Rosa’s Cafe Menu Prices 2022 (Latest & Official)

This is a most comprehensive guide on Rosa,s Cafe Menu Prices 2022. We have listed all the latest and complete menus and prices after confirming them twice from the official website.

Rosa’s Cafe Restaurant  It has been in business since 1978 and is known for its delicious  food. The staff is friendly and the atmosphere is warm and inviting.

The restaurant has a small seating area with comfortable chairs and tables, as well as a bar area with eight stools. There is also  can accommodate up to forty people.

Rosa’s Cafe Restaurant is a popular spot for brunch in the city. The menu features contemporary American breakfast and lunch entrees, as well as a variety of sandwiches and salads.

All meals are made with fresh, quality ingredients. The restaurant has a comfortable  or a relaxing meal. Rosa’s Cafe Restaurant offers a variety of food items .From salads to pasta dishes, there is something for everyone on the menu.

The cafe has sandwiches and burgers available. But if you’re in the mood for something more substantial, Rosa’s has plenty of options to choose from. The restaurant also offers soups and desserts, so there’s always something to satisfy your sweet tooth!

Introducing Rosa’s Cafe Restaurant food menu. The restaurant has a wide selection of dishes to choose from, all with the focus on fresh, quality ingredients. From appetizers to main courses, there is something for everyone at Rosa’s Cafe Restaurant.

Whether you’re in the mood for a hearty soup or an extravagant pasta dish, the menu has you covered. And if you’re looking for something special, don’t hesitate to ask the staff about their recommendations.

Other Restaurant Menus:

Rosa’s Cafe Menu Prices In 2022

Drinks & Desserts

Foods Size Prices
Tea And Soft Drinks Reg. $2.19
Tea And Soft Drinks Large $2.39
Orange Juice $2.29
Milk $2.29
Coffee $0.99
Gallon Of Tea $5.29
Frozen Margarita $4.99
Beer $3.75
Bottled Water $1.79
Chocolate Cake Piece $3.99
Chocolate Cake Whole $24.99
Carrot Cake Piece $3.99
Carrot Cake Whole $24.99
Sopapillas Small $1.89
Sopapillas Large $2.29

Breakfast Plates

Foods Size Prices
Migas Plate $4.59
Egg & Potato Plate $4.59
Huevos Rancheros Plate $4.59
Ultimate Plate $4.59
Chorizo & Egg Plate $4.59
Sausage & Egg Plate $4.59
Bacon & Egg Plate $4.59
Ham & Egg Plate $4.59

Breakfast Bowls

Foods Size Prices
Egg & Potato Bowl $3.99
Huevos Rancheros Bowl $3.99
Migas Bowl $3.99
Ultimate Bowl $3.99
Chorizo & Egg Bowl $3.99
Sausage & Egg Bowl $3.99
Bacon & Egg Bowl $3.99
Ham & Egg Bowl $3.99

Breakfast Tacos & Tamales

Foods Size Prices
Chorizo & Bean Taco $1.89
Chorizo & Egg Taco $2.79
Ham & Egg Taco $2.79
Bacon & Egg Taco $2.79
Sausage & Egg Taco $2.79
Potato & Egg Taco $2.79
Migas Taco $2.79
Chile Verde Taco $2.99
Ultimate Breakfast Taco $2.99
Breakfast Taco Platter $27.99
Tamales One $2.79
Tamales Three $6.29

Kid’s Meals

Foods Size Prices
Bean & Cheese Burrito $3.99
Taco $3.99
Kid’s Enchilada $3.99
Kid’s Nacho $3.99

Rosa’s A La Carte To Go

Foods Size Prices
Chili Con Queso 22 oz. $9.99
Chili Con Queso One Pint $6.69
Guacamole 22 oz. $13.99
Guacamole One Pint $9.99
Pico De Gallo 22 oz. $4.99
Pico De Gallo One Pint $4.29
Salsa 22 oz. $3.89
Salsa One Pint $2.99
12 Fresh Flour Tortillas $3.29
Picadillo Taco Meat 22 oz. $13.99
Picadillo Taco Meat One Pint $8.99
Mexican Rice One Pint $2.99
Beans Refried Or Black One Pint $2.99
Chocolate Or Carrot Cake 1 Whole Cake $24.99
Freshly Brewed Tea 1 Gallon $5.29

