Fatz Cafe Menu Prices (Updated: July 2023)

Ah, the eternal quest for dining delights that tantalize the taste buds without emptying the wallet. Enter Fatz Cafe, a Southern-inspired eatery with a menu as diverse as its clientele.

But in today’s rapidly changing world of culinary trends and rising costs, staying up-to-date with Fatz Cafe menu prices is crucial for food enthusiasts and budget-conscious diners alike.

As your dedicated team of gastronomic experts, we’ve done the legwork to provide you with the most accurate and timely information on Fatz Cafe’s delicious offerings. Our mission?

To ensure you can savor the Southern charm without breaking the bank. So, whether you’re a long-time fan or a curious newcomer, this indispensable guide will help you navigate Fatz Cafe’s menu prices with ease and confidence.

Join us as we dive into the mouthwatering world of Fatz Cafe, and let’s uncover the treasures that await your taste buds!

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Fatz Cafe Menu Prices In 2023


Foods Size Prices
Fatz Famous Sweet Tea $2.89
Housemade Lemonade $2.99
Arnold Palmer $2.89
Coffee $2.69
Soft Drinks $2.89
Fresh Fruit Tea $3.39
Lemon & Lime Refreshers $3.39

Family Meal Packs To Go

Foods Size Prices
World Famous Calabash Chicken Family Meal Feed 4 $22.99
World Famous Calabash Chicken Family Meal Feed 6 $34.99
Baby Back Rib Family Meal Feed 4 $26.99
Baby Back Rib Family Meal Feed 6 $38.99
Calabash Chicken & Penne Pasta Alfredo Family Meal Feed 4 $22.99
Calabash Chicken & Penne Pasta Alfredo Family Meal Feed 6 $34.99
Calabash Wings & Tenders Family Meal Feed 6-8 $59.99

Stackable Burgers

Foods Size Prices
Double Stack Burger $8.99
Comeback Burger $9.99
Patty Melt $10.49
Blue Ribbon Burger $9.99
14 Gauge Double Barrel Bourbon Burger $14.00


Foods Size Prices
The Big Fatz Club $11.49
Calabash Chicken Wrap $8.99
Calabash Fish Sandwich $9.99
Calabash Chicken Sandwich $9.49

Extra Topping

Foods Size Prices
Bacon $1.49
Ranch Hand Chili $0.99
Onion Rings (2) $1.59
Vidalia Onion Coleslaw $0.99

Famous & Fresh

Foods Size Prices
Citrus Grilled Chicken $11.69
Grilled Pork Chops $13.69
Blue Ridge Chicken $11.39
Grilled Salmon $15.99
Calabash & Penne Pasta Alfredo $10.99
Shrimp Penne Pasta Alfredo $13.49
Lowcountry Crab Cakes $14.99
Edisto Shrimp & Grits $13.99
Steakhouse Salmon & Shrimp $18.99


Foods Size Prices
All Signature Signature Sides $2.59
All Premium Sides $3.59
House or Caesar Salad $2.59
Candied Bacon Wedge Salad $3.59

Steak Pairings

Foods Size Prices
Sautéed Mushrooms and Onions $2.99
Melted Bleu Cheese or Pimento Cheese $2.99
Calabash Popcorn Shrimp $4.99
Jumbo Fried or Grilled Shrimp $4.99
Crab Stuffed Mushrooms $4.99
Pan-Seared Crab Cake $5.99

Steak Combinations

Foods Size Prices
Sirloin & Calabash Chicken $18.69
Sirloin & Baby Back Ribs $19.99
Sirloin, Calabash Chicken & Jumbo Shrimp $21.49

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Foods Size Prices
Center Cut Top Sirloin 10 oz. $17.99
Center Cut Top Sirloin 6 oz. $12.99
Bone-in Ribeye 16 oz. $25.99
Sirloin & Straws 10 oz. $19.99
Sirloin & Straws 6 oz. $14.99
Filet Mignon $21.49
The Big Fatz Chopped Steak $13.99
Filet & Rings $22.99
Renegade Ribeye $21.99

Award Winning Baby Back Ribs

Foods Size Prices
Baby Back Ribs 8-10 Ribs (1 Pound) $15.99
Baby Back Ribs 18-20 Ribs (2 Pounds) $22.99

Calabash & Rib Combos

Foods Size Prices
Calabash Chicken & Baby Backs $15.99
Calabash Chicken, Calabash Shrimp & Baby Backs $19.99

Calabash Seafood

Foods Size Prices
Calabash Fish Platter $14.99
Calabash Jumbo Shrimp Platter $15.99
Calabash Popcorn Shrimp Platter $13.99
Fisherman’s Platter $18.99

World Famous Calabash Chicken

Foods Size Prices
World Famous Calabash Chicken $13.49
Wings & Bash $12.99
Calabash Chicken & Shrimp $14.49

Scratch Made Soups

Foods Size Prices
Loaded Baked Potato Soup $4.79
Tomato Soup $4.79
Calabash Broccoli & Cheese Soup $5.79
Without chicken $4.79
Ranch Hand Chili $5.99

Wing Zone

Foods Size Prices
Boneless Wings $9.99


Foods Size Prices
Calabash Chicken Salad $10.79
Pecan Encrusted Chicken Salad $10.79
Grilled Chicken Caesar $10.29
Grilled Shrimp Caesar $11.99
Grilled Salmon Caesar $14.99
Chopped Southern Chef $10.99
Carolina Crab Cake Salad $11.99
Buffalo Bleu Salad $10.99


