Einstein Bros Menu Prices (Updated: July 2023)

Einstein Bros. Restaurant is a popular fast-casual eatery in the United States, known for its delicious breakfast and lunch items. This restaurant chain has been serving up fresh-baked bagels, sandwiches, salads and more to hungry customers.

Whether you’re looking for a Our menu also features an impressive selection of sweet treats, drinks, Hot, Iced or Frozen, Bagel Boxes, Lunch, Breakfast, Smart Choices and more.

Savory meal or a sweet snack, They also offer catering services for large events and occasions. Einstein Bros. The restaurant has gained a loyal following due its delicious food menu, which offers a wide range of items to choose from.

Whether you’re looking for something sweet, savory, comforting or adventurous, Is sure to have something that satisfies your taste buds. Einstein Bros Bagels is a popular restaurant that has been around for over 20 years.

They offer a wide variety of delicious breakfast and lunch items, it can be hard to decide what to order, It will provide an overview of the different items available, from bagel sandwiches and salads to breakfast burritos and soups.

Whether you’re a first-time visitor or a frequent diner, you’ll find something delicious on the menu. From fluffy bagels and shmear to hearty breakfast sandwiches, there’s something for everyone at Einstein Bros.

If you’re looking for something lighter, try their signature salads and wraps. Our menu also features an impressive selection of sweet treats, drinks, and more. Let’s take a look at the amazing food menu offered by Einstein Bros Restaurant!

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Einstein Bros Menu Prices In 2023

Smart Choices

Foods Sizes Prices
Thintastic Eggwhites $4.99
Thintastic Lunch $5.49
Soup Cup $2.99
Soup Bowl $3.99
Greek Yogurt Parfaits $2.99

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Hot, Iced or Frozen (Neighborhood)

Foods Sizes Prices
Fresh-Brewed Coffee Regular $1.99
Fresh-Brewed Coffee Medium $1.49
Fresh-Brewed Coffee Large $2.99
Iced Coffee Regular $1.99
Iced Coffee Medium $1.49
Iced Coffee Large $2.99
Green Tea Medium $1.49
Green Tea Large $2.99
Hot Chocolate Regular $1.99
Hot Chocolate Medium $1.49
Hot Chocolate Large $2.99
Real Fruit Smoothies Medium $3.99
Fountain & Iced Tea Medium $1.49
Fountain & Iced Tea Large $2.99

Hot, Iced or Frozen (Signature)

Foods Sizes Prices
Latte Medium $3.99
Latte Large $3.49
Mocha Medium $3.99
Mocha Large $3.49
Chai Tea Latte Medium $3.99
Chai Tea Latte Large $3.49
Cappuccino Medium $3.99
Cappuccino Large $3.49

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Foods Sizes Prices
Deli $6.99
Signature $6.49
Hot Paninis $7.49
Bagel Melts with Turkey & Cheddar $6.49
Bagel Melts with Pepperoni Pizza $5.49
Bagel Melts with Cheese Pizza $5.99


Foods Sizes Prices
Baker’s Dozen Box $14.99
Half Dozen Box $8.99
Extra Smaher $2.99

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Bagel Boxes

Foods Sizes Prices
Baker’s Dozen Box $14.99
Half Dozen Box $8.99
Extra Smaher $2.99


Foods Sizes Prices
Classic $1.99
Thinfastic $1.99
Signature $1.99
Gourmet $1.99

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Einstein Bros History

einstein bros menu prices history

Einstein Bros restaurant company is a noteworthy example of a successful business. Founded in 1995 in the Miami Metropolitan Area of Florida, United States, by the Boston Market founder, it has grown exponentially over the years.

It has become a popular favorite for breakfast, lunch and dinner alike. Furthermore, its commitment to quality ingredients and customer service has resulted in an impressive customer loyalty rate.

Thanks to this growth and success, customers can now enjoy Einstein Bros’ delicious food around the country. The Einstein Bros Restaurant chain has been a part of America’s culinary landscape for over 30 years.

The restaurant is best known for its huge selection of bagels and delicious coffee drinks. With more than 650 locations across the country, Einstein Bros has become a staple in cities and towns nationwide.

Restaurant has grown to become a leading fast-casual restaurant chain throughout the United States. Einstein Bros. Bagels is a chain of fast casual restaurants providing bagels, breakfast sandwiches, lunch sandwiches and more to customers across the United States.

From its humble beginnings with just five locations in Colorado, to its current presence in 41 states and 6 countries, the story of Einstein Bros. is one of remarkable growth and success.

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