KFC Menu Prices (Updated: July 2023)

Imagine biting into a succulent piece of Kentucky Fried Chicken, savoring the iconic blend of 11 herbs and spices, while not breaking the bank. In the ever-changing landscape of fast food, staying updated on KFC menu prices has never been more relevant.

Our team of experts has scoured the internet, analyzed the latest trends, and compiled the most comprehensive guide to help you satisfy your cravings without emptying your wallet.

But why does this matter to you? As a savvy consumer, you deserve to enjoy your finger-licking good meal without any surprises or disappointments.

By delving into the depths of KFC’s pricing structure, we empower you to make informed choices that fit both your palate and your budget. In this article, we’ll not only uncover the best deals and promotions but also reveal the secrets behind KFC’s pricing strategy.

So go ahead, indulge in this mouthwatering journey, and unlock the full potential of your next KFC experience!

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KFC Menu Prices 2023


Foods Prices
6 Kentucky Fried Wings $ 6.99
12 Kentucky Fried Wings $ 11.99
24 Kentucky Fried Wings $ 23.99
48 Kentucky Fried Wings $ 45.99
A La Carte Wing $ 2.49

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Bowls & Pot Pies

Foods Prices
Famous Bowl Meal $ 7.99
Famous Bowl $ 5.79

Family Meals

Foods Prices
8 Tenders Family Bucket Meal $ 26.99
12 Tenders Family Bucket Meal $ 35.99
16 Tenders Family Bucket Meal $ 46.99
8 Tenders Bucket $ 19.99
12 Tenders Bucket $ 25.99
16 Tenders Bucket $ 33.99
8 Pc Chicken $ 19.99
8 Pc Family Bucket Meal $ 26.99
8 Pc Family Up & 8Pc Bucket $ 30.00
12 Pc Chicken $ 25.99
12 Pc Family Bucket Meal $ 35.99
16 Pc Chicken $ 33.99
16 Pc Family Bucket Meal $ 46.99

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Sides & Add Ons

Foods Prices
Secret Recipie Fries $ 2.89
Mashed Potatoes & Gravy $ 2.89
Mac & Cheese $ 2.89
Cole Slaw $ 2.89
Whole Kernel Corn $ 2.89
Mashed Potatoes $ 2.89
Gravy $ 1.29
2 Biscuits $ 2.19
Chicken Little $ 2.79
A La Carte Breast $ 3.79
A La Carte Drum $ 3.29
A La Carte Thigh $ 3.29
A La Carte Wing $ 2.49
A La Carte Tender $ 2.19


Foods Prices
Buffalo Ranch $ 0.00
Hot Sauce $ 0.00
Ketchub $ 0.00
Honey Mustard Sauce $ 0.00
Honey Sauce $ 0.00
KFC Sauce $ 0.00
Honey BBQ Sauce $ 0.00
Classic Ranch $ 0.00


Foods Prices
Pepsi $ 2.69
Diet Pepsi $ 2.69
Moutain Dew $ 2.69
Moutain Dew Sweet Lightning $ 2.69
Bottled Water $ 2.69
Colonel Lemonade $ 2.69
Sweet Tea $ 2.69
Dr. Pepper $ 2.69

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Foods Prices
Large Popcorn Nuggets $ 5.49


Foods Prices
3 Pc Tenders Combo $ 6.99
4 Pc Tenders Combo $ 8.29
5 Pc Tenders Combo $ 9.59
5 Pc Tenders Box $ 10.89
A La Carte Tender $ 2.19


Foods Prices
Classic Chicken Sandwich Combo $ 7.99
Spicy Chicken Sandwich Combo $ 7.99
Classic Chicken Sandwich $ 4.99
Spicy Chicken Sandwich $ 4.99
Chicken Little Combo $ 6.99
Chicken Little $ 2.79
Classic Chicken Sandwich Box $ 9.99
Spicy Chicken Sandwich Box $ 9.99

Combo Meals

Foods Prices
Classiic Chicken Sandwich Combo $ 7.99
Spicy Chicken Sandwich Combo $ 7.99
3 Pc Tenders Combo $ 6.99
4 Pc Tenders Combo $ 8.29
5 Pc Tenders Combo $ 9.59
5 Pc Tenders Box $ 10.89
Chicken Littles Combo $ 6.99
4 Pc Chicken Combo $ 10.69
2 Pc Combo $ 6.99
3 Pc Chicken Combo $ 8.99
3 Pc Chicken Box $ 10.39

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Foods Prices
Pot Pie Meal $ 7.99
Pot Pie $ 5.00
Famous Bowl Meal $ 7.99
8 Pc Family Bucket Meal $ 26.00
12 Tenders Family Bucket Meal $ 35.99
Classic Chicken Sandwich Combo $ 7.99
Spicy Chicken Sandwich Combo $ 7.99
5 Pc Tenders Combo $ 9.59

Picked For You

Foods Prices
Secret Recipe Fries $ 2.89
Mac & Cheese $ 2.89
Chicken Little $ 2.79
Famous Bowl $ 5.79
Mashed Potatoes & Gravy $ 2.89

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KFC History

KFC Menu Prices History

The journey of KFC, a global fast-food phenomenon, began humbly in the small town of North Corbin, Kentucky, when Harland Sanders and Pete Harman opened Sanders Court & Café on March 20, 1930.

