Another Broken Egg Menu Prices 2023 (Latest & Official)

This is a most comprehensive guide on Another Broken Egg Menu Prices 2023. We have listed all the latest and complete menus and prices after confirming them twice from the official website. Explore Another Broken Egg Menu Prices.

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Another Broken Egg Menu Prices In 2023


Foods Prices
Potato Sensation $62.49
Scrambled Eggs and Cheddar Jack Platter $31.24
Scrambled Eggs Platter $24.99
Shrimp and Grits – Brunch Boxes $18.49
Shrimp and Grits Platter $124.99
Skinny Scrambler Platter $68.74
Sonoma Club Sandwich $68.74
Southwest Scrambler Platter $74.99
The Supreme Scrambler Platter $62.49
Bacon Lover’s BLTandA $64.99
Big Easy Scrambler Platter $124.99
Biscuits and Gravy Platter $49.99
Bulk Barista House Blend Coffee $37.49
Bulk Bottled Water $2.49
Bulk Juices $22.49
Buttermilk Pancake Platter $49.99
Chafing Dish Set $7.49
Chicken and Biscuit Sandwich Platter $62.49
Chicken, Egg and Cheese Biscuit – Brunch Boxes $13.74
Classic French Toast Platter $53.74
Culinary Packet $0.99
Culinary Packet with Cup $1.24
Fresh Seasonal Fruit Platter $53.74
Gluten-Friendly Pancake Platter $62.49
Gluten-Friendly Shrimp and Grits – Brunch Boxes $18.49
Make It A Scrambler $62.49

Kids Menu

Foods Prices
Kids Chocolate Chip Pancakes $5.66
Kids Little Rooster $5.66
Kids French Toast Sampler $5.66
Kids Waffle Sampler $5.66

Vegetarian Options

Foods Prices
<>These items are lacto-ovo vegetarian or can be modified to be so. We do our best to preserve the dietary integrity of our vegetarian o¬fferings. While we use careful food handling procedures, it is possible for any food item to come in contact with animal products during preparation and/or cooking processes.
Veggie Delight Omelette – Vegetarian Option $14.75
Skinny Omelette – Vegetarian Option $14.77
Granola, Fruit and Quinoa Power Bowl – Vegetarian Option $15.12
Vegetarian Southwest Chop Salad $13.51

Teas & Soft Drinks

Foods Prices
Hot / Herbal Tea $3.23
Coca-Cola® Soft Drinks $3.16

Gluten Friendly Options

Foods Prices
<>These items are gluten friendly or can be modified to be gluten friendly. However, these menu items are not necessarily gluten free. Because most Another Broken Egg Cafe dishes are made from scratch, cross-contact with ingredients containing gluten is possible. Therefore, we are unable to guarantee that any menu item will be completely free of gluten.
The Supreme Omelette – Gluten Friendly $15.05
Sunrise Spinach Scrambler – Gluten Friendly $14.52
The Floridian Omelette – Gluten Friendly $16.44
Skinny Omelette – Gluten Friendly $14.77
Bacquezo Omelette – Gluten Friendly $14.99
Traditional Day Starter – Gluten Friendly $13.04
Veggie Delight Omelette – Gluten Friendly $14.64
Shrimp ‘N Grits – Gluten Friendly $17.88
Classic Bacon Burger – Gluten Friendly $13.79
California Club – Gluten Friendly $12.77
Kids’ Little Rooster – Gluten Friendly $8.60
Kids’ Chocolate Chip Gluten-Friendly Pancakes $7.89
Kids’ Dollar Gluten-Friendly Pancakes $8.60


