Pizza Ranch Menu Prices (Updated: July 2023)

Craving a culinary adventure that combines America’s favorite food with a touch of Western charm? Look no further than the Pizza Ranch Menu Prices.

As we all know, pizza can sometimes be a battleground with friends and family, where everyone’s preferences collide, and no one can agree on the perfect toppings.

Pizza Ranch has mastered the art of pleasing everyone’s taste buds by offering a vast array of mouthwatering options that cater to various preferences, all at budget-friendly prices.

However, with a menu this extensive, navigating your way through the delicious possibilities can be a daunting task. That’s where our team of experts comes in!

We’ve carefully dissected and analyzed the Pizza Ranch menu, and in this blog post, we’ll guide you through the tantalizing choices and the best bang-for-your-buck deals.

Say goodbye to pizza indecision and hello to culinary bliss with our comprehensive guide to the Pizza Ranch Menu Prices. Trust us; your taste buds will thank you.

Pizza Ranch Menu Prices In 2023

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Foods Prices
Cactus Bread $6.72

Specialty Pizzas

Foods Prices
Roundup – Large $18.82
Roundup – Medium $16.63
Roundup – Small $11.75
Pepperoni Pizza – Large $17.54
Stampede – Large $18.82
Stampede – Medium $16.66
Stampede – Small $11.77
Texan Taco – Large $18.82
Texan Taco – Medium $16.66
Texan Taco – Small $11.77
Bronco – Large $18.82
Bronco – Medium $16.66
Bronco – Small $11.77
Mac N Cheese – Medium $16.78
Prairie – Large $18.82
Prairie – Medium $16.66
Prairie – Small $11.77
Buffalo Chicken Pizza $9.49
Cheese Pizza – Medium $14.51
Cheese Pizza – Small $9.70
Tuscan Roma – Large $18.79
Tuscan Roma – Medium $16.63
Tuscan Roma – Small $11.70
Garlic Cheese Pizza – Large $16.66
Garlic Cheese Pizza – Medium $14.51
Garlic Cheese Pizza – Small $9.68
Pepperoni Pizza – Small $10.21
Pepperoni Classic – Large $17.88
Bacon Cheeseburger – Large $18.82
Bacon Cheeseburger – Medium $16.66
Bacon Cheeseburger – Small $11.77
Cheese Pizza – Large $16.72
BBQ Chicken Pizza $9.49
BBQ Chicken Pizza – Large $18.55
BBQ Chicken Pizza – Medium $16.40
BBQ Chicken Pizza – Small $11.59
Chicken Broccoli Alfredo – Large $18.78
Chicken Broccoli Alfredo – Medium $16.63
Chicken Broccoli Alfredo – Small $11.75
Pepperoni Classic – Small $10.42
Buffalo Chicken Pizza – Large $18.55
Buffalo Chicken Pizza – Medium $16.40
Buffalo Chicken Pizza – Small $11.59
Sweet Swine – Large $18.78
Sweet Swine – Medium $16.63
Sweet Swine – Small $11.77
Pepperoni Pizza – Medium $15.35
Chicken Bacon Ranch – Large $18.82
Chicken Bacon Ranch – Medium $16.66
Chicken Bacon Ranch – Small $11.77
Mac N Cheese – Small $11.84
Mac N Cheese – Large $18.94
BLT – Small $12.74
BLT – Medium $18.08
BLT – Large $20.29
Pepperoni Classic – Medium $15.68
Sicilian – Small $12.67
Sicilian – Medium $17.91
Sicilian – Large $20.11

Crispy Ranch Chicken

Foods Prices
8 Piece Dark Box $19.77
4 Piece Dark Dinner $13.36
16 Piece Dark Box $36.25
2 Piece Dark Dinner $10.07
12 Piece Dark Box $26.35
20 Piece Dark Box $42.81
3 Piece Dark Dinner $11.19
10 Piece Dark Box $23.09

GS Specialty

Foods Prices
GS Buffalo Chicken Pizza $17.67
GS BBQ Chicken Pizza $17.67
GS Chk Bacon Ranch $17.67

Create Your Own Pizzas

Foods Prices
Create Your Own – Gluten Free $11.16

Chicken Dinner

Foods Prices
3 Pieces Chicken Dinner $8.32
4 Pieces Chicken Dinner $9.33

GS Single Top

Foods Prices
GS Garlic Cheese Pizza $15.48
GS Single Top CYO $15.48
GS Pep Pizza $15.48
GS Pep Classic $15.48
GS Beef Pizza $15.48
GS Italian Sausage Pizza $15.48

Create Your Own Pizza

Foods Prices
Create Your Own – Large $16.87
Create Your Own – Small $9.81
Create Your Own – Medium $14.71


Foods Prices
Caesar Wrap $10.60
Bacon Chicken Wrap $9.91
Buffalo Chicken Wrap $10.18
Chicken Caesar Wrap $7.89
BBQ Wrap $10.62
BBQ Chicken Wrap $7.89

Chicken Boxes

Foods Prices
8 Piece Box $19.82
8 Pieces Chicken Box $14.68
20 Piece Box $42.92
10 Pieces Chicken Box $16.68
16 Piece Box $36.36
12 Pieces Chicken Box $19.68
10 Piece Box $23.15
16 Pieces Chicken Box $24.87
12 Piece Box $26.42
20 Pieces Chicken Box $29.80

Chicken Dinners

Foods Prices
4 Piece Dinner $13.38
2 Breast Dinner $11.74
2 Piece Dinner $10.08
3 Piece Dinner $11.22

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Foods Prices
Garden Salad $6.09
Italian Chop Salad $9.02
Chef Salad $7.30
Chicken Fiesta Salad $7.17
Taco Salad $8.34


Foods Prices
16 Traditional Wings $23.57
Boneless Wings – 8 Piece $11.89
8 Boneless Wings $12.06
Boneless Wings – 16 Piece $19.60
Traditional Wings – 8 Piece $14.06
8 Traditional Wings $14.25
Traditional Wings – 16 Piece $23.42
16 Boneless Wings $19.74


Foods Prices
Mashed Potatoes and Gravy $2.98
Chicken Fries $7.02
Corn $2.98
Green Beans $2.98

Bake @ Home Frozen Pizzas

Foods Prices
Bake @ Home Cheese Pizza $10.72
Bake @ Home Pepperoni Pizza $10.79
Bake @ Home Bronco $11.78
Bake @ Home Buffalo Chicken Pizza $11.66

Bake @ Home Frozen Breakfast Pizzas

Foods Prices
Bake @ Home Sausage-Gravy $11.80
Bake @ Home Bacon Sausage $11.83
Bake @ Home Sausage Pepper Onions $11.76


Foods Prices
20 oz soda $2.37
2 Liter soda $3.56

Dipping Sauces & Extras

Foods Prices
Garlic $0.75
Marinara $0.75
Ranch $0.75
Sour Cream $0.25
Butter $0.22


Foods Prices
Cutlery $0.29
Plates $0.25


Foods Prices
Ranch Stix with Cheese – Small $8.15
Garlic Bread $3.99
Ranch Stix with Cheese – Medium $11.46
Garlic Cheese Bread $4.99
Ranch Stix $3.82
Ranch Stix with Cheese – Large $13.66
Cheesy Ranch Stix $5.69
Breadsticks $8.13
Hot Wings $8.80

Desserts Pizza

Foods Prices
Apple Fruit Dessert $7.74
Peach Dessert $7.76
Cherry Dessert $7.74


Foods Prices
Chicken Fries – Single $8.80
Ranch Potato Wedges $5.22
Mashed Potatoes and Gravy – Single $3.94
Coleslaw $2.98
Mashed Potatoes and Gravy – Family $9.58
Mac and Cheese – Family $13.66
Mashed Potatoes and Gravy – Party $18.07
Ranch Chips $4.99
Mac and Cheese – Single $3.94
Waffle Fries $5.21
Mac and Cheese – Party $23.59

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Foods Prices
Pasta with Marinara Sauce – Single $4.00
Pasta with Marinara Sauce – Family $9.75
Pasta Dinner $7.87

2 Liter Beverages

Foods Prices
Diet Coke 2L $3.64
Mello Yello 2L $3.65
Sprite 2L $3.65
Coke 2L $3.64
Root Beer 2L $3.65

