Toppers Pizza Menu Prices (Updated: July 2023)

Toppers Pizza is a restaurant chain with locations throughout the United States. The company offers pizza, salads, breadsticks, and desserts for dine-in or take-out.

There are over 30 different Toppers Pizza menu items to choose from, so there is something for everyone. Pizza is the main attraction at Toppers Pizza. The restaurant offers classic and specialty pizzas, as well as Build Your Own Pizza options.

There are also gluten-free and vegan pizza choices available. Some of the most popular specialty pizzas include the Philly Cheesesteak Pizza, Bacon Mac ‘n’ Cheese Pizza, and Garlic Chicken Alfredo Pizza.

Salads are another popular menu item at Toppers Pizza. There are six different salads to choose from, including the Garden Salad, Caesar Salad, and BBQ Ranch Chicken Salad.

Breadsticks are a must-have at any pizza restaurant and Toppers Pizza is no exception. The restaurant offers four different types of breadsticks – Garlic Parmesan, Honey Butter, BBQ, and Cinnamon Sugar.

Desserts are the perfect way to top off a meal at Toppers Pizza. The restaurant offers six different desserts, including the Chocolate Cake, New York Cheesecake, and Caramel Apple Tart.

So, if you’re looking for a delicious pizza experience, head on over to your nearest Toppers Pizza restaurant. You won’t be disappointed!  Toppers Pizza is a restaurant chain that offers pizza, salads, breadsticks, and desserts for dine-in or take-out.

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Toppers Pizza Menu Prices In 2023

House Pizzas

Small (9”)Medium (12”)Large (14”)
Pepperoni A la Mode$12.99$16.99$20.99
Pepperoni Jalapeño Popper$12.99$16.99$20.99
Jalapeño Popper Topper$12.99$16.99$20.99

Mac & Cheese

3-Cheese Wisconsin Mac Mac N Cheese$7.49
Buffalo Chicken Mac Mac N Cheese$7.49
CBR Mac Mac N Cheese$7.49
Loaded Tater Mac Mac N Cheese$7.49
Jalapeno Popper Mac Mac N Cheese$7.49
Prime Rib Mac Mac N Cheese$7.49

Monkey Bread

Cinnamon Swirl Monkey Bread$6.99
Chocolate and Cream Monkey Bread$6.99
Raspberry Cheesecake Monkey Bread$6.99

WI Beer Battered Cheese Curds

WI Beer Battered Cheese Curds$6.99

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3-Cheese Wisconsin Mac$7.49
Buffalo Chicken Mac$7.49
CBR Mac$7.49
Loaded Tater Mac$7.49
Leinie’s Beer Battered Cheese Curds$7.99
Prime Rib Mac ‘n Cheese$7.49

Drinks & Extras

Nacho Cheese$0.75
Smoky BBQ$0.75
Garlic Butter$0.75
Sour Cream$0.75
Bleu Cheese$0.75
Mild Buffalo$0.75
Chipotle Ranch$0.75
Boom Boom Sauce$0.75
Hot Buffalo$0.75
Parmesan Garlic$0.75
Chocolate Icing$0.75
Cream Cheese Icing$0.75
Coke (20 oz.)$1.99
Coke (2 liter)$2.99
Diet Coke (20 oz.)$1.99
Diet Coke (2 liter)$2.99
Sprite (20 oz.)$1.99
Sprite (2 liter)$2.99
Barq’s Root Beer (20 oz.)$1.99
Barq’s Root Beer (20 oz.)$1.99


Cinnamon Swirl Monkey Bread$6.99
Raspberry Cheesecake Monkey Bread$6.99
Chocolate & Cream Monkey Bread$6.99
Cinnamonstix (24 Stix)$12.99
Cinnamonstix (8 Stix)$7.99

Dippin Sauces

Smoky BBQ$0.75
Bleu Cheese$0.75
Chipotle Ranch$0.75
Garlic Sauce$0.75
Hot Buffalo$0.75
Parmesan Garlic$0.75
Chocolate Frosting$0.75
Cream Cheese Icing$0.75
Mild Buffalo$0.75
Nacho Cheese$0.75
Sour Cream$0.75
Boom Boom Sauce$0.75
Korean BBQ$0.75
Dairy-Free Ranch$0.75

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Bone-In Wings

7 Pieces14 Pieces21 Pieces
Oven Roasted Wings$8.99$14.99$20.99
Mild Wings$8.99$14.99$20.99
Hot Wings$8.99$14.99$20.99
Boom Boom Wings$8.99$14.99$20.99
BBQ Wings$8.99$14.99$20.99
Parmesan Garlic Wings$8.99$14.99$20.99
Korean BBQ$8.99$14.99$20.99

Boneless Wings

Oven Roasted Wings (1/2 Pound)$8.99
Hot Wings (1/2 Pound)$8.99
Boom Boom Wings (1/2 Pound)$8.99
Mild Wings (1/2 Pound)$8.99
Parmesan Garlic Wings (1/2 Pound)$8.99
BBQ Wings (1/2 Pound)$8.99
Hot Wings (1 Pound)$14.99
Boom Boom Wings (1 Pound)$14.99
BBQ Wings (1 Pound)$14.99
Oven Roasted Wings (1 Pound)$14.99
Mild Wings (1 Pound)$14.99
Parmesan Garlic Wings (1 Pound)$14.99
Oven Roasted Wings (1 1/2 Pound)$20.99
Mild Wings (1 1/2 Pound)$20.99
Hot Wings (1 1/2 Pound)$20.99
Boom Boom Wings (1 1/2 Pound)$20.99
BBQ Wings (1 1/2 Pound)$20.99
Parmesan Garlic Wings (1 1/2 Pound)$20.99
Korean BBQ (1/2lb)$8.99
Korean BBQ (1lb)$14.99
Korean BBQ (1 1/2lb)$20.99

Topperstix (Single)

Original Topperstix™$7.99
3-Cheese Garlicstix™$8.99
Jalapeño Popperstix$8.99
Vegan Topperstix$11.99

Topperstix (Triple)

Original Topperstix™$12.99
3-Cheese Garlicstix™$13.99
Jalapeño Popperstix$13.99
Vegan Topperstix$19.99

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Pizzas (9″ Small)

Build Your Own ‘Za (Cheese)$9.99
Ragin’ Pepperoni$12.99
Buffalo Chicken Mac ‘n Cheese$12.99
Mac ‘N Cheese$12.99
Buffalo Chicken Topper$12.99
Toppers Classic$12.99
Smoky BBQ Chicken$12.99
Maui Topper$12.99
Meat Topper$12.99
Loaded Tot-Zza$12.99
Old School Sausage & Pepperoni$12.99
Veggie Classic$12.99
Korean BBQ Chicken Topper$12.99
The Vegan Buffalo Chicken-Less Topper$15.24
The Vegan Korean BBQ Chicken-Less Topper$15.24
The Vegan Tuscano Topper$15.24
Wisconsin Curds ‘n Bacon$15.24
Wisconsin Cheesesteak$14.74
Steak ‘N Taters$14.74

Pizzas (12″ Medium)

Build Your Own ‘Za (Cheese)$12.49
Ragin’ Pepperoni$16.99
Buffalo Chicken Mac ‘n Cheese$16.99
Mