Togo’s Menu Prices (Updated: July 2023)

The menu features traditional Togolese dishes such as soups, stews, and meats. The setting is very pleasant and eclectic, with paintings and sculptures adorning the walls.

The staff is welcoming and attentive, and they make sure that your meal is as enjoyable as possible. In Togo, the restaurant food is a popular way to enjoy local flavors.

The country has many different types of food and each region has its own specialties. Togo’s restaurant food menu is extensive and features a variety of dishes to choose from.

The menu items can be categorized into five main sections: starters, soups, salads, curries, and desserts. Starters include an assortment of salads such as the popular Caesar salad with croutons and Parmesan cheese, or the Vietnamese salad featuring long beans, carrots, cucumbers, and jalapeños.

There is also a range of noodle dishes including Pad Thai noodles in a sweet and sour sauce or Singapore rice noodles in a savory soy sauce based sauce.

Togo s restaurant food menu offers a variety of dishes that are sure to please most diners. The menu features everything from international favorites like chicken and waffles, to local dishes like grilled emu.

Whatever your taste, there’s bound to be something on the menu that will satisfy you. And if you’re feeling adventurous, there are also plenty of dishes that can be customised to your liking.

So whether you’re in the mood for some classic American diner food or something more unique and exotic, Togo’s is sure to have something for you!

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Togo’s Menu Prices In 2023


Foods Prices Prices Prices
3” Mini 6” Regular 9” Large
#21 Cali Veggie $4.95 $7.95 $10.95
#15 Greek Veggie $4.95 $7.95 $10.95
#22 Cheese $4.95 $6.95 $8.95
#14 Hummus $4.95 $6.95 $9.25

Salads & Soups

Foods Prices Prices
Half Salad Full Salad
Santa Fe Chicken Salad $5.95 $8.95
Mediterranean Chicken Salad $5.95 $8.95
Asian Chicken Salad $5.45 $7.95
BBQ Chicken Ranch Salad $5.45 $7.95
Chicken Caesar Salad $5.45 $7.95
Farmer’s Market Salad $5.45 $7.95
Foods Prices
Hot Soup
[Broccoli Cheddar]

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Foods Prices Prices
Spinach Wrap Gluten Free Wrap
Bacon Ranch Chicken Wrap $6.95 $7.95
Ultimate Veggie Wrap $7.25 $8.25
Santa Fe Chicken Wrap $7.95 $8.95
Mediterranean Chicken Wrap $7.95 $8.95
Asian Chicken Wrap $6.95 $7.95
BBQ Chicken Ranch Wrap $6.95 $7.95
Chicken Caesar Wrap $6.95 $7.95
Farmer’s Market Wrap $6.95 $8.00

Kids Meals

Foods Prices
#2 Kids Ham & Swiss $3.50
#3 Kids Turkey & Cheddar $3.50
#6 Kids Hot Meatball $3.50
#20 Kids Albacore Tuna $3.50
#22 Kids Cheese $4.95
#23 Kids Salami & Provolone $3.50

Chips, Drinks & Desserts

Foods Prices
Chips $1.69
20oz. Fountain Drink or Fresh Brewed Tea $2.29
32oz. Fountain Drink or Fresh Brewed Tea $2.59
Bottled Drinks $2.49
Cookies $1.79
Brownie $2.29

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Foods Prices Prices Prices
3” Mini 6” Regular 9” Large
#16 The Italian $4.95 $8.50 $11.75
#6 Hot Meatball $4.95 $7.95 $10.95
#20 Albacore Tuna $4.95 $7.95 $10.95
#30 Tuna Melt $4.95 $8.50 $11.70
#2 Ham & Swiss $4.95 $7.95 $10.95
#23 Salami & Provolone $4.95 $7.95 $10.95

Roast Beef

Foods Prices Prices Prices
3” Mini 6” Regular 9” Large
#7 Roast Beef – Cold $4.95 $8.50 $11.75
#7 Roast Beef – Hot $4.95 $8.50 $11.75
#8 Roast Beef, Turkey & Cheddar – Cold N/A $8.95 $12.50
#8 Roast Beef, Turkey & Cheddar – Hot N/A $8.95 $12.50
#33 Triple Dip N/A $10.95 $15.50


Foods Prices Prices Prices
3” Mini 6” Regular 9” Large
#9 Hot Pastrami $4.95 $8.95 $12.25
#10 Pastrami Reuben $4.95 $9.50 $12.95
#32 Pepper Jack Pastrami Melt $4.95 $9.50 $12.95

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Foods Prices Prices Prices
3” Mini 6” Regular 9” Large
#31 Clubhouse Melt $4.95 $8.95 $12.25
#36 California Club N/A $8.95 $12.25
#24 Turkey & Avocado $4.95 $8.50 $11.75
#26 Turkey, Ham & Cheddar N/A $8.50 $11.70
#3 Turkey & Cheddar $4.95 $7.95 $10.95
#4 Turkey, Salami & Cheddar N/A $8.50 $11.70
#5 Turkey & Cranberry $4.95 $7.95 $10.95

Hot Chicken

Foods Prices Prices Prices
3” Mini 6” Regular 9” Large
#37 Brewpub Chicken $4.95 $8.95 $12.25
#38 Buffalo Chicken $4.95 $7.95 $10.95
#39 BBQ Chipotle Chicken $4.95 $7.95 $10.95
#1 Chicken & Cheddar $4.95 $7.95 $10.95

Hot Pretzels

Foods Prices
#71 Pretzelrami $9.50
#72 Turkey Bistro Pretzel $8.95
#73 Chicken Dijon Pretzel $8.50

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Togo’s History

togos menu prices history

In conclusion, Togo’s restaurant company has a long and successful history. Mike Cobler is the founder of the company and it was founded in 1971 in San Jose, California, United States.

The company has since expanded to include many locations across the country. If you’re ever in the mood for a delicious sandwich, be sure to check out Togo’s! The restaurant was known for its fresh seafood, The menu features African and Caribbean dishes, as well as American favorites.

The restaurant is known for its friendly staff and welcoming atmosphere. The restaurant is known for its fresh, made-to-order sandwiches and salads, as well as its friendly and family-oriented atmosphere.

Togo’s is a popular sandwich chain with locations all over the western United States. Togo’s has since become known for its fresh ingredients, variety of sandwich options, and friendly service.

Today, there are over 250 Togo’s locations serving sandwiches to loyal customers. The restaurant is known for its home-cooked meals and friendly staff. Togo’s is a popular lunch spot for locals and tourists alike.

We are dedicated to providing our customers with the best possible experience, whether they are dining in, taking out, or catering an event. We take pride in using only the freshest ingredients and preparing all of our food from scratch.

Our menu features a variety of items, including something for everyone in your party. Togo’s is known for its large sandwiches, which are made with fresh ingredients and come in a variety of flavors.

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