Sbarro Menu Prices (Updated: March 2023)

Sbarro is a renowned Italian restaurant that has been providing high-quality food to its customers for over 60 years. The restaurant specializes in all things Italian, from pizza and pasta to salads and desserts.

Their menu caters to everyone’s taste buds, making it a perfect destination for foodies who want an authentic taste of Italy. Whether you are in the mood for classic Margherita pizza or spicy pepperoni pizza, there’s definitely something for everyone on the menu.

Additionally, Sbarro’s pasta dishes are made with fresh ingredients and cooked to perfection, making them a must-try for any Italian food lover.

Furthermore, Sbarro is known for its generous portions that offer great value for money. Sbarro’s food menu is designed to give you a glimpse into the delicious offerings available at the restaurant.

It aims to entice your senses and whet your appetite, so you crave nothing more than a scrumptious bite of their signature dishes. Whether you’re in the mood for something savory or sweet, Sbarro has got you covered with its extensive range of options on the menu.

At Sbarro, each dish is crafted with care and attention to detail using only the freshest ingredients sourced locally and internationally.

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Sbarro Menu Prices In 2023

Create Your Own Pizzas

Foods Prices
XL NY 17″ Pizza $18.69
L NY 14″ Pizza $15.39
12″ Roman Pizza $17.60
Create Your Own Stromboli $18.70

Specialty Pizzas

Foods Prices
4-Cheese White $18.69
Cheese $15.39
Pepperoni $15.39
Mama’s Meatball $13.20
Supreme $18.69
Veggie $18.69

Specialty 24″ Strombolis

Foods Prices
24” Pepperoni Stromboli $18.70
24” Pepperoni, Sausage and Bacon Stromboli $18.70
24” Spinach Stromboli $18.70


Foods Prices
Breadsticks + Sauce $2.96
Chocolate Chip Cookie $1.53
Dipping Cups $0.76
1 Meatball $1.97
Side Caesar Salad $3.95
Side Garden Salad $3.95


Foods Prices
Bottled Water $2.96
Cool Blue Raspberry Gatorade $3.29
Fruit Punch Gatorade $3.29
Orange Gatorade $3.29

Fresh Salads

Foods Prices
Garden Salad $6.70
Garden Salad Combo $11.21
Caesar Salad $6.70
Caesar Salad Combo $11.21


Foods Prices
Spaghetti with Sauce $7.25
Spaghetti with Sauce Combo $11.21
Spaghetti with Meatballs $8.46
Spaghetti with Meatballs Combo $12.42
Baked Ziti $8.57
Baked Ziti Combo $12.53

Stromboli Combo Meals

Foods Prices
Individual Stromboli Combo $11.21

Individual Stromboli

Foods Prices
6″ Pepperoni Stromboli $6.70
6″ Spinach Stromboli $6.70
6″ Pepperoni, Sausage, & Bacon Stromboli $6.70

XL NY Slice Combos

Foods Prices
Cheese Slice Combo $9.12
Slice Topped Combo $9.78
2 XL NY Slice Combo $11.21

Sbarro History

Sbarro Menu Prices & History

Sbarro restaurant, founded by Gennaro Sbarro Carmela Sbarro in 1956 Columbus, Ohio, U.S., is one of the most popular pizza chains known worldwide.

The restaurant was originally established as a small Italian grocery store that sold fresh cheese and other food items to the community. However, Gennaro and Carmela decided to expand their business into a full-fledged pizzeria when they saw how much their customers loved their homemade pizzas.

The first Sbarro restaurant was located on 1701 Kingsdale Avenue in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn. The place quickly became a hit among locals who couldn’t get enough of the delicious pies that were made fresh every day.

As the brand grew in popularity, more locations started popping up across America and eventually around the world. Today, there are over 600 Sbarro locations worldwide. One of the things that sets Sbarro apart from other Italian restaurants is their signature pizza slice.

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