Pizza Hut Menu Prices (Updated: July 2023)

In the library at 2 a.m., there is no way out. Midterm cramming has left you exhausted and hungry. A companion and a source of nourishment are two of the most important things you need at this point in your life.

What’s the answer? Pizza Hut is the place to go. It would be a massive understatement to say that pizza is a huge part of American culture. Americans consume 350 slices of pizza every second, according to current estimates.

We can safely assume that the kitchens at Pizza Hut are responsible for many of the 350 slices of pizza consumed in the United States. In spite of the fact that trying to put pineapple on pizza is one of the most terrible ideas ever, Pizza Hut’s Hawaiian Chicken Pizza is still abysmal.

While the pineapple chunks are precisely what you’d expect, things only get worse from there. The Tuscani Meaty Marinara Pasta, one of Pizza Hut’s two pasta options, is a mistake. No one will be looking forward to eating it again, but it isn’t terrible.

Cheese pizza from Pizza Hut is OK, but it’s unabashedly boring as a meal option. For those of us who prefer to paint the town red on paper rather than canvas, this pizza is a complete waste of time. Check out more options below at pizza hut menu prices in 2022.

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Pizza Hut Menu Prices 2023

Create Your Own Pizza

Foods Prices
14″ Large Pizza $17.01
Medium $14.04
Create Your Personal Pan Pizza® $5.10
12″ Medium Pizza $14.46
Large $16.54
Create Your Medium Pizza $11.56
6″ Personal Pan Pizza $6.71
Create Your Large Pizza $13.70
Personal Pan $6.35


Foods Prices
Chicken Bacon Parmesan $8.62
Meat Lovers $12.20
Pepperoni Lovers $8.50
Buffalo Chicken $12.20

Large Create Your Own

Foods Prices
Large Cheese Pizza $16.04


Foods Prices
Traditional Wings $9.27
Bone-Out Wings $8.22
WingStreet Fries $3.09

WingStreet® Wings

Foods Prices
Large Traditional Wings $8.13
Wing Street Fries $3.16

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Medium Specialty Pizza

Foods Prices
12″ Supreme Pizza $19.98
12″ Pepperoni Lover’s Pizza $19.98
12″ Veggie Lover’s Pizza $19.97
12″ Buffalo Chicken Pizza $19.99
12″ Meat Lover’s Pizza $20.00
12″ Hawaiian Chicken Pizza $19.99
12″ Backyard BBQ Chicken Pizza $19.99


Foods Prices
Stuffed Garlic Knots $6.70
Quepapas $6.24
Straight-Cut Fries $2.82

Large Specialty Pizza

Foods Prices
14″ Supreme Pizza $23.03
14″ Pepperoni Lover’s Pizza $23.02
14″ Veggie Lover’s Pizza $23.00
Pep Lovers $22.47
Sup Supreme $23.70
14″ Buffalo Chicken Pizza $23.04
Supreme $21.80
14″ Meat Lover’s Pizza $23.05
Veg Lovers $22.45
14″ Hawaiian Chicken Pizza $23.04
14″ Backyard BBQ Chicken Pizza $23.03
Hawaiian Chicken $21.85


Foods Prices
Bread Sticks $6.65
Breadsticks $6.89
Cheese Sticks $8.13

Dipping Sauces

Foods Prices
Ranch Dip $0.88
Bleu Cheese Dip $0.89
Marinara Dip $0.88
Cinnamon Stick Icing Dipping Sauce $0.91

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Top Menu Items

Foods Prices
Pepperoni Pizza $13.18


Foods Prices
6 Traditional Wings $13.17
12 Traditional Wings $25.93
8 Breaded Boneless Wings $10.52
18 Traditional Wings $37.44
Breaded Bone-Out Wings $9.17
8 Breaded Bone-out Wings $10.32
16 Breaded Bone-out Wings $18.91
16 Breaded Boneless Wings $19.42
24 Breaded Bone-out Wings $27.08
36 Traditional Wings $70.39
24 Breaded Boneless Wings $27.66
48 Breaded Boneless Wings $50.71


Foods Prices
Triple Choco Brownie $9.19
Cinnabon MINIROLLS $8.45
Extra Cup CC Frosting $0.90
Extra Cup Icing $0.89
Ult Choc Chip Cookie $8.77


