Zinburger Menu Prices 2023 (Latest & Official)

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Zinburger is a restaurant that specializes in burgers, fries and shakes. It has three locations in the greater Atlanta area: Buckhead, Alpharetta, and Westside.

If you love burgers (and who doesn’t!) Zinburger is where you need to be! From Angus beef to bison bacon burgers, Zinburger has your meaty needs covered.

The real stars of the show are their hand-packed juicy house made 1/3 pound all-natural beef patties. You can get your burger plain, or you can spice it up with a little extra.

They have over 15 toppings to choose from including mushrooms, jalapeños, cheese sauce and chili! The good news is you don’t have to decide between fries or a shake because Zinburger offers both!

I would recommend their sweet potato fries as they are lightly seasoned and delicious. The shakes are thick and creamy with just the right amount of sweetness.

There are ten flavors to choose from including classic vanilla and chocolate. I would recommend the Peanut Butter Cup or Caramel Pecan. You can’t forget the onion rings!

They are battered and deep fried and come with a chipotle-honey drizzle. I’d also recommend their Cheddar Bites, which are little balls of cheesy goodness.

They have plenty of dipping sauces for your fries, onion rings and cheese bites including chipotle-honey, sweet BBQ, balsamic ketchup and horseradish ranch. Explore Zinburger Menu Prices.

Zinburger Menu Prices In 2023

Other Restaurant Menus:


Foods Prices
Rich Chocolate Cream $6.42
Fresh Banana Cream $6.42
Fresh Banana Cream Pie $6.50
Rich Chocolate Cream Pie $6.50

Craft Your Own Burger

Foods Prices
Craft Your Own Burger $10.00


Foods Prices
Cherry Coke $3.50
Fanta $3.50
Pepsi $3.25
Barq’s Rootbeer $3.56
Cherry Vanilla Cola $3.40
Diet Pepsi $3.25
Dr Pepper $3.50
Sierra Mist $3.25
Sprite $3.55
Lemonade $3.55
Iced Tea $3.50

Kid’s Menu

Foods Prices
Hamburger $6.95
Chicken Strips $6.95
Grilled Cheese $6.89
PB & J $5.50
Veggie Burger $7.00
Grilled Chicken Sandwich $7.00


Foods Prices
All kids’ meals come with a soft drink and side.
Kids’ Hamburger $6.00
Kids’ Cheeseburger $6.00
Kids’ Chicken Strips $6.00
Kids’ Grilled Cheese $6.00

Kids Mains

Foods Prices
Cheeseburger $6.67


Foods Prices
Zinburger $12.21
Wagyu American Kobe $15.50
The Double Burger $11.04
Breakfast Burger $13.14
Classic Diner Burger $8.50
Clint’s Almost Famous Veggie Burger $9.95
California Burger Bowl $11.92
Southwest Chicken Sandwich $11.34
The French Dip $16.22
West Coast Chicken $10.95
Plain & Simple Burger $9.97
Clint’s Almost Famous Veggie Burger $10.44
Clint’s Almost Famous Vegan Veggie $10.50
Seared Ahi Sandwich $16.42
Build Your Own Burger $8.95
Kobe Burger $16.14
Bruce Lee $11.92
El Diablo Burger $12.08
El Diablo $12.28
Big Bad Blue Burger $13.04
Big Bad Blue $13.19
No Buns Burger $11.00
No Buns $10.96
Turkey Burger $11.63
Buffalo Chicken Sandwich $11.26
Z-Best Chili Bowl $10.00


Foods Prices
Chocolate $6.00
Banana Cream $6.00


Foods Prices
Chopped Wedge $6.52
Chopped Wedge Salad $6.29
Ahi Poke Salad $14.00
Farm Salad $6.67
Napa Salad $7.00
Napa $6.96
Seared Salmon Salad $16.57
Salmon Salad $16.66
Seared Ahi Salad $16.50
Seared Ahi $16.95
Chinese Chicken Salad $13.32
Beyond Burger $16.28

Lemonade and Iced Tea

Foods Prices
Signature House Made Lemonade $3.63
Zinburger Iced Tea $3.50

Appetizers, Fries & Sides

Foods Prices
Great to share. Serves two.
Wings $13.50
Green Chili Fries $7.00
Hand Cut Fries $5.79
Loaded Fries $7.11
Spicy Wings $10.50
Tater Tots $6.97
Sweet Potato Fries $5.42
Sweet Potato Waffle Fries $6.47
Onion Rings $6.35
Double Truffle Fries $6.85
Coleslaw $3.50
Mac & Cheese $6.55


Foods Prices
Black & Blue Lemonade $4.00
Cucumber Mint Lemonade $4.00
Strawberry Lemonade $4.00
House Made Lemonade $3.50
Ice Tea $3.50
Half & Half $3.50
Coke $3.33
Diet Coke $3.33
Orange Fanta $3.25
Ginger Ale $3.25
Dr. Pepper $3.25
Root Beer $3.25


Foods Prices
Creme Brulee Shake $6.00
Crème Brûlée $6.00
Salted Caramel $5.98
Salted Caramel Shake $6.00
Double Chocolate $5.98
Banana Royale $5.96
Double Chocolate Shake $5.57
Bars of Zin Shake $6.00
Bars of Zin $6.00
Cookies & Cream $5.98
Cookies and Cream Shake $6.00
Butterfinger Shake $6.00
Butterfinger $5.98
Chocolate Mint $5.96
Chocolate Mint Shake $6.00
Root Beer Float $5.99

Popular Items

Foods Prices
Samburger $12.81
The Double $11.19
Caesar $5.00
Zucchini Fries $7.33
Loaded Fries $7.50
Clint’s Veggie Burger $10.35
Farm $6.88
Chinese Chicken $14.15

Zinburger History

Zinburger Menu Prices History

Zinburger is a restaurant company based in Arizona. It was founded in 2007 by Tarryn Levo and Brandon Withers, after they graduated from Cornell. The first location of Zinburger opened on November 15, 2007 in Tucson, Arizona.

The company has since expanded to have a total of 12 locations. The restaurant features burgers that are all natural and made with a recipe by Joanna Pruessner-Oakes.

They serve organic and GMO-free burgers. Also, all milkshakes are organic and made with only real fruit. The company has partnered up with the Environmental Working Group that uses their nutritional ratings to help consumers make better food choices.

The rating is based on the percentage of calories from sugar, fat, sodium and protein. Zinburger has been named as a best burger joint in Tucson and Arizona by several publications such as “Creative Loafing” and “Arizona Daily Star”.

Zinburger has also been featured in the “Tucson Weekly”, “Arizona Daily Star”, and “The Arizona Republic”. In 2016, Zinburger opened its first location outside of Tucson in Phoenix, Arizona. This was followed by locations in Scottsdale and Gilbert.

The company also plans to expand further into the Phoenix area as well as California and Las Vegas. Zinburger is a popular burger place among college students, which have given it a 5-star rating on Yelp.

The company has been named as one of the “Top Fast Food Restaurants in Tucson” by “Creative Loafing”. Zinburger is also currently ranked on the list “Top Modern Juiceries in the U.S.” by Modern Farmer. The Zinburger locations are all independently owned, and they are led by franchise owners who select their own locations.

As you have already gone through the complete Zinburger Menu Prices 2023, we have discussed the latest menu and prices. The price of these menus has been taken from the official average market price.

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