Popular Items

Foods Prices
2 Pieces Chicken Dinner $7.32
Pepperoni – Large $13.20
Chocolate Cactus Bread $6.67
Blueberry Dessert $7.76

Single Topping Pizzas – Large

Foods Prices
Beef – Large $13.20
Canadian Bacon – Large $13.20
Italian Sausage – Large $13.20

Dessert Pizzas

Foods Prices
Cactus Bread – Small $9.25
Cactus Bread – Medium $11.46
Cactus Bread – Large $13.66
Chocolate Chip Cookie $9.26
Cherry Dessert – Small $10.39
Blueberry Dessert – Small $10.35
Peach Dessert – Medium $12.55
Blueberry Dessert – Medium $12.51
Blueberry Dessert – Large $15.86
Cherry Dessert – Large $15.89
Apple Dessert – Small $10.41
Apple Dessert – Large $15.93
Apple Dessert – Medium $12.62
Cherry Dessert – Medium $12.53
Peach Dessert – Small $10.34
Peach Dessert – Large $15.86

Gluten-Sensitive Specialty Pizzas

Foods Prices
GS-Bacon Cheeseburger $17.73
GS-Create Your Own $15.53
GS-Texan Taco $17.73
GS-Bronco $17.73
GS-Pepperoni $15.56
GS-Pepperoni Classic $15.56
GS-Sweet Swine $17.74
GS-BBQ Chicken $17.77
GS-BLT $17.80
GS-Buffalo Chicken $17.77
GS-Chicken Bacon Ranch $17.77
GS-Prairie $17.73
GS-Chicken Broccoli Alfredo $17.84
GS-Roundup $17.73
GS-Stampede $17.73
GS-Tuscan $17.81

20oz Beverages

Foods Prices
Coke 20oz $2.44
Diet Coke 20oz $2.44
Mello Yello 20oz $2.45
Root Beer 20oz $2.45
Sprite 20oz $2.44
Dasani Water 20oz $2.44

Single Topping Pizzas – Medium

Foods Prices
Beef – Medium $11.20
Pepperoni – Medium $11.20
Canadian Bacon – Medium $11.20
Italian Sausage – Medium $11.20

Gluten-Sensitive Single Topping Pizzas

Foods Prices
Gluten-Sensitive Beef Pizza $15.56
Gluten-Sensitive Pepperoni Pizza $15.56
GS-Cheese Pizza $15.53
Gluten-Sensitive Diced Ham Pizza $15.62
Gluten-Sensitive Italian Sausage Pizza $15.56
Gluten-Sensitive Chicken Pizza $15.56
GS-Garlic Cheese $15.56

Single Topping Pizzas

Foods Prices
Beef Pizza – Large $17.54
Beef Pizza – Small $10.21
Italian Sausage Pizza – Large $17.54
Diced Ham Pizza – Large $17.88
Beef Pizza – Medium $15.35
Italian Sausage Pizza – Small $10.21
Diced Ham Pizza – Small $10.44
Diced Ham Pizza – Medium $15.68
Chicken Pizza – Small $10.42
Italian Sausage Pizza – Medium $15.35
Chicken Pizza – Medium $15.68
Garlic Cheese – Small $10.42
Chicken Pizza – Large $17.88
Garlic Cheese – Medium $15.68
Garlic Cheese – Large $17.88

Single Topping Pizzas – Small

Foods Prices
Beef – Small $7.49
Pepperoni – Small $7.49
Canadian Bacon – Small $7.49
Italian Sausage – Small $7.49

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Pizza Ranch History

Pizza Ranch Menu Prices History

When you think of Pizza Ranch, you probably picture a family-friendly atmosphere, delicious food, and affordable prices. But have you ever wondered how this beloved restaurant chain came to be?

In this section, we’ll take you on a journey through the history of Pizza Ranch, revealing the secrets behind its extraordinary success. In 1981, Adrie Groeneweg and Lawrence Vander Esch decided to embark on a culinary adventure in Hull, Iowa.

They shared a passion for pizza and a desire to create a unique dining experience that would leave customers craving more. This dynamic duo combined their talents to establish the very first Pizza Ranch, with Adrie focusing on perfecting the pizza recipes and Lawrence overseeing the business side of the operation.

