Hwy 55 Menu Prices (Updated: July 2023)

Buckle up, foodies! We have the ultimate scoop on Hwy 55 menu prices to fuel your hunger for classic American fare at unbeatable prices. Dining out doesn’t have to burn a hole in your pocket, and our expert team has tirelessly researched to bring you the most accurate and up-to-date information on the best deals at this beloved diner.

If you’re craving juicy burgers, golden-brown fries, and thick milkshakes without breaking the bank, you’ve come to the right place. Don’t let budget concerns hold you back from savoring scrumptious diner classics; let our guide to Hwy 55 menu prices help you indulge responsibly.

By revealing the secrets behind their budget-friendly options, we empower you to make smart dining choices while satisfying your taste buds. So read on, and let us navigate you through the tantalizing world of Hwy 55, where delectable food meets affordability.

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Hwy 55 Menu Prices In 2023

Make Any Specialty Sandwich A Meal!

Foods Prices
Add Fries & Soda or Tea $2.00
Fries & Specialty Drink $4.00
Signature Side & Soda or Tea $3.00
Signature Side & Specialty Drink $5.00


Foods Prices
Chicken Cordon Bleu
Grilled or fried chicken stacked with sliced ham and melted provolone, served with mayo, lettuce, and tomato on our grilled Texas ToastJohn Boy & Billy Chicken Sandwich$6.49Grilled fried chicken, lettuce, tomato, bacon & melted provolone, doused with John Boy & Billy’s Grillin’ Sauce (Grilled breast or fried tenders)
Chicken Cheesesteak
Sliced chicken, sauteed mushrooms, onions & peppers with melted American or Provolone cheese melted and served in a hoagie roll
John Boy & Billy Chicken Sandwich
Grilled or fried chicken, lettuce, tomato, bacon & melted provolone, doused with John Boy & Billy’s Grillin’ Sauce (Grilled breast or fried tenders)
Andy’s Shrimp Burger
Hand battered and fried shrimp, served with ketchup and slaw on a bun
Shrimp Po’ Boy
Fried shrimp, served in a steamed hoagie roll, with lettuce and tomato, topped with our secret Po’ Boy sauce


Foods Prices
john Boy & Billy Bbq Bacon Burger $4.99 – $8.00
John Boy & Billy Bbq Bacon Burger
Andy’s size burger with mustard, chili, bacon, & American cheese, topped with onion rings & doused with John Boy & Billy’s Grillin’ Sauce
Pimento Cheeseburger
Andy’s size burger topped with bacon & gourmet pimento cheese
Sliced steak, sauteed mushrooms, onions and peppers with American or Provolone cheese melted throughout, and served in a steamed hoagie roll for a unique taste


Foods Prices
Wing Basket
6 wings combined with John Boy & Billy Grilln’ Sauce & fries. Hot Sauce available
Tender Basket
4 chicken tenders with fries

Drive-in Platters

Foods Prices
Shrimp Plate
Hand battered and fried shrimp, served with fries, slaw, and grilled Texas Toast
Hamburger Steak Plate
Ground beef loaded with sauteed onions and peppers, topped with gravy, served with fries, slaw and grilled Texas Toast
Chicken Plate
Two chopped chicken breasts (grilled or fried) mixed with sauteed onions and peppers, served with fries, slaw & grilled Texas Toast

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Other Favorites

Foods Prices
Hot Dog $1.99
Shrimp Burger
Hand battered and fried in-house, served with ketchup and slaw on a bun
Ham and Cheese
Sliced ham & melted provolone topped with lettuce, tomato and mayo on Texas Toast
Grilled Cheese
Grilled Texas Toast with slices of American & provolone cheese
Chicken Sandwich
Grilled chicken breast or fried chicken tenders, with mayo, lettuce and tomato on a bun
Grilled Pimento Cheese
Pimento cheese with bacon, on a grilled Texas Toast
Salad With Chicken Or Fried Shrimp
Lettuce, peppers, onions, cheese, tomatoes and bacon topped with grilled or fried chicken. Dressings: Ranch, Fat Free Ranch, Thousand Island, Blue Cheese, Golden Italian, French


Foods Prices
Andy’s Cheeseburger $4.89
Andy’s Bacon Cheeseburger $5.89
The Andy’s Double $7.99
The Andy’s Triple $9.99

Shakes & Floats

Foods Prices
Shakes $3.69
Root Beer Floats $3.69


Foods Prices
Sundae with one topping $3.99
Banana Split $4.99
Brownie $4.49


Foods Prices
Waffle Cone
Two Scoops of Vanilla, Chocolate, or Flavor of the Day Custard
Served in a Cup
Three Scoops Of Vanilla, Chocolate, Or Flavor Of The Day Custard

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The Big “A” Burger Challenge

Foods Prices
The Big A Burger Challenge
50 oz. of burger with at least 4 trimmings on a bun, plus fries and a 24 oz. drink.

Specialty Drinks

Foods Prices
Choc, Vanilla, Strawberry Shakes $3.69
Fresh Squeezed Lemonade Or Orangeade $3.69


Foods Prices
Soda $1.79
Bottled Water $1.79
Sweet Tea $1.79

Kids Meals

Foods Prices
Hot Dog $3.99
Cheeseburger $3.99
Chicken Tenders $3.99
Grilled Cheese $3.99

Signature Sides

Foods Prices
Onion Rings $3.49
Side Salad $4.99
Side Of Fries $1.99
Chili Cheese Fries $3.49
Gravy Fries $3.49

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Hwy 55 History

Hwy 55 Menu Prices History

Dive into the rich history of Hwy 55, a restaurant that has been delighting taste buds and fueling nostalgia since 1991. Founded by Kenney Moore, a passionate entrepreneur with a love for authentic American diner experiences, Hwy 55 has grown into an iconic brand headquartered in North Carolina, United States.