With an unwavering passion for cooking, Harland Sanders developed a secret recipe of 11 herbs and spices, creating a unique and mouthwatering fried chicken that would eventually become the cornerstone of KFC’s success.

Fast forward to September 24, 1952, and the first KFC franchise opened its doors in Salt Lake City, Utah. Thanks to the remarkable partnership between Harland Sanders and Pete Harman, KFC spread its wings, and the world got a taste of the Colonel’s famous fried chicken.

Today, KFC proudly operates over 24,104 locations worldwide, with headquarters in Louisville, Kentucky, and a global presence in Dallas, Texas. Over the years, KFC’s menu has expanded beyond the legendary fried chicken, featuring an array of delicious options such as chicken sandwiches, wraps, french fries, soft drinks, milkshakes, salads, desserts, and even breakfast offerings.

As you indulge in the flavors of KFC, it’s essential to appreciate the rich history behind each bite. Harland Sanders’ unwavering dedication to quality and his innovative spirit have left an indelible mark on the fast-food industry, inspiring future generations of entrepreneurs and chefs.

The Colonel’s legacy is a testament to the power of perseverance, innovation, and, of course, finger-licking good chicken. So, what does this mean for you, the KFC enthusiast? By understanding the remarkable story behind KFC, you gain a deeper appreciation for the care and expertise that goes into crafting the menu items you love.

Moreover, KFC’s commitment to innovation ensures that you can continue to expect tantalizing new flavors and exciting promotions, all while preserving the core essence of the Colonel’s original vision.

In summary, the history of KFC is a fascinating tale of determination, culinary prowess, and business acumen. As we continue to savor the iconic flavors that have delighted our taste buds for over nine decades, let us remember the humble beginnings of Sanders Court & Café and the legacy of Harland Sanders and Pete Harman.

Their passion for excellence has transcended generations and transformed KFC into a global powerhouse, beloved by millions worldwide.

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FAQs On KFC Restaurant

1. How often do KFC menu prices change?

KFC menu prices can change periodically, depending on factors such as location, seasonal promotions, and adjustments for inflation. Stay updated by visiting KFC’s website or checking with your local restaurant to get the most accurate pricing information.

2. Are KFC menu prices the same at all locations?

No, KFC menu prices can vary by location due to differences in cost of living, taxes, and other factors. It is always a good idea to check with your nearest KFC restaurant for the most accurate prices.

3. Does KFC offer value meals or combo deals?

Yes, KFC offers various value meals and combo deals to provide customers with a complete meal at a discounted price. These deals typically include a combination of chicken, sides, and a drink.

4. Are there any special discounts or promotions at KFC?

KFC frequently offers limited-time promotions, discounts, and special menu items. Check their website, social media channels, or sign up for their newsletter to stay informed about the latest deals and offerings.

5. Can I find KFC menu prices online?

Yes, you can find KFC menu prices on their official website, as well as on third-party websites and apps. Keep in mind that prices may vary by location, so it’s best to check with your local KFC for the most accurate information.

6. Does KFC offer a dollar menu or budget-friendly options?

While KFC doesn’t have a specific dollar menu, they do offer budget-friendly options such as snack items, individual sides, and smaller meal options at affordable prices.

7. Are KFC’s breakfast menu prices different from their regular menu prices?

KFC’s breakfast menu prices may differ from their regular menu prices, as breakfast items are usually available for a limited time and can include unique offerings. Check with your local KFC for specific breakfast menu pricing.

8. How do KFC menu prices compare to other fast-food restaurants?

KFC menu prices are generally competitive with other fast-food restaurants. However, the exact comparison depends on the specific menu items and the region in which you’re dining.

9. Are there any vegetarian or vegan options on the KFC menu, and how are they priced?

KFC does offer some vegetarian options, such as side dishes and salads. However, their primary focus remains on chicken-based dishes. Vegetarian options are usually priced similarly to other side items on the menu.

10. Does KFC offer catering, and what are the prices for catering services?

Yes, KFC offers catering services for events and parties. Catering prices vary depending on the size of your order, the items you choose, and your location. Contact your local KFC or visit their website for specific catering pricing and options.

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Final Words

KFC menu prices are an essential aspect to consider for any fried chicken enthusiast looking to indulge in their favorite meals without burning a hole in their pocket.

Our team of experts has diligently researched and analyzed KFC’s pricing strategies, special deals, and promotions to help you make the most of your dining experience.

As you savor the Colonel’s delicious creations, bear in mind the value of staying informed and updated on the latest offerings and discounts. Ultimately, the key to enjoying KFC’s mouthwatering menu is finding the perfect balance between taste, value, and budget.

By keeping abreast of changes in menu prices and promotions, you can continue to delight in KFC’s unique blend of flavors and satisfy your cravings while maintaining a watchful eye on your wallet.

Armed with the knowledge we’ve provided, you’re now equipped to navigate KFC’s menu prices like a true expert, ensuring a finger-licking good experience each time you visit.

So go ahead, treat yourself to that juicy piece of fried chicken, and savor the satisfaction that comes from making informed choices!

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