Foods Prices
100% Pure Squeezed Orange Juice $4.57
2% Milk $3.51
Barista House Blend Coffee $4.15
Cold Brew Iced Coffee $3.88
Iced Tea $3.28
100% Pure Pressed Apple Juice $4.29
Chocolate Milk with Whipped Cream $3.47
Soft Drink $3.65
Decaf Coffee $3.92
Organic Decaf Coffee $2.96
Raspberry Iced Tea $3.04
Hot Chocolate with Whipped Cream $3.36
Cranberry Cocktail Juice $4.73
French Roast Cold Brew $5.17
Single-Origin Ipanema Estate Coffee $4.76
Herbal Tea $2.97
Coca-Cola Soft Drink $2.92
Hot Tea $2.96
Coca- Cola Soft Drinks $2.99
Chocolate Milk with Fresh Whipped Cream $4.79
Raspberry Tea $3.90

Sensible Selections

Foods Prices
Salmon Power Bowl $16.52
Granola, Fruit, and Power Bowl $11.99
Granola, Fruit & Quinoa Power Bowl $12.90
Protein Power Bowl $14.37
Salmon Avocado Toast $13.99
Veggie Delight Omelette $12.94
Skinny Omelette $12.99
Monterrey Omelette $12.74
Monterey Omelette $11.68


Foods Prices
100%. Pure Squeezed Apple $3.29
Cranberry Cocktail $3.14

Seasonal Selections

Foods Prices
Apple Fritter French Toast $16.89
Sausage & Fennel Omelette $12.59
Brunch Bruschetta $12.22
Napoleon Temptation $17.07
Pecan Praline & Candied Bacon French Toast $13.92
Lobster and City Grits $18.79

Omelettes and Scramblers

Foods Prices
The Floridian Omelette $13.09
Bacquezo Omelette $11.73
Hey Lucky Omelette $12.49
Hey Lucy! Omelette $12.22

Traditional Classics

Foods Prices
Eggs Benedict $13.82
Broken Egg Biscuit Sandwich $9.62
Broken Egg® Chicken & Biscuit Sandwich $9.89
Biscuit & Gravy $10.28
Huevos Rancheros $12.83
Traditional Day Starter $10.67

Kids’ Menu

Foods Prices
<>Served with a choice of milk (add 150 / 310 cal) or choice of juice (add 140-160) and a Danimals® Yo-tube. (add 50 cal)
Chocolate Chip Pancakes $6.17
Dollar Pancakes $6.17
Waffle Sampler $6.17
Little Rooster $6.17
French Toast Sampler $6.17
Chicken Tenders $5.82


Foods Prices
Chocolate Stuffed Belgian Waffle $13.88

Sensible Creations

Foods Prices
Skinny Shrimp Benedict $17.27
Monterey Power Omelette $14.94

Kid’s Menu

Foods Prices
<>Served with a choice of milk or choice of juice and animals yo-tube.
Kids’ Chocolate Chip Pancakes $8.24
Kids’ Dollar Pancakes $8.06
Kids’ Waffle Sampler $8.09
Kids’ Little Rooster $8.06
Kids’ French Toast Sampler $8.06

French Toast

Foods Prices
Cinnamon Roll $15.34


Foods Prices
Buttermilk Pancake $12.64
Lemon Blueberry Goat Cheese Pancake $13.64
Gluten Friendly Pancake $13.64
Mixed Berries Pancake $13.64
Peach Cobbler Pancake $13.64
Bananas Foster Pancake $14.14

Burger, Sandwich & Salad Creations

Foods Prices
<>Burgers and sandwiches are served with a pickle and seasoned country potatoes.
Classic Bacon Burger $10.56
Nellie’s Chicken Sandwich $10.99
California Club $10.49
The B.L.A.S.T $10.99

Brunch Specialties

Foods Prices
Eggs Blackstone Benedict $13.53
Shrimp ‘n Grits $16.40
Crab Cake Benedict $15.53
Crab Cake & Fried Green Tomatoes $15.26
Chila – Quiles $11.99
Chilaquiles $12.37
Smoked Salmon Benedict $15.27
Lobster & Brie Omelette $16.21
Big Easy Scrambler $17.17
Louisiana Crawfish Skillet $13.55
Cinnamon Roll French Toast $16.72
Shrimp and Grits $14.36