We’re here to take you on a flavorful journey through time, as we uncover the story behind this beloved eatery and its mouthwatering offerings.

Kenney Moore’s vision was simple: create a family-friendly, welcoming environment where people can enjoy delicious food and feel right at home. This commitment to quality and customer satisfaction has always been at the heart of Hwy 55’s success.

Over the years, the restaurant has expanded its reach, serving patrons in various locations while remaining true to its core values. Hwy 55’s all-star menu offers a delightful array of products that satisfy every craving.

From juicy hamburgers, crispy French fries, and succulent cheesesteaks to creamy frozen custard, refreshing soft drinks, and hand-spun milkshakes, this classic American diner has something for everyone.

When you walk through the doors of a Hwy 55 restaurant, you’re not just stepping into an eatery; you’re embracing a warm, nostalgic experience that celebrates the very essence of American dining culture.

As the Hwy 55 brand continues to grow, so does its commitment to preserving its unique identity and fostering strong relationships with customers.

The restaurant’s dedication to providing the highest quality products and exceptional service sets it apart in the competitive world of casual dining. With every bite, you’ll be reminded of the care and passion that goes into crafting each dish.

In a world where dining options are constantly evolving, Hwy 55 remains a steadfast beacon of classic American flavors and cherished memories.

As you relish your next meal at this iconic diner, take a moment to appreciate the rich history that has shaped it into the beloved institution it is today. Rest assured, you’re not just enjoying a meal; you’re taking part in a timeless tradition that has brought joy to countless patrons for over three decades.

So, let’s raise a milkshake to Kenney Moore and the entire Hwy 55 team for keeping the spirit of classic American dining alive and thriving. We invite you to join us in celebrating the remarkable history of Hwy 55 and to create your own unforgettable dining experiences at this one-of-a-kind restaurant.

FAQs On Hwy 55 Restaurant

1. What are the price ranges for meals at Hwy 55?

Hwy 55 offers a variety of menu items at affordable prices, with most dishes ranging between $4 and $10. The restaurant caters to all budgets, ensuring everyone can enjoy a satisfying meal without breaking the bank.

2. Does Hwy 55 offer any special deals or promotions?

Yes, Hwy 55 frequently offers special deals and promotions. You can stay updated on the latest offers by following their social media accounts, visiting their website, or subscribing to their newsletter.

3. Are there vegetarian options available on the Hwy 55 menu?

While Hwy 55 is known for its burgers and cheesesteaks, they do offer vegetarian options, such as salads and veggie sandwiches, to cater to a variety of dietary preferences.

4. Does Hwy 55 have a kids’ menu?

Yes, Hwy 55 has a dedicated kids’ menu featuring smaller portions and kid-friendly dishes, ensuring a fun and enjoyable dining experience for the whole family.

5. Are there any gluten-free options available at Hwy 55?

Hwy 55 does offer some gluten-free options, such as salads and certain burger options without the bun. However, it’s always a good idea to inform the staff of any dietary restrictions or allergies to ensure a safe dining experience.

6. Can I customize my order at Hwy 55?

Absolutely! Hwy 55 allows customers to customize their orders by adding or removing toppings and condiments to create the perfect meal tailored to their preferences.

7. Does Hwy 55 offer takeout or delivery services?

Yes, Hwy 55 offers both takeout and delivery services. You can place an order for pickup at the restaurant or use popular food delivery apps to enjoy your meal at home.

8. How can I find the nearest Hwy 55 location?

To find the nearest Hwy 55 restaurant, visit their website and use the store locator feature. You can search by city or zip code to find the most convenient location for you.

9. Are nutritional information and allergen details available for Hwy 55 menu items?

Yes, Hwy 55 provides nutritional information and allergen details for its menu items on its website. You can use this information to make informed choices based on your dietary needs.

10. Are gift cards available for purchase at Hwy 55?

Yes, Hwy 55 offers gift cards that make for a perfect present for friends and family. You can purchase them at any participating restaurant location or through their website.

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Final Words

Hwy 55 has earned its reputation as an American dining classic by offering a diverse menu of mouthwatering dishes at unbeatable prices. As we’ve explored throughout this article, the restaurant’s commitment to quality, affordability, and customer satisfaction has made it a go-to destination for food lovers of all ages.

From juicy burgers to creamy milkshakes, every bite at Hwy 55 transports you to a nostalgic culinary wonderland. Our team of experts has left no stone unturned to bring you the most accurate and up-to-date information on Hwy 55 menu prices.

We encourage you to use this resource as your guide to make informed decisions and enjoy a satisfying dining experience without breaking the bank. Whether you’re planning a family outing, a casual lunch with friends, or simply craving some comfort food, Hwy 55 has you covered.

So, gather your loved ones and head to your nearest Hwy 55 location to create lasting memories over delicious, budget-friendly meals. And remember, the next time you’re craving classic American fare, there’s no need to empty your wallet – Hwy 55 has your back.

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