eat. Chart House is a well known restaurant in the area. They have a great food menu with something for everyone.

And has a wide variety of dishes to choose from. Chart House offers both indoor and outdoor seating, making it an ideal place to enjoy a summer evening or a winter day.

If you’re looking for something different, they have it. Plus, their prices are reasonable too. Chart House Restaurant is known for its stunning waterfront view and delicious food.

The menu offers a variety of items, including salads, appetizers, main dishes, and desserts. The restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner daily.

Chart House Restaurant food menu is an amazing selection of dishes to choose from. It has something for everyone, including seafood, chicken, pasta, and more. The restaurant has a wide variety of beers and wines to choose from as well.

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Chart House Menu Prices In 2023

Family Pasta Meals

Foods Prices
Bronzed Chicken Pasta and Field Green Salad $44.00
Chimicurri Style Steak Pasta and Field Green Salad $66.00
Garden Vegetable Linguine and Field Green Salad $33.00
Shrimp Scampi Pasta and Field Green Salad $55.00


Foods Prices
NY Style Cheese Cake $10.51
Key Lime Pie $9.92
NY Style Cheesecake, Strawberry Sauce $9.45
NY Style Cheesecake, Caramel Macadamia Nut $9.45

Signature Sides

Foods Prices
Sizzling Mushrooms $9.57
Sautéed Mushrooms $10.50
Creamed Spinach $9.86
Baked Potato $7.14
Steamed Asparagus $9.86


Foods Prices
Wild Caught King Crab $74.57
Alaskan King Crab $63.01
Cold Water Lobster Tail $46.05
Spiced Ahi $38.77
Mac Nut Mahi $41.10

Lunch Entrées

Foods Prices
Prime Rib French Dip $16.24

Lunch Entrées & Sandwich

Foods Prices
Beer Battered Fish and Chips $15.95
Diner Burger $14.01

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Foods Prices
Fountain Style Coke $4.08
Iced Tea $4.19
Soda $4.43
Fountain Drink $3.89
Fountain Style Diet Coke $4.08
Fountain Style Sprite $4.08

Meat + Poultry

Foods Prices
Paneed Chicken $26.96

Salad Entrees

Foods Prices
Caesar Salad with Grilled Chicken $17.38
Caesar Salad with Shrimp $20.53
Chicken Cobb Salad $15.82

Fresh Fish

Foods Prices
Simply grilled with olive oil, pan-seared, baked or blackened with lemon shallot butter, seasonal vegetables and coconut ginger rice.
Mahi $38.59
Ahi $37.51
Salmon $29.05
King Salmon $38.77
Swordfish $35.52
Halibut $43.75

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Meat and Poultry & Seafood

Foods Prices
Ahi Tuna $40.70
1 LB. Wild Caught King Crab $104.50
Prime Rib – Chart House Cut 10 oz $39.60
NY Strip 14 oz $45.51

Popular Items

Foods Prices
Chopped Salad $11.04


Foods Prices
Caesar $11.67
Chopped $12.34
Street Caesar Salad $11.25
Chopped Spinach Salad $12.64

Bowls and Greens – Dinner

Foods Prices
Caesar Salad $11.74

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Foods Prices
NY Style Cheesecake $9.45
NY Style Cheesecake with Strawberry Sauce $9.45
NY Style Cheesecake with Caramel Macadamia $9.45


Foods Prices
Wicked Tuna $17.27


Foods Prices
Mediterranean Hummus Tasting $12.29
Shrimp Cocktail $18.33
Coconut Crunchy Shrimp $13.06
Crab Cake $17.85
Calamari $17.01
Charred Octopus $20.34
Tuna Poke Bowl $16.45
Bruschetta Board $17.85


Foods Prices
Lobster Bisque $12.54
New England Clam Chowder $11.75

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Chart House History

chart house menu prices history

In conclusion, the Chart House restaurant company has a rich and storied history. Founded in 1961 by Joey Cabell and Buzzy Bent, the company has been a staple in the restaurant industry for decades.

With a commitment to quality and service, the Chart House has earned a loyal following among diners across the country. If you’re looking for a great meal and an enjoyable dining experience, be sure to check out a Chart House restaurant near you.

Chart House Restaurant is a seafood restaurant chain with locations across the United States. The first Chart House restaurant opened in Aspen, Colorado in 1961. The restaurant is known for its fresh seafood, steaks, and award-winning wine list.

Chart House has been in business for over 50 years, making it one of the oldest restaurants in the United States. The restaurant started out as a seafood spot in Aspen, Colorado but eventually expanded to locations all over the country.

Today, Chart House is known for its stunning views and inventive seafood dishes. In the early 1960s, two young men had a dream to open a seafood restaurant unlike any other.

Together, they founded Chart House and set out to create a dining experience that would tantalize taste buds and fulfill appetites. With its innovative menu and elegant atmosphere, Chart House quickly became a favorite among locals and celebrities alike.

Today, Chart House has restaurants all over the United States, each one serving up fresh seafood dishes and stunning views. Chart House is a seafood restaurant chain with locations across the United States.

The first Chart House opened in Aspen, Colorado in 1961. The restaurant is known for its fresh seafood, steak, and rotating selection of wine. Chart House has been featured in various publications, including Bon Appétit and Wine Spectator.

In 2018, Zagat named Chart House one of the “Most Popular Restaurants” in the United States.

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