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Halal Guys Restaurant is a popular chain of restaurants with locations across the United States. The restaurants specialize in food that is halal, meaning that it conforms to Islamic dietary laws.

Halal Guys serves up a variety of dishes including kebabs, shawarma, falafel, and more. The restaurant has been praised for its delicious food and friendly service.

Halal Guys, a popular restaurant in New York City, has a menu that features Halal certified food. This certification means that the meat used in the dishes is from animals that were slaughtered according to Islamic law.

The menu includes items like chicken tandoori, beef kebab, and shawarma. There are also vegetarian and vegan options available. Halal Guys is a popular chain of restaurants that specializes in halal food.

The menu features standard American diner fare, such as burgers and fries, but the restaurant also offers halal versions of those items. The halal chicken sandwich is a popular choice on the menu.

Halal Guys Restaurant is a popular spot for food lovers in the city. The menu features items like gyros, chicken sandwiches, and falafel. All of the food is prepared according to Islamic dietary laws and is therefore considered halal.

This means that it is permissible to eat and enjoy it according to Islamic law. Halal Guys also offers a variety of alcoholic drinks, including beers and wine. Explore Halal Guys Menu Prices.

Other Restaurant Menus:

Halal Guys Menu Prices In 2022


The Halal Guys’ Authentic Sauces

Foods Prices
White Sauce 1.6 oz $0.75
White Sauce 16 oz $8.99

Craft Beverages

Foods Prices
Cranberry Lemonade $4.20
Creamy Mango $4.20
Hibiscus Lemonade $4.20
Mango Lemonade $4.20
Mint Lemonade $4.20
Passion Fruit Lemonade $4.20
Pomegranate Lemonade $4.20
Tropical Lemonade $4.20

Regular Salads

hoice of protein over a bed of lettuce and tomato. Includes pita bread, white sauce packet, and hot sauce packet.

Foods Prices
Regular Combo Salad $11.95
Regular Chicken Salad $11.95
Regular Gyro Salad $11.95
Regular Falafel Salad $11.95

Small Salads

Choice of protein over a bed of lettuce and tomato. Includes pita bread, white sauce packet, and hot sauce packet.

Foods Prices
Small Combo Salad $10.95
Small Chicken Salad $10.95
Small Gyro Salad $10.95
Small Falafel Salad $10.95

Sides (a la carte)

Foods Prices
Hot Sauce To-Go $0.62
White Sauce To-Go Packet $1.49


Foods Prices
Fountain Drinks $1.94


Foods Prices
Fresh Baked Chocolate Chip Cookies $2.59
Chocolate Chip Cookie $2.06
Baklava $3.23
Chocolate Chunk Cookie $1.74
2 Chocolate Chip Cookies $3.67


Foods Prices
20 oz Fountain Drink $2.45
Bottle of Soda $2.95
Bottle Water $1.77
Bottled Coke $2.86
Dasani $2.60
Fountain Soda $2.09
Poland Spring $1.87
Water $2.13
Bottle of Sprite $2.95
Bottled Diet Coke $2.86
Bottled Drinks $2.73
Coke $2.93
Bottled Soda $2.52
Bottle Of Water $2.95
Bottled Sprite $2.90
Bottles $2.79
Diet Coke $2.93
Snapple $2.49
Gatorade $2.54
Sprite $2.99
Snapple Lemon Tea $2.74
Soda $2.28
Bottled Ginger Ale $2.94
Bottled Dr. Pepper $2.81
Snapple Diet Lemon Tea $2.91
Bottled Water $1.86


Foods Prices
Extra White Sauce $0.85
Hummus $4.33
Baba Ganoush $4.84
Extra Hot Sauce $0.62
Falafel $2.26
Side of Hummus $5.56
Baba Ghanouj $3.83
French Fries $3.60
Side of Fries $3.50
Side of Tahini $3.75
Side of Rice $2.68
Fries $3.32
Extra Whole Pita $1.25
White Sauce Packet To-Go $0.95
Baba Ghanoush $4.54
White Sauce $0.74
Hot Sauce Packet To-Go $0.72
Hot Sauce $0.56
Jalapeños $2.37
Hot Sauce Packet $0.62
White Sauce Pouch To-Go $5.59
Olives $2.58
Tahini $3.53
White Sauce Packet $0.64
Pita $1.30
Side of Baba Ghanouj $5.51
Side of Jalapenos $3.56
Side of Tabbouleh $3.75
Rice $1.92
Tabbouleh $4.15
Baba Ganouj $4.77
Side of Pita $1.58
Side of Olives $3.66
White Sauce Pouch $8.19

Fry Platters

A platter with french fries, lettuce, tomatoes, your choice of protein, pita bread, white sauce packet, and hot sauce packet.