Foods Prices
Four 20oz. PEPSI-COLA® Beverages $7.49
PEPSI® $2.07
MTN DEW® $2.08
16.9 oz. AQUAFINA® $1.99
20 oz. AQUAFINA® $1.93
4-20 Oz Drink Pack $7.60
2 Liter SIERRA MIST®’ $3.19


Foods Prices
20 oz. Pepsi $2.76
20 oz. Diet Pepsi $2.76
Aquafina $1.99
20 oz. Mountain Dew $2.76
2 Liter Pepsi $4.26
20oz. Pepsi $2.46
2 Liter Diet Pepsi $4.26
20oz. Mountain Dew $2.44
2 Liter Mountain Dew $4.26
20oz. Diet Pepsi $2.46

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Foods Prices
Sierra Mist $2.21

Don’t Forget the Dip

Foods Prices
Blue Cheese Dip $0.78
Garlic $0.76
Marinara $0.75
Garlic Dip $0.79

New Pizza Hut Melts

Foods Prices
Meat Lovers Melt $8.39
Chicken Bacon Parmesan Melt $8.39
Pepperoni Lovers Melt $8.39
Buffalo Chicken Melt $8.39

Dipping Sauce

Foods Prices
Ranch $0.80
Blue Cheese $0.74
Marinara Sauce $0.85


Foods Prices
Cinnabon Mini Rolls $8.53
Cinnamon Sticks $7.18
Hershey’s Triple Chocolate Brownie $7.14
Triple Chocolate Brownie $8.98
Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookie $8.76
The Ultimate Hershey’s Chocolate Chip Cookie $6.53

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Popular Pizzas

Foods Prices
Supreme Pizza $15.71
Meat Lover’s® Pizza $15.78
Cheese Pizza $11.48
Pepperoni Lover’s® Pizza $15.78
Super Supreme Pizza $15.36
Buffalo Chicken Pizza $15.80
Veggie Lover’s® Pizza $15.78
Chicken-Bacon Parmesan Pizza $15.80
Hawaiian Chicken Pizza $15.86
Backyard BBQ Chicken Pizza $15.83
Ultimate Cheese Lover’s $15.89
Ultimate Cheese Lover’s Pizza $14.99


Foods Prices
Meaty Marinara $9.80
Creamy Chicken Alfredo $11.41
Tuscani Creamy Chicken Alfredo $9.71
Oven-Baked Italian Meats Pasta $11.49
Tuscani Chicken Alfredo Pasta $9.55
Tuscani Meaty Marinara Pasta $9.65
Oven-Baked Cheesy Alfredo Pasta $11.49
Oven-Baked Chicken Alfredo Pasta $11.49
Oven-Baked Veggie Pasta $11.49

Medium Create Your Own

Foods Prices
Medium Cheese Pizza $13.33

Pizza Hut History

Pizza Hut Menu Prices History

Have you ever wondered about the history of Pizza Hut? Since its founding in 1958, Pizza Hut has grown to become one of the world’s most recognizable brands, with over 18,000 restaurants in more than 100 countries.

Pizza Hut is one of the most iconic and well-known pizza restaurants in the world. It all began when two brothers, Dan and Frank Carney, founded Pizza Hut in Wichita, Kansas in 1958.

Since then, it has grown to become the largest pizza chain in the world, with 17,639 stores as of 2020. Its success is largely attributed to the brothers’ commitment to providing quality service and food made with high-quality ingredients.

Pizza Hut is one of the most beloved pizza chains in the world. With its immense popularity, it’s no wonder that so many people are interested to learn about the history of this iconic restaurant.

Pizza Hut is a global pizza chain that has been delighting pizza lovers for over 60 years. This iconic brand has become synonymous with delicious, cheesy pizzas and its signature red roof logo is recognizable around the world.

From humble beginnings to becoming the largest restaurant company in the world, Pizza Hut’s remarkable journey of growth and development has been an inspiration to many.

Since its founding, Pizza Hut has grown to become an international phenomenon with tens of thousands of locations worldwide. It is now one of the largest pizza systems in the world and continues to innovate its menu and services.

The restaurant chain has served millions of customers around the world with delicious pizzas, wings, and sides. Over time, Pizza Hut developed new menu items and promotions culminating in what it is today – a fast-food powerhouse with locations spanning five continents.

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