Saltgrass Menu Prices (Updated: July 2023)

Saltgrass Steak House is famous for its mouth-watering, high-quality steaks and delicious side dishes. But have you ever found yourself hesitating before stepping into the restaurant, worried about the possible dent in your wallet?

Worry no more! Our team of experts has dived deep into the Saltgrass menu prices, making it easier than ever for you to savor those juicy steaks without the stress of overspending.

In this article, we’ll unveil the secrets to a budget-friendly feast at Saltgrass, ensuring you get the most bang for your buck. From enticing appetizers to delectable desserts, we’ve got you covered.

So, ready your taste buds, and let’s navigate the Saltgrass menu together, unlocking culinary bliss without breaking the bank.

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Saltgrass Menu Prices In 2023


Foods Size Prices
Carrot Cake $8.00
Cheesecake $7.50


Foods Size Prices
Country Fried Steak $13.99
Chicken Laredo $14.99
Bbq Baby Back Ribs $21.99
Bbq Baby Back Ribs & Chicken $19.99
Bbq Baby Back Ribs & Shrimp $21.99


Foods Size Prices
Fried Shrimp $13.99
Grilled Shrimp $13.99
Shrimp Duo $14.29
Grilled Salmon $17.89

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Lighter Dining

Foods Size Prices
Country Fried Steak $9.99
Country Fried Chicken $9.49
Chicken Tenders $8.79
Chopped Steak $10.49
Bbq Baby Back Ribs 1/2 Rack $12.99
Grilled Chicken $10.49
Fried Shrimp $9.99


Foods Size Prices
Wagon Boss Center-Cut Top Sirloin 6 Oz $13.99
Wagon Boss Center-Cut Top Sirloin 8 Oz $15.99
Gulf Coast Steak & Shrimp 6 Oz $18.99
Gulf Coast Steak & Shrimp 8 Oz $20.99
Maudeen’s Center-Cut Filet 6 Oz $19.99
Maudeen’s Center-Cut Filet 9 Oz $26.99
Pat’s Ribeye 12 Oz $21.99
Pat’s Ribeye 16 Oz $24.99
New York Strip 12 Oz $23.99

Salads & Sandwiches

Foods Size Prices
Caesar Salad $7.99
House Salad $7.99
Cheeseburger $8.99
Grilled Chicken Sandwich $9.49


Foods Size Prices
Range Rattlers $9.89
Cheese Fries $8.69

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Saltgrass History

Saltgrass Menu Prices History

In the heart of Houston, Texas, a remarkable culinary journey began in 1991, when visionary entrepreneur Tilman J. Fertitta founded the iconic Saltgrass Steak House.

Nestled on the historic Saltgrass Trail, this legendary establishment has grown to become a symbol of quality and tradition that you, as a food lover, simply cannot miss.

The story of Saltgrass is deeply rooted in Texan history. The restaurant’s name pays homage to the long-forgotten cattle drives along the Saltgrass Trail, where weary cowboys and their herds sought out the rich, salt-encrusted grasses of the Texas Gulf Coast.

Fertitta recognized the potential of this rich cultural heritage and, with a keen eye for detail, brought the spirit of the old trail to life in his restaurant.

The Saltgrass Steak House’s rapid rise to fame can be attributed to its unwavering commitment to quality and authenticity. From the very beginning, Fertitta insisted on using only the finest ingredients, with a focus on locally sourced produce and premium cuts of Certified Angus Beef.

We believe that this dedication to quality is what truly sets Saltgrass apart and makes it a dining experience worth savoring. Throughout the years, Saltgrass has expanded its presence across the United States, with over 80 locations to date.

Despite this growth, the restaurant remains true to its Texan roots, with each location echoing the warm, rustic atmosphere of the original Houston outpost. When you step into any Saltgrass Steak House, you’re not just entering a restaurant, but rather a piece of Texas history.

In this modern era, where fast food and chain restaurants are abundant, Saltgrass stands as a testament to the value of tradition and the pursuit of culinary excellence.

The restaurant’s continuing success demonstrates that even today, people like you and us appreciate a genuine, high-quality dining experience that honors the past while satisfying our present-day cravings.

So, whether you’re a native Texan, a traveler passing through, or simply someone who appreciates a mouth-watering steak, Saltgrass Steak House is a must-visit destination.

Let yourself be transported to a time of cowboys and cattle drives, and indulge in a piece of history that is not only delicious but truly unforgettable.

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FAQs On Saltgrass Restaurant

1. How affordable is the Saltgrass menu?

While Saltgrass Steak House is known for its high-quality steaks and dining experience, the menu prices are quite reasonable. You can enjoy a delicious meal without breaking the bank, with appetizers starting at around $9 and main courses ranging from $15 to $40.

2. Are there any budget-friendly options on the Saltgrass menu?

Yes, Saltgrass offers a variety of budget-friendly options, including sandwiches, salads, and pasta dishes, which are priced lower than their signature steaks. You can also save by choosing daily specials and combo meals.

3. Does Saltgrass offer a separate lunch menu with lower prices?

Saltgrass Steak House has a dedicated lunch menu featuring slightly lower prices than their dinner menu. You can enjoy lunch specials, sandwiches, and lighter fare at more affordable rates during lunch hours.

4. Can I find vegetarian options on the Saltgrass menu?

Although Saltgrass is known for its steaks, you can find vegetarian options on the menu, such as salads, side dishes, and a few pasta dishes. However, keep in mind that the selection may be limited.

5. Does Saltgrass offer gluten-free options on its menu?

Yes, Saltgrass provides a variety of gluten-free options, including steaks, seafood, and salads. Always inform your server about your dietary restrictions to ensure proper preparation and avoid cross-contamination.

6. Are there any discounts or promotions available at Saltgrass Steak House?

Saltgrass occasionally offers promotions, such as seasonal specials, discounted lunch items, or happy hour deals. Be sure to check their website or ask your server about any ongoing promotions when you visit.

7. Is the children’s menu at Saltgrass reasonably priced?

Yes, Saltgrass offers a kids’ menu with a selection of smaller portions and kid-friendly options at reasonable prices, typically ranging from $6 to $10.

8. How do Saltgrass menu prices compare to other steakhouses?

Saltgrass menu prices are competitive with other steakhouses, offering a balance between quality and affordability. While there are higher-end steakhouses with steeper prices, Saltgrass provides a satisfying dining experience without emptying your wallet.

9. Do Saltgrass menu prices vary by location?

While the overall pricing structure is consistent across Saltgrass locations, there may be slight variations depending on the region, local taxes, and operational costs. Check your local Saltgrass Steak House for specific menu prices.

10. Can I find the Saltgrass menu and prices online?

Yes, you can view the Saltgrass menu and prices on their official website. Keep in mind that prices may vary slightly by location, so it’s always a good idea to verify with your local restaurant for the most accurate information.

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Final Words

Saltgrass Steak House has managed to strike a perfect balance between offering high-quality steaks and mouth-watering dishes without compromising on affordability.

By understanding the Saltgrass menu prices and making informed choices, you can enjoy a memorable dining experience that won’t leave your wallet empty.

As a team of experts, we have thoroughly researched and analyzed the Saltgrass menu to provide you with valuable insights and tips on how to make the most of your visit.

From budget-friendly options to seasonal promotions, Saltgrass ensures that everyone can indulge in their exceptional cuisine without breaking the bank.

So, the next time you’re craving a succulent steak or a delightful meal, don’t hesitate to step into your nearest Saltgrass Steak House. Rest assured that not only will you be treated to an incredible dining experience that celebrates Texan heritage, but you’ll also find menu options that cater to a variety of tastes and budgets.

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