Their dedication and attention to detail quickly paid off. The people of Hull, Iowa, fell in love with Pizza Ranch’s irresistible offerings, and the restaurant became a local favorite. As the word spread, the demand for their tasty creations grew, leading the founders to expand beyond the confines of Hull.

Today, Pizza Ranch boasts an impressive 216 locations across the United States, with its headquarters nestled in Orange City, Iowa. What began as a humble pizza joint in a small town has transformed into a thriving empire, renowned for its mouthwatering menu and commitment to customer satisfaction.

Throughout its history, Pizza Ranch has maintained the founders’ original vision: to provide a welcoming environment where families and friends can gather to enjoy delicious food at affordable prices.

The restaurant’s success is a testament to their unwavering dedication to quality and service, as well as their ability to adapt to the ever-changing preferences of their customers.

As you savor your next slice of pizza at your local Pizza Ranch, remember the inspiring journey of Adrie Groeneweg and Lawrence Vander Esch. Their entrepreneurial spirit and passion for creating memorable dining experiences have brought joy to countless customers over the past four decades.

And with 216 locations and counting, it’s clear that the legacy of Pizza Ranch will continue to thrive, satisfying the appetites of pizza lovers for years to come.

FAQs On Pizza Ranch Restaurant

1. What is the price range for pizzas at Pizza Ranch?

Pizza Ranch offers a wide variety of pizza options at affordable prices. The cost typically ranges from $7 to $25, depending on the size, crust type, and toppings.

2. Are there any special deals or promotions available at Pizza Ranch?

Yes, Pizza Ranch frequently offers promotions, such as buffet discounts, family meal deals, and special offers on specific menu items. Keep an eye on their website or social media channels for the latest deals.

3. Does Pizza Ranch offer a buffet option?

Absolutely! Pizza Ranch is well-known for its buffet, which includes a variety of pizzas, a salad bar, and their famous fried chicken. Prices for the buffet may vary by location.

4. Are there gluten-free options available at Pizza Ranch?

Yes, Pizza Ranch offers a gluten-free crust option for those with dietary restrictions. Be sure to inform the staff of your needs when ordering.

5. Does Pizza Ranch cater to vegetarians and vegans?

Vegetarians can enjoy a variety of pizzas, salads, and sides at Pizza Ranch. While they do not offer specific vegan cheese or meat alternatives, vegans can order a custom pizza with a variety of vegetable toppings.

6. Can I customize my pizza at Pizza Ranch?

Absolutely! Pizza Ranch encourages customers to create their perfect pizza by selecting from a wide range of crusts, sauces, cheeses, and toppings.

7. What non-pizza options are available on the Pizza Ranch menu?

In addition to their delicious pizzas, Pizza Ranch offers a selection of appetizers, salads, fried chicken, and dessert options, ensuring that there’s something for everyone.

8. Are there any allergen-friendly options at Pizza Ranch?

Pizza Ranch strives to accommodate customers with allergies, offering a range of allergen-friendly menu items. However, cross-contamination can occur in the kitchen, so it’s essential to inform the staff of your allergy when ordering.

9. Does Pizza Ranch offer delivery and carryout services?

Yes, many Pizza Ranch locations provide delivery and carryout options for customers who want to enjoy their pizza at home. Check with your local Pizza Ranch for specific details.

10.Can I order a half-and-half pizza at Pizza Ranch?

Yes, you can order a half-and-half pizza at Pizza Ranch, allowing you to enjoy two different sets of toppings on one pizza. This is an excellent option for those looking to satisfy multiple cravings or cater to various taste preferences.

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Final Words

Pizza Ranch has established itself as a go-to destination for pizza lovers seeking variety, quality, and affordability. The diverse menu, reasonable prices, and commitment to customer satisfaction have earned the brand a loyal following across the United States.

We hope this blog post has provided you with valuable insights into the Pizza Ranch menu prices, as well as the rich history and offerings of this cherished restaurant chain.

As you plan your next pizza outing, keep in mind the unique and enticing options available at Pizza Ranch. From their customizable pizzas to their famous buffet, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

So gather your friends and family, and embark on a flavorful journey that will have you coming back for more. And remember, whether you’re dining in, carrying out, or enjoying their delivery service, Pizza Ranch is ready to serve up a memorable and satisfying pizza experience that won’t break the bank.

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