Sonic Menu Prices (Updated: July 2023)

Craving a mouthwatering burger or a delicious shake without breaking the bank? Look no further than the Sonic Drive-In, America’s iconic fast-food chain. But, with a menu as vast and diverse as Sonic’s, how can you be sure you’re getting the best bang for your buck?

Enter our comprehensive guide on Sonic menu prices, a wallet-friendly compass that steers you toward the most scrumptious deals and discounts available.

In a world where the cost of dining out can be sky-high, understanding the intricacies of Sonic’s menu pricing can be a game changer for your taste buds and your budget.

With expert insight, we’ll unravel the mystery behind the numbers, ensuring you can indulge in your favorite Sonic treats without a shred of guilt. So, buckle up and join us as we dive into a culinary adventure that’s as tantalizing to your wallet as it is to your palate.

Sonic Menu Prices 2023


Foods Prices Prices Prices
Small Medium Large
Jumbo Popcorn Chicken $ 4.14 $ 6.09 $ 7.31
Buffalo Sauced Jumbo Popcorn Chicken $ 6.33 $ 7.55
Honey BBQ Sauced Jumbo Popcorn Chicken $ 6.33 $ 7.55
Crispy Chicken Tenders $ 5.48 $ 7.55
Classic Crispy Chicken Sandwich $ 6.33

Hot Dogs

Foods Prices
Chili Cheese Coney $ 3.28
All-American Dog $ 3.28
Footlong Quarter Pound Coney $ 5.72
Corn Dog $ 2.18

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Kids’ Meals

Foods Prices
Wacky Pack® Jr Burger $ 5.23
Wacky Pack® Chicken Strips $ 5.36
Wacky Pack® Grill Cheese Sandwich $ 4.38
Wacky Pack® 100% Beef $ 4.38
Wacky Pack® Corn Dog $ 5.23

All Day Breakfast

Foods Prices
Bacon Breakfast Toaster $ 4.75
Sausage Breakfast Toaster $ 4.75
Bacon Breakfast Burrito $ 4.01
Sausage Breakfast Burrito $ 4.01
Ultimate Meat & Cheese Breakfast Burrito $ 5.23
SuperSonic Breakfast Burrito $ 5.23
Jr. Sausage Egg And Cheese Breakfast Burrito $ 2.31
Green Moutain Coffee Roasters Coffee $ 2.31

Snacks & Sides

Foods Prices Prices
Small Medium
Tots $ 2.06 $ 3.16
Chili Cheese Tots $ 3.65 $ 4.50
Cheese Tots $ 2.65 $ 3.16
Fries $ 2.06 $ 3.16
Chili Cheese Fries $ 3.65 $ 4.50
Cheese Fries $ 2.67 $ 3.16
Ched ‘R’ Peppers $ 4.67 $ 6.09
Hand Made Onion Rings $ 3.28 $ 4.01
Soft Pretzel Twist $ 2.43
Jumbo Popcorn Chicken $ 4.14 $ 6.09
Buffalo Sauced Jumbo Popcorn Chicken $ 6.33
Honey BBQ Sauced Jumbo Popcorn Chicken $ 6.33
Mozzarella Sticks $ 4.26 $ 5.48
Fritos Chili Cheese Jr Wrap $ 1.82
Corn Dog $ 2.18

Frozen Zone

Foods Prices
Hot Fudge Sundae $ 3.16

Hand-Mixed Classic Shakes

Foods Prices
Strawberry Shake $ 3.28
Chocolate Shake $ 3.28
Vanilla Shake $ 3.28
Fresh Banana Shake $ 3.28
Peanut Butter Shake $ 3.28
Hot Fudge Shake $ 3.28
Cramel Shake $ 3.28

Hand-Mixed Master Shakes

Foods Prices
Cheesecake Shake $ 3.89
Oreo Cheesecake Shake $ 3.89
Oreo Chocolate Shake $ 3.89
Oreo Peanut Butter Shake $ 3.89
Strawberry Cheesecake Shake $ 3.89

Sonic Blasts

Foods Prices
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Blast $ 4.38
Sonic Blast Made With Butterfinger Candy $ 4.38
Sonic Blast Made With M&M’s Chocolate Candies $ 4.38
Reese’s Peanut Buttter Cup Sonic Blast $ 4.38
Sonic Blast Made With Oreo $ 4.38

