Sweetgreen Menu Prices (Updated: July 2023)

Sweetgreen is a restaurant known for its healthy and affordable cuisine.  Sweetgreen specializes in salads and wraps, but also offers a wide range of other menu items such as smoothies, juices, and breakfast sandwiches.

Sweetgreen is a healthy and affordable restaurant that offers diners an extensive food menu.  Smoothies, and fruit bowls. All of the ingredients in the food are either organic or local when possible.

Sweetgreen also makes sure to use sustainable seafood when possible. Sweetgreen is a popular restaurant with salads, sandwiches, and fruit bowls. The menu has a variety of items to choose from, including wraps and burgers.

Everything on the menu is healthy and made with organic ingredients. Sweetgreen is a popular chain of restaurants that specializes in healthy, environmentally conscious food.

The menu includes items like salads, wraps, and grain bowls. Many of the dishes are made with seasonal ingredients like fruits and vegetables. Prices are generally reasonable, making Sweetgreen a great option for lunch or dinner.

If you’re looking for a healthy, vegan-friendly meal, Sweetgreen is the perfect option. Their menu offers a variety of salads and sandwiches made with fresh ingredients.

The restaurant also offers sides like lentil soup and roasted Brussels sprouts, which make it easy to create a balanced meal.

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Sweetgreen Menu Prices In 2023

Kid’s Meals

Foods Prices
Ranchy Chicken $ 7.95
Little Harvest $ 7.95

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Foods Prices
Health-Ade Pink Lady Apple $ 4.95
Rise Cold Brew $ 4.50
Jasmine Green Tea $ 3.50
Health-Ade Pomegranate $ 4.95
Still Water $ 2.50
Sparkling Water $ 2.75


Foods Prices
Crispy Rice Treat $ 2.95

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Foods Prices
Rosemary Focaccia $ 1.95
Cashew Pesto Sweet Potatoes $ 3.95
Green Goddess Ranch $ 3.95


Foods Prices
Guacamole Greens $ 13.95
Kale Caesar $ 13.45
Buffalo Chicken Bowl $ 14.45
Super Green Goddess $ 9.95
Garden Cobb $ 13.95

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Warm Bowls

Foods Prices
Harvest Bowl $ 14.45
Chicken Pesto Parm $ 14.45
Chicken Tostada $ 13.95
Shroomami $ 13.45
Crispy Rice Bowl $ 14.45


Foods Prices
Crispy Chicken Salad $ 14.95
Miso Bowl $ 14.95
BBQ Chicken $ 15.45
Winter Power Bowl $ 13.95

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Sweetgreen History

Sweetgreen Menu Prices History

In conclusion, Sweetgreen is a company with a rich history that was founded in 2007 by Jonathan Neman and Nicola are. The company started out in Los Angeles, California, and has since grown to have locations all over the United States.

Sweetgreen is a great place to get healthy food, and I would encourage everyone to check it out! Sweetgreen is a popular vegan- and vegetarian-friendly restaurant with locations across the United States.

Who wanted to create a place where people could get healthy, affordable food. Today, Sweetgreen has over 180 locations in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.

The restaurants are known for their plant-based menu options, including made-to-order bowls, salads, wraps, pizzas, and desserts. Sweetgreen is a restaurant that specializes in healthy, organic food.

Sweetgreen now has locations in over 20 states and the District of Columbia. Sweetgreen is a restaurant chain with locations across the United States.

The company’s Mission Statement is “To make healthy eating easy, delicious and affordable for everyone.” They accomplish this by sourcing as many of their ingredients as possible from local farms, using whole grain breads and dressings, and providing calorie information on all of their menu items.

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