East Bay Deli Menu Prices (Updated: July 2023)

Imagine sinking your teeth into a mouthwatering, freshly-made sandwich, loaded with the finest ingredients, while enjoying the vibrant atmosphere of a neighborhood deli.

Well, you don’t have to daydream any longer, as East Bay Deli has arrived with its delectable menu and budget-friendly prices! As a bustling hotspot that caters to diverse palates, it’s no surprise that East Bay Deli is becoming the talk of the town.

Navigating the extensive menu options can be quite the challenge, but worry not, for our team of culinary connoisseurs has meticulously dissected every dish to provide you with the ultimate guide to East Bay Deli’s menu prices.

We understand that you not only crave scrumptious food but also seek value for your hard-earned money. Stay with us as we uncover the hidden gems of this deli haven and assist you in making informed decisions that’ll leave both your taste buds and your wallet thanking you.

Are you ready to embark on this lip-smacking journey? Let’s dive right in!

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East Bay Deli Menu Prices In 2023

Sweet Treats

Foods Prices
Junior’s Cakes $7.99
Giant Cookies $1.99

Kid’s Menu

Foods Prices
Chicken Finger Basket $5.50
Kid’s Traditional Deli Sandwich $5.50
Grilled Cheese $5.50
Kraft Mac & Cheese $5.50
Pb&J $5.50
Cheese Quesadilla $5.50
Corn Dog $5.50
Kid’s Hot Dog $5.50

Giant Spuds

Foods Prices
The Ultimate Spud $7.49
Broccoli Spud $6.99
The Mexicana $6.79
The Simple Spud $6.29
Plain Tater $4.99

On The Side

Foods Prices
Fresh Fruit Cup $2.95
Seasoned Deli Fries $2.25
American Potato Salad $1.99
Coleslaw $1.99
Pasta Salad $1.99
Broccoli Salad $1.99
Zapp’s Gourmet Chips $1.79
Sauerkraut $0.99

To Your Health

Foods Prices
Grilled Chicken Pita $8.49
Turkey Reuben $9.29
Cranberry Turkey Croissant $8.99
Chicken & Cranberry $9.69
Turkey Burger $9.49
Veggie Crisp $8.79

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That’s A Wrap

Foods Prices
Fried Chicken Wrap $8.99
Turkey Wrap $9.29
Chicken Caesar Wrap $8.99
Buffalo Chicken Wrap $9.29
Lite Tuna Salad Wrap $9.29

East Bay Deli Dogs

Foods Prices
Pete’s Famous Chili Dog $5.49
Kraut Dog $5.49
Southern Dog $5.49
The Plain Dog $4.99

Traditional Deli

Foods Prices
Hot NY Style Pastram $10.29
Roast Beef $10.29
Hot Corned Beef $10.29
Oven Roasted Turkey $8.29
Turkey Pastrami $8.29
Cajun Oven Roasted Turkey $8.29
Roasted Chicken $8.29
Ham Capocollo $8.29
Premium Hard Salami $8.29
Premium Ham $8.29
Homemade Lite Tuna Salad $8.29
Homemade Chicken Salad $8.29
Homemade Egg Salad $6.99
BLT $7.99
Liverwurst $7.69
Grilled Cheese $7.69
Grilled Ham & Cheese $7.49
Half Sandwich & Soup $9.49

On The Greens

Foods Prices
Hungry Greek Salad $9.99
Homemade Chicken Salad $9.79
Chicken Caesar Salad $9.99
Crunchy Salad $9.99
Marinated Chicken Breast Salad $9.99
Chef Salad $9.99
Homemade Tuna Salad $9.79

Soups & Starters

Foods Prices
Broccoli Cheese Soup Cup – $4.29
Bowl – $5.29
Chili Cup – $4.29
Bowl – $5.29
Tomato Bisque Soup Cup – $4.29
Bowl – $5.29
Soup Of The Day Cup – $4.29
Bowl – $5.29

East Bay Deli Favorites

Foods Prices
The Citadel $9.69
Chicken Charleston $9.79
Authentic Italian $9.79
Dixie Darling $11.99
New York Yankee $11.99
Club Calhoun $11.99
Chief Reuben $10.79
California Reuben $9.59
Terrific Turkey Melt $9.59
The Carolina $9.69
Gyro $9.49
Charleston Philly $9.79
Charleston Deli Dip $10.99
The Cuban $9.29
Rajun Cajun $9.29
Tessa’s Turkey $9.79
The East Bay Burger $9.19
New York Style Bbq $9.29
Patty Melt $7.99
1/4-Pounder $6.99

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East Bay Deli History

East Bay Deli Menu Prices History

In the vibrant culinary landscape of the United States, few establishments have managed to carve a niche for themselves quite like East Bay Deli. The story of this beloved restaurant began in 2001 when Daniel Jaicks and Charles Lee Jr. combined their passion for food and entrepreneurial spirit to create a deli experience unlike any other.

Their goal was simple: to provide the freshest, most delicious food, in a warm and welcoming atmosphere that people from all walks of life could enjoy.

The founders’ keen eye for detail and dedication to quality is what has set East Bay Deli apart from the competition. You’ll be amazed to know that the duo personally sourced the finest ingredients, crafted innovative recipes, and fine-tuned every aspect of their venture to create a memorable dining experience for their patrons.

Located in the heart of the United States, East Bay Deli’s headquarters has been a launchpad for its continued growth and success. Over the years, the restaurant has expanded its reach, winning the hearts of food lovers across the nation.

The secret to their success? A relentless focus on delivering mouthwatering meals, exceptional customer service, and a genuine love for the art of food.

What has truly made East Bay Deli stand out is its ability to cater to a diverse range of palates. Whether you’re a meat lover, vegetarian, or someone in between, the restaurant’s extensive menu is bound to have something that’ll leave you craving more.

We believe that the commitment to inclusivity and variety is what has enabled East Bay Deli to forge strong connections with its ever-growing clientele.

As we delve deeper into the history of East Bay Deli, it becomes apparent that the founders’ vision and tireless efforts have transformed the restaurant into a culinary powerhouse. Today, East Bay Deli is synonymous with quality, innovation, and a truly unforgettable dining experience.

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FAQs On East Bay Deli Restaurant

1.What is East Bay Deli known for in terms of menu options and prices?

East Bay Deli is known for offering a wide variety of deli-style sandwiches, wraps, salads, and soups at affordable prices. They pride themselves on using fresh, high-quality ingredients to create delicious, made-to-order meals.

2. Are East Bay Deli’s menu prices consistent across all locations?

Generally, East Bay Deli maintains consistent menu prices across their locations. However, there might be slight variations due to regional differences or local market conditions. It’s always best to check the specific location’s menu for accurate pricing information.

3. Does East Bay Deli offer vegetarian or vegan options on their menu?

Yes, East Bay Deli has several vegetarian options, including sandwiches, wraps, and salads. While they do not have a separate vegan menu, many items can be customized to accommodate a vegan diet by excluding cheese or other animal-based products.

4. Are there any special deals or promotions available at East Bay Deli?

East Bay Deli frequently offers daily specials, combo deals, and seasonal promotions. To stay updated on their latest offers, it’s recommended to follow their social media accounts or visit their official website.

5. Is East Bay Deli a good option for people with dietary restrictions?

East Bay Deli is accommodating to customers with dietary restrictions, offering gluten-free bread options and customizable menu items. If you have specific dietary concerns, it’s best to speak with the staff at your local East Bay Deli to ensure your needs are met.

6. Can I order online from East Bay Deli, and are the prices the same as in-store?

Yes, East Bay Deli allows customers to place orders online for pickup or delivery. Prices for online orders are typically the same as in-store, although delivery fees or minimum order requirements may apply.

7. Does East Bay Deli offer catering services, and how do the prices compare to their regular menu?

East Bay Deli offers catering services for events of all sizes. Their catering menu features platters, boxed lunches, and party-sized portions of their popular menu items. Catering prices are generally competitive and may vary depending on the specific items and quantity ordered.

8. Are the portion sizes at East Bay Deli worth the prices?

East Bay Deli is known for serving generous portions that provide good value for the prices. Customers often find their sandwiches, wraps, and salads to be filling and satisfying.

9. How often does East Bay Deli update their menu and prices?

East Bay Deli periodically updates their menu offerings and prices to accommodate customer preferences, seasonal ingredients, and market conditions. While the core menu remains consistent, you can expect occasional changes and additions.

10. Are nutritional information and calorie counts available for East Bay Deli’s menu items?

While East Bay Deli does not currently provide comprehensive nutritional information for their entire menu, they do offer a range of healthier options, such as salads and lighter sandwiches. If you have specific nutritional concerns, it’s best to ask the staff at your local East Bay Deli for more information.

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Final Words

East Bay Deli offers an extensive menu of delectable deli-style sandwiches, wraps, salads, and soups at reasonable prices. Their commitment to using fresh, high-quality ingredients ensures a delicious and satisfying dining experience for all customers.

With options to cater to various dietary preferences and restrictions, East Bay Deli makes it easy for everyone to enjoy a meal that meets their needs.

As a team of experts who have researched and experienced East Bay Deli’s offerings, we can confidently say that their menu prices are worth the value, and their portion sizes are generous.

Keep an eye out for their daily specials, promotions, and seasonal updates, which can further enhance your dining experience. Whether you’re dining in or ordering online, East Bay Deli’s commitment to customer satisfaction is evident in their menu variety, competitive prices, and quality food.

So, next time you’re craving a delicious deli meal, don’t hesitate to visit your local East Bay Deli or place an order online for a taste of their mouth-watering creations.

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