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Everyday Deals

Foods Prices
Quarter Pound Double Cheeseburger $ 3.65
Grilled Cheese $ 2.43
Jr. Sausage, Egg And Cheese Breakfast Burrito $ 2.31


Foods Prices
Sonic Cheeseburger $ 5.84
Quarter Pound Double Cheeseburger $ 3.65
SuperSonic Double Cheeseburger $ 7.67
SuperSonic Bacon Double Cheeseburger $ 8.41
Plain Sonic Cheeseburger $ 5.84
Steak And Bacon Grilled Cheese $ 6.09
Spicy Steak And Bacon Grilled Cheese $ 6.09
Jr Cheeseburger $ 2.18

Limeades and Lemonades

Foods Prices
Cherry Limeade $ 1.45
All Natural Lemonade $ 1.45
Diet Cherry Limeade $ 1.45
Strawberry Limeade $ 1.45
Cranberry Limeade $ 1.45
Limeade $ 1.45
Diet Limeade $ 1.45

Soft Drinks

Foods Prices
Coca-Cola $ 1.21
Diet Coke $ 1.21
Coca Cola Zero $ 1.21
Dr Pepper $ 1.21
Diet Dr Pepper $ 1.21
Barq Root Beer $ 1.21
Sprite $ 1.21
Sprite Zero $ 1.21
Hi-C Fruit Punch $ 1.21
Ocean Water $ 1.21

Real Fruit Slushes

Foods Prices
Cherry Limmeade Slush $ 1.94
Limmeade Slush $ 1.94
Lemonade Slush $ 1.94
Strawberry Real Fruit Slush $ 1.57

Famous Slushes

Foods Prices
Cherry Slush $ 1.21
Blue Raspberry Slush $ 1.21
Blue Coconut Slush $ 1.21
Grape Slush $ 1.21
Cranberry Slush $ 1.21
Mango Slush $ 1.21

Ultimate Drink Stop

Foods Prices
Green Moutain Coffee Roasters Coffee $ 2.31
Minute Maid 100% Apple Juice Box $ 1.45
Milk Jug (1%)- White $ 1.45


Foods Prices Prices
Fries Tots
Sonic Cheeseburger Combo $ 3.16 $ 3.16
Super Sonic Cheeseburger Combo $ 3.16 $ 3.16
Super Sonic Bacon Double Cheeseburger Combo $ 3.16 $ 3.16
Chili Cheese Coney Combo $ 3.16 $ 3.16
All American Dog Combo $ 3.16 $ 3.16
Footlong Quarter Pound Coney Combo $ 3.16 $ 3.16
Jumbo Popcorn Chicken Combo $ 3.16 $ 3.16
Honey BBQ Sauced Jumbo Popcorn Chicken Combo $ 6.33 $ 7.55
Buffalo Sauced Jumbo Popcorn Chicken Combo $ 3.16 $ 3.16
Classic Crispy Chicken Sandwich Combo $ 3.16 $ 3.16
Sausage Breakfast Burrito Combo $ 3.16 $ 3.16
Bacon Breakfast Burrito Combo $ 3.16 $ 3.16
SuperSonic Breakfast Burrito Combo $ 3.16 $ 3.16
Breakfast Toaster Combo $ 3.16 $ 3.16


Foods Prices
Steak And Bacon Grilled Cheese $ 6.09
Spicy Steak And Bacon Frilled Cheese $ 6.09
Fritoa Chili Cheese Jr Wrap $ 1.82
Jr Cheeseburger $ 2.18

Picked For You

Foods Prices
Soft Pretzel Twist $ 2.43
Sausage Breakfast Toaster $ 4.75
Footlong Quarter Pound Coney $ 5.72
Corn Dog $ 2.18
Hot Fudge Sundae $ 3.16

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Sonic History

Sonic Menu Prices History

Have you ever wondered how Sonic Drive-In, the popular American fast-food chain, got its start? Allow us to take you on a journey back in time to the humble beginnings of this culinary giant.

The story begins with the vision of a man named Troy Smith, who founded the restaurant on June 18, 1953. It all started in a small town in Oklahoma, where Smith was determined to change the way people dined out.

Smith’s innovative ideas led to the birth of a fast-food restaurant in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, which would grow into the 3,545-location empire that it is today.

Sonic Drive-In’s success can be attributed to its diverse range of products, including mouthwatering hamburgers, crispy chicken, hearty sandwiches, juicy hot dogs, golden French fries, refreshing soft drinks, velvety soft serves, indulgent milkshakes, wholesome salads, rich coffee, satisfying breakfast options, and savory wraps.

The unique drive-in concept that set Sonic apart from other fast-food chains was inspired by Smith’s fascination with the intercom system at a local hamburger stand.

He envisioned a world where customers could enjoy a quick and convenient dining experience without even leaving their cars. By incorporating the intercom system, Sonic allowed customers to order from the comfort of their vehicles, revolutionizing the fast-food industry and setting a new standard for customer service.

As Sonic Drive-In continued to expand, it quickly became synonymous with quality, variety, and affordability. The restaurant chain’s popularity can also be attributed to its commitment to innovation, continuously adding new and exciting items to its menu that cater to the ever-evolving tastes and preferences of its customers.

We hope that by sharing this fascinating history, you’ve gained a newfound appreciation for the restaurant that has been serving up delicious fast food for nearly 70 years.

The next time you find yourself at one of Sonic’s many locations, savoring a tasty burger or enjoying a refreshing milkshake, remember the visionary man who started it all, Troy Smith. His unwavering dedication to innovation and customer satisfaction has cemented Sonic Drive-In’s legacy as an American fast-food icon.

FAQs On Sonic Restaurant

1. How much do Sonic menu items typically cost?

Sonic Drive-In offers a wide variety of menu items at affordable prices. You can expect to pay between $1 and $8 for most items, with combo meals and specialty items priced slightly higher.

2. Does Sonic offer any value menus or promotions?

Yes, Sonic frequently offers promotions and special deals. One popular option is the “Happy Hour” promotion, which features discounted drinks and slushes every day from 2-4 PM.

3. Are there any vegetarian or vegan options on Sonic’s menu?

While Sonic’s menu primarily features meat-based items, there are vegetarian options such as salads, tater tots, and onion rings. Vegans can enjoy a few limited options like fries and some of the slushes.

4. Does Sonic offer a kids’ menu?

Yes, Sonic provides a “Wacky Pack” kids’ menu, which includes kid-friendly meal options like corn dogs, grilled cheese sandwiches, and chicken strips, along with a side and a drink.

5. Can I customize my order at Sonic?

Absolutely! Sonic is known for its customizable menu options, allowing you to mix and match ingredients to create a meal tailored to your preferences.

6. Are there any low-calorie options on Sonic’s menu?

Sonic offers a selection of lighter menu items, including salads, grilled chicken sandwiches, and wraps. You can also customize your order to reduce calories by opting for healthier ingredients and toppings.

7. What are some popular items on the Sonic menu?

Some customer favorites include the Chili Cheese Coney, SuperSONIC Bacon Double Cheeseburger, and the hand-mixed Master Shakes.

8. Does Sonic offer breakfast options?

Yes, Sonic serves breakfast items like breakfast burritos, breakfast toasters, and French toast sticks. Breakfast is available all day, so you can enjoy it anytime.

9. Can I find allergen or nutritional information for Sonic’s menu items?

Yes, Sonic provides nutritional information, including allergen details, for their menu items on their website. This information can help you make informed choices based on your dietary needs and preferences.

10. Are there any limited-time offerings on the Sonic menu?

Sonic frequently introduces limited-time menu items, such as seasonal shakes or special edition burgers, to keep their menu fresh and exciting. Keep an eye on their website or social media channels for the latest updates on these offerings.

Final Words

Sonic Drive-In’s menu prices offer an array of delicious fast-food options that cater to a wide variety of tastes and preferences, all while providing great value for your hard-earned money.

The combination of innovative menu items, customizable options, and seasonal promotions makes Sonic an irresistible choice for those seeking both quality and affordability.

As we’ve explored in this article, understanding the intricacies of Sonic’s menu pricing can help you make the most of your dining experience and ensure you get the best deals possible.

Whether you’re a long-time Sonic fan or just discovering this iconic American fast-food chain, we hope our expert insights have given you a deeper appreciation for the brand’s rich history, commitment to innovation, and dedication to customer satisfaction.

Next time you visit a Sonic Drive-In, remember that you’re not just indulging in a tasty meal, but also partaking in a beloved American tradition that has been delighting customers for nearly 70 years.

So go ahead, treat yourself to that juicy burger or refreshing milkshake, and savor the unbeatable combination of taste and value that Sonic Drive-In has to offer.

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