Yogurtland Menu Prices (Updated: July 2023)

Yogurtland is a restaurant chain that offers a wide variety of healthy, frozen yogurt and topping options. You can try their menu at the store or online with no refrigeration required in order to get your favorite flavors.

Yogurtland offers drinks in over 50 flavors such as French toast, red velvet cake batter, and sweet tea. In addition to their wide assortment of toppings, they have many fun dipping sauces including chocolate syrup for those who want to jazz up their dessert without sacrificing calorie intake.

When I went to the Yogurtland where I live, I ordered regular yogurt with a side of whipped cream and chocolate syrup. The yogurt was very creamy and had a slightly tart flavor that I really enjoyed.

The whipped cream was delicious, and it added a nice fluffy texture to my dessert. The chocolate syrup was sweet but not overpowering; it had just the right amount of chocolate to give my treat that extra something special.

I found that the yogurt was filling and I did not feel hungry afterwards. My plain yogurt with whipped cream and chocolate syrup cost $6.49, and it came with a side of fruit.

Yogurtland has a wide selection of different flavors, but I would recommend sticking to the regular flavor for an after-school treat. If you are curious about what all the different flavors are like, then you could check out their menu on their website or in some stores.

Yogurtland Menu Prices In 2023

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Family Bundle

Foods Prices
Family Bundle
[4 mini cups with 1 topping on each cup]

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Ice Cream

Foods Prices
Blueberry Lavender Light Ice Cream $6.50
Cold Brew Coffee Light Ice Cream $6.50
Creamy Vanilla Ice Cream
Creamy Vanilla Ice Cream

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Frozen Yogurt

Foods Prices Prices
Regular Large
Birthday Cupcake Batter $6.50 $9.00
Cheesecake $6.50 $9.00
Classic Cookies & Cream $6.50 $9.00
Dragon Passion Tart $6.50 $9.00
Dutch Chocolate $6.50 $9.00
Fresh Strawberry $6.50 $9.00
Key Lime Pie $6.50 $9.00
Plain Tart $6.50 $9.00
Foods Prices
NSA Pecans and Pralines $6.50
NSA Pecan and Pralines $6.50
Rocket Pop $6.50

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Bestie Bundle

Foods Prices
Bestie Bundle $13.00

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Yogurtland History

Yogurtland Menu Prices History

The first Yogurtland location opened in the year 2006, founded by Phillip Chang. The company is known for the self-serve concept which gives customers the freedom to choose from an unlimited number of delicious frozen yogurt flavors and toppings.

At Yogurtland, guests can explore more than 100 rotating yogurt flavors and mix and match as many toppings as their appetite desires.
Yogurtland has been a community gathering place since its inception with the goal of bringing people together for peace, purpose, joy, and love.

Yogurtland’s mission is to bring people together for an experience that is fun, unique, healthy, and delicious. The company prides itself on creating an environment that promotes a positive self-image of being young, cool, and free.

Yogurtland has grown tremendously since its inception. Since 2006, the company has expanded from one location to 52 locations in the United States and Canada.

Yogurtland traces its history back to 1999 when Phillip Chang was inspired by the global phenomenon of frozen yogurt consumption in Japan. Since then, Yogurtland has proven that frozen yogurt is a tasty, healthy treat that people of all ages love.

As Yogurtland’s popularity continues to grow, so does its goal of connecting with communities with its self-serve model. This gives customers a sense of freedom and control over the type of content they experience at the restaurant.

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