Foods Prices
<>Served with two eggs any style and your choice of meat.
Buttermilk Pancakes $13.47
Bourbon Street Pancakes $15.70
Belgian Waffle $13.65
Classic French Toast $13.70
Pumpkin Waffle $15.61
Ipanema Estate Coffee Pancakes $15.38
Lemon Blueberry Goat Cheese Pancakes $14.54
Bananas Bread French Toast $15.82
Strawberry Pound Cake French Toast $16.11

Sweet Temptations

Foods Prices
<>Served with two eggs any style and choice of bacon, house-made sausage patties, turkey sausage, andouille sausage or ham.
Gluten-friendly Pancakes $13.82
Mixed Berries Pancakes $13.20
Peach Cobbler Pancakes $13.12
French Toast $12.56
Chocolate Stuffed Belgian $14.59

Sandwiches & Salads

Foods Prices
<>Burgers and sandwiches are served with a pickle and fresh country potatoes.
Chicken, Mango & Spinach Salad $10.49
Nellie’s Chicken Sandwich $9.99
The B.L.A.S.T. $9.99
Southwest Chop Salad $11.90

Sandwiches and Salads

Foods Prices
Benedict Burger $10.74
Turkey Mozzarella Panini $11.43
California Club Sandwich $10.86
Nellies Chicken Sandwich $10.79
The B.L.A.S.T. Sandwich $10.52
Chicken, Mango, and Spinach Salad $10.79


Foods Prices
Fresh Country Potatoes $3.46
Half Order Of Biscuit Beignets $3.79
1 /2 order of Biscuit Beignets $2.99
2 Pancakes $9.06
One Pancake $4.49
1 Pancake $4.14
2 Pancake $5.47
1/2 Order of Biscuit Beignets $4.23
One Waffle $5.99
1 Waffle $5.36
Biscuit Beignets $5.88
Side of French Toast $4.53
Fresh Fruit $4.33
Steel Cut Oats $5.79
Sliced Tomatoes $2.26
Grits $2.58
Steel-Cut Oats $4.99
City Grits $4.85
House-Made Sweet and Savory Sausage $4.87
English Muffin and Grits $2.89
Side Biscuit & Gravy $10.99
Chicken Sausage $4.37
English Muffin and Potatoes $2.89
Maple Apple Chicken Sausage $4.79
Seasoned Country Potatoes $3.29
Split & Add $2.29
Split & Add Extra English Muffin & Grits $2.69
Country Potatoes $3.37
Split & Add Extra English Muffin & Potatoes $2.69
Crab Cake $6.62
Ham $4.18
Turkey Sausage $4.26
Sweet Ham $4.45
House Blend $3.19
Grilled Andouille Sausage $4.43
Sweet & Savory Sausage $4.22
Bacon $4.14
Baked Bacon $5.11
Biscuit $2.56
Two Scrambled Eggs $1.59
Sour Cream $1.10
Salsa $1.10

Seasonal Selection

Foods Prices
<>Southern inspirations
Power Waffle $12.49
Irish Coffee Pancakes $11.99
Corned Beef Hash $12.99
Open-Faced Breakfast Reuben $12.49

Omelettes & Scramblers

Foods Prices
Southwest Scrambler $11.90
Crescent City Scrambler $11.99
The Supreme Omelette $11.91
Sunrise Spinach Scrambler $11.73
Hey Lucy Omelette $11.49
Mardi Gras Omelette $13.56

Popular Items

Foods Prices
Shrimp ‘n Grits $16.09
Chicken & Waffles $14.15
100%. Pure Squeezed Orange $4.29
Crab Cakes & Fried Green Tomatoes $16.28
Supreme Omelette $13.24
Bananas Foster Pancakes $13.23
Pancake Trio Flight $14.51

Popular Items

Foods Prices
Shrimp ‘n Grits $16.09
Chicken & Waffles $14.15
100%. Pure Squeezed Orange $4.29
Crab Cakes & Fried Green Tomatoes $16.28
Supreme Omelette $13.24
Bananas Foster Pancakes $13.23
Pancake Trio Flight $14.51

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Another Broken Egg Menu Prices History

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