Foods Prices
Falafel Fry Platter $12.20
Chicken Fry Platter $12.20
Gyro Fry Platter $12.20
Combo Fry Platter $12.20

Party Platter

Foods Prices
Party Pack $269.00

Popular Items

Foods Prices
Gyro Platter $11.17
Combo Chicken and Gyro Sandwich $9.98
Sandwich $8.56


Foods Prices
Chocolate Chip Cookies $2.27
Chocolate Chunk Cookies $2.43

Small Platters

Small platters served with rice, pita, lettuce, tomatoes, one packet of white sauce and one packet of red sauce.

Foods Prices
Small Chicken Platter $10.96
Small Gyro Platter $10.95
Small Falafel Platter $10.96
Small Combo Platter $10.95

Limited Time Offer

Foods Prices
Spicy Hummus $3.57
Lemon Hummus $4.84
Signature Spicy Chicken/Falafel Sandwich $11.58

Top Menu Items

Foods Prices
Platters $10.39
Sandwiches $8.49
Beef Gyro Platter $9.98
Chicken Platter $10.70
Regular Platter $9.29

New! Burritos

Foods Prices
Combo Burrito $12.40
Chicken Burrito $12.20
Gyro Burrito $12.32
Burrito $11.49
Falafel Burrito $12.05
2 oz. Cheese Sauce $1.50
6 oz. Cheese Sauce $4.99


Foods Prices
Extra Pita $1.23
Extra Sauce $0.71

Regular Platters

Foods Prices
Regular Combo Platter $11.95
Regular Gyro Platter $11.95
Regular Chicken Platter $11.96
Regular Falafel Platter $11.96

Picked For You

Foods Prices
Combo Platter $11.29


Foods Prices
Combo Sandwich $9.51
Chicken Sandwich $9.49
Beef Gyro Sandwich $9.49
Chicken and Beef Gyro Sandwich $10.42
Falafel Sandwich $9.49
Beef Gyro and Falafel Sandwich $10.42
Gyro Sandwich $9.21
Chicken and Falafel Sandwich $10.42


Foods Prices
Platter $9.32
Chicken and Gyro Combo Platter $10.09
Falafel Platter $10.66
Small Platter $8.68

Halal guys History

Halal Guys Menu Prices History

In conclusion, Halal Guys restaurant company history is an interesting one. Abdelbaset Elsayed and Ahmed Elsa are the founders, and the company was founded in 1990 in Manhattan, New York City.

The restaurant has become quite popular, and there are now locations all over the world. If you’re looking for a delicious, halal meal, be sure to check out Halal Guys!

Halal Guys, a chain of restaurants in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom, specializes in halal food. The first Halal Guys restaurant opened in 2004 in Astoria, Queens. Today, there are over 30 locations around the world.

Halal Guys Restaurant is a popular American fast food chain that specializes in Halal food. Halal Guys was founded in 2004 by two Muslim brothers, Musa and Nabil Samaha, in Astoria, Queens.

The restaurant quickly became a hit with Muslim customers and its menu quickly expanded to include traditional American fast food items such as hamburgers, chicken fingers, and french fries.

In addition to its Halal offerings, the restaurant also features a variety of Islamic-themed festive decorations and graffiti throughout its interior.

Halal Guys is a popular restaurant in the United States that serves halal certified food. Halal Guys is a chain of restaurants with locations throughout the United States.

The first Halal Guys restaurant opened in 2006 in Astoria, Queens. The name Halal Guys means “legal meat” in Arabic and refers to the fact that all of the meat served at Halal Guys restaurants is certified by an Islamic religious authority as being free of any forbidden ingredients.

As you have already gone through the complete Halal guys Menu Prices 2022, we have discussed the latest menu and prices. The price of these menus has been taken from the official average market price.

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