Insomnia Cookies Menu Prices (Updated: July 2023)

He quickly realized the late-night cookie delivery concept had major potential and Insomnia Cookies was born. Today, there are over 100 stores nationwide and the company is still growing.

Whether you’re looking for a midnight snack or just a delicious treat, Insomnia Cookies is the place to go.  The menu at Insomnia Cookies is made up of a variety of cookies, brownies, ice cream, and other sweet treats.

Insomnia Cookies is a restaurant that specializes in cookies and other desserts. They have a wide variety of cookies, as well as brownies, ice cream, and other treats.

The menu is also very reasonably priced, making it a great place to go for a quick dessert. Insomnia Cookies is a restaurant that specializes in cookies and other desserts.

They have a wide variety of cookies, as well as ice cream, milkshakes, and coffee. The menu is extensive and there is something for everyone. The food is delicious and the service is excellent.

Insomnia Cookies is a unique restaurant that specializes in delivering fresh, warm cookies right to your door. But Insomnia isn’t just any cookie company.

They offer a variety of gourmet cookies, brownies, and ice cream sandwiches made with the highest quality ingredients. What makes Insomnia Cookies so special? The menu offers something for everyone.

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Insomnia Cookies Menu Prices In 2023


Foods Sizes Prices
Delicious Duo $7.35
Sixpack $10.60
Sugar Rush 12 Traditional $20.00
Major Rager 18 Traditional $29.00
Insomniac 24 Traditional $38.00
Cookies 50 Cookies $74.00
Cookies 100 Cookies $145.00


Foods Prices
Bottled Water $2.60
Whole Milk $3.70
Chocolate Milk $3.70
Strawberry Milk $3.70

Add A Scoop

Foods Prices
Cookie With A Scoop $4.35
Deluxe With A Scoop $6.20
Brownie With A Scoop $6.15

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Ice Cream

Foods Sizes Prices
Ice Cream Small $4.35
Ice Cream Medium $5.90
Ice Cream Pint $8.25
Ice Cream Quart $13.25


Foods Prices
Bigwich $6.50
Cookiewich $6.50
Deluxe Bigwich $9.00
Deluxe Cookiewich $9.00

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Foods Prices
Chocolate Chip Brownie $3.65


Foods Sizes Prices
Cake Mini Cake $13.50
Cookie Cake 10 $24.75
Football Cookie Cake $24.75
Moon Cookie Cake $24.75
Triple Threat Cookie Cake $24.75

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Deluxe Cookies

Foods Prices
Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup $3.70
S’mores $3.70
Triple Chocolate $3.70

Traditional Cookies

Foods Prices
Chocolate Chunk $1.85
Classic With M&M’s $1.85
Double Chocolate Chunk $1.85
Double Chocolate Mint $1.85
Oatmeal Raisin $1.85
Peanut Butter Chip $1.85
Snickerdoodle $1.85
Sugar $1.85
White Chocolate Macadamia $1.85

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Insomnia Cookies History

insomnia cookies menu prices history

In conclusion, the Insomnia Cookies restaurant company is a very successful business that was founded in 2003 by Seth Berkowitz. The company has been very successful in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States and has grown to be a large corporation.

The company offers a variety of cookies and other baked goods that are perfect for any occasion. The company is always expanding and opening new stores in different states and countries.

Insomnia Cookies is a restaurant chain founded in 2003 by Seth Berkowitz in a college dorm room at the University of Pennsylvania. The company specializes in delivering cookies and other baked goods to customers’ homes and businesses late at night.

As of 2019, Insomnia Cookies has over 100 locations across the United States. Seth Berkowitz had the idea for Insomnia Cookies while he was a student at the University of Pennsylvania.

He started baking cookies in his dorm room and selling them out of a shopping cart to late-night customers. He started baking cookies to help fellow students pull all-nighters and study for exams.

When word got out about his late-night deliveries, the business took off. Today, Insomnia Cookies has grown to over 100 locations from coast-to-coast. The company’s cookie dough is made fresh daily and contains no preservatives.

The cookies are baked fresh throughout the day and night, so they’re always warm and gooey when they’re delivered right to your door. Insomnia Cookies offers a variety of classic cookie flavors as well as seasonal favorites.

You can also order cookies by the dozen, half dozen, or even just one at a time. So whether you have a late-night craving or need to satisfy a sweet tooth, Insomnia Cookies is always there for you.

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