Foods Size Prices
Seaside Sampler $12.99
Fried Green Tomatoes $6.89
Aunt Sue’s Deviled Eggs $5.39
Loaded Cheese Fries $8.79
Calabash Pickle Skewers $5.99
Crispy Fried Cheese $6.99
The Southern Sampler $11.79
Classic Wings $11.99

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Fats Cafe History

Fatz Cafe Menu Prices History

In the bustling world of dining establishments, it’s rare to find a gem that has withstood the test of time, while still offering quality food and service. Fatz Cafe, founded by Bill Burton and Jimmy Rogers in 1988, is one such treasure. Located in the heart of South Carolina, this restaurant boasts a rich history that we’d love to share with you.

The story of Fatz Cafe began with a simple vision shared by the two founders: to create a warm and inviting space where family and friends could gather over satisfying, delicious meals.

With a focus on Southern hospitality and mouthwatering cuisine, they opened their first location in a converted peach shed. Little did they know that their humble beginnings would mark the start of an iconic restaurant chain.

Over the years, Fatz Cafe has evolved to meet the changing tastes and preferences of its patrons. The menu, which once revolved around classic Southern dishes, has expanded to include an array of culinary delights. From savory pot roast to delectable shrimp and grits, the restaurant has continually adapted to satisfy its diverse clientele.

But despite these changes, Fatz Cafe has never lost sight of its commitment to quality ingredients and impeccable service. Headquartered in South Carolina, Fatz Cafe has grown into a regional powerhouse, with locations spanning the Southeastern United States.

The founders’ dedication to offering an unparalleled dining experience has earned the restaurant a loyal following of customers, who return time and again for the signature Southern charm and flavorful dishes.

We believe it’s essential to understand and appreciate the history behind Fatz Cafe, as it demonstrates the restaurant’s unwavering dedication to its patrons.

Bill Burton and Jimmy Rogers’ journey from a modest peach shed to a thriving chain of eateries is a testament to their passion for good food and warm hospitality.

So, the next time you find yourself craving a delicious meal that transports you to the heart of the South, look no further than Fatz Cafe. We hope you enjoy not only the mouthwatering menu items but also the rich history that makes this restaurant a truly unique dining experience.

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FAQs On Fatz Cafe Restaurant

1. How often do Fatz Cafe menu prices change?

Fatz Cafe regularly reviews its menu prices to remain competitive and ensure the best value for its customers. However, prices may vary depending on factors like location and seasonal ingredients.

2. Are there any vegetarian or vegan options available at Fatz Cafe?

Yes, Fatz Cafe offers a range of vegetarian dishes and can accommodate vegan preferences upon request. Speak with your server to discuss your dietary requirements.

3. Does Fatz Cafe offer gluten-free options?

Fatz Cafe provides gluten-free options for those with dietary restrictions. Inform your server about your needs, and they will guide you through the menu choices.

4. Are there kids’ menu options available at Fatz Cafe?

Absolutely! Fatz Cafe offers a dedicated kids’ menu with dishes designed to please younger palates at family-friendly prices.

5. Can I find nutritional information for the dishes at Fatz Cafe?

While Fatz Cafe does not provide nutritional information on their website, you can ask your server for details about specific dishes or ingredients.

6.Are there any special deals or promotions at Fatz Cafe?

Fatz Cafe often runs promotions and deals, which may include weekday specials, seasonal offers, or discounts for specific groups. Check their website or contact your local Fatz Cafe for current offers.

7. Can I order takeout or delivery from Fatz Cafe?

Yes, Fatz Cafe offers takeout and delivery services. You can place your order through their website or by calling your nearest location.

8. Does Fatz Cafe accommodate large parties or host private events?

Fatz Cafe welcomes large groups and can host private events, depending on the location. Contact your local Fatz Cafe to discuss your requirements and make arrangements.

9. Are there any seasonal or limited-time menu items at Fatz Cafe?

Fatz Cafe periodically introduces seasonal or limited-time dishes that showcase fresh, local ingredients. Visit their website or follow them on social media for updates on the latest offerings.

10. Is there a loyalty program for frequent Fatz Cafe customers?

Fatz Cafe has a loyalty program called Fatz Friends, which rewards customers with exclusive offers, promotions, and birthday surprises. Sign up on their website or at your local Fatz Cafe to start earning rewards.

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Final Words

Fatz Cafe is the epitome of Southern charm and hospitality, offering a diverse menu that caters to a variety of tastes and dietary needs. By staying up-to-date with Fatz Cafe menu prices, you can enjoy their delectable dishes without compromising your budget.

As a team of culinary experts, we are confident that our comprehensive guide will help you navigate Fatz Cafe’s menu with ease, enabling you to indulge in their mouthwatering cuisine while appreciating the restaurant’s rich history.

From its humble beginnings as a peach shed to its current status as a regional favorite, Fatz Cafe has remained steadfast in its commitment to delivering quality food and exceptional service.

As you explore the menu, take a moment to appreciate the founders’ vision, passion, and dedication that have shaped this iconic eatery. So, gather your friends and family, head over to Fatz Cafe, and savor the Southern charm as you create memories over delicious meals.

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