Family Meals

Foods Size Prices
Party Trio $26.99
Chile Verde To Go $19.99
Spicy Pork Or Chicken Tamales $14.99
Two Dozen Tamale Platter $35.99
Enchiladas To Go Beef $24.99
Enchiladas To Go Cheese $23.99
Enchiladas To Go Chicken $25.99
Taco Party Tray $21.99
Burritos To Go Bean $19.99
Burritos To Go Combo $27.99
Burritos To Go Beef $29.99
Nacho Tray $31.99
Fajita Taco Platter Beef $49.99
Fajita Taco Platter Chicken $38.59
Fajita Taco Platter Combo $43.89
Fajita Fiesta Beef $30.99
Fajita Fiesta Chicken $25.99
Fajita Fiesta Combo $27.99
Double Meat
Fajita Fiesta Beef
Double Meat
Fajita Fiesta Chicken
Double Meat
Fajita Fiesta Combo

Nachos, Chips & Dips

Foods Size Prices
Queso 4 oz. $2.69
Queso 8 oz. $3.89
Queso 16 oz. $6.69
Chips And Salsa Reg. $3.29
Chips And Salsa Large $4.59
Chips And Queso Reg. $4.39
Chips And Queso Large $6.69
Chips & Guacamole Reg. $4.59
Chips & Guacamole Large $6.69
Queso Supreme $6.69


Foods Size Prices
Tamale $2.89
Tamales Three Tamales $6.39
Tamales Twelve Tamales $14.99


Foods Size Prices
Queso Nachos $2.89
Combination Nachos $5.59
Fajita Nachos Chicken $7.69
Fajita Nachos Beef $9.59
Fajita Nachos Combo $8.19


Foods Size Prices
Guacamole Salad $4.59
Taco Salad $5.39
Fiesta Salad Chicken $7.59
Fiesta Salad Beef $9.89
Fiesta Salad Combo $9.59
Fajita Salad Chicken $7.59
Fajita Salad Beef $9.89
Fajita Salad Combo $9.59
Nacho Salad $4.49


Foods Size Prices
Crispy Beef Or Chicken Taco $2.39
Soft Beef Or Chicken Taco $2.69


Foods Size Prices
Beef Or Chicken $3.89
Guacamole $3.89
Bean And Cheese $2.69


Foods Size Prices
Beef Burrito $2.89
Bean And Cheese $1.79
Combo Burrito $2.49

Individual Items(Fajitas)

Foods Size Prices
Fajita (Beef) $3.99
Fajita (Chicken) $3.49
Fajita With Guacamole (Beef)) $4.59
Fajita With Guacamole (Chicken) $3.99
Fajita With Queso (Beef) $4.59
Fajita With Queso (Chicken) $3.99


Foods Size Prices
Beef Burrito Plate $8.49
Taco Plate (Beef) $7.99
Taco Plate (Chicken) $7.99
Mexican Dinner $7.59
Cheese Enchilada Plate (2 Cheese Enchiladas) $7.59
Cheese Enchilada Plate (With Chili Con Carne) $7.59
Deluxe Mexican Plate $9.69
Chicken Fajita Plate $11.59
Fajita Carbon Plate (2 Chicken) $10.59
Fajita Carbon Plate (2 Beef) $11.49
Fajita Carbon Plate (1 Chicken, 1 Beef) $10.79
Beef Fajita Plate $12.89
Smothered Burrito Dinner $6.99
Chile Verde Plate $8.99
Tamale Dinner $9.49
Chicken Enchilada Plate $7.59
Beef Enchilada Plate $7.99
Tres Amigo Dinner $8.49

Rosa’s Cafe History

Rosa’s Cafe Menu Prices History

In conclusion, Rosa’s Cafe is a well-known and loved restaurant chain with a rich history. Bobby D. Cox founded the company in 1983 in San Angelo, Texas and it has since grown to include dozens of locations across the United States.

Rosa’s Cafe is known for its delicious food and friendly service, and it would be a great place to visit on your next trip to Texas. Thanks for reading!

Rosa’s Cafe is a longstanding restaurant in the heart of Philadelphia. The restaurant has been in operation for over 50 years and has seen many changes during its time.

From its humble beginnings as a small diner, Rosa’s has evolved into a beloved local favorite with a rich history. The restaurant is famous for its Philly cheese steak sandwich, which was created by owner Rosa Greco.

Today, Rosa’s Cafe still serves up flavorful food at affordable prices and remains one of the city’s most popular dining destinations. Rosa’s Cafe Restaurant is a Los Angeles-based chain of Mexican restaurants founded in 1984.

The restaurant specializes in burritos, tacos, quesadillas and enchiladas. It has over 60 locations across the United States. Rosa’s Cafe Restaurant is a popular spot for breakfast and lunch in the city of New Orleans.

The restaurant was founded in 1984 by Rosa Casadevall, who wanted to create a . Today, Rosa’s Cafe still offers delicious meals at reasonable prices, and it remains an important part of the city’s culture.

As you have already gone through the complete Rosa,s Cafe Menu Prices 2022, we have discussed the latest menu and prices. The price of these menus has been taken from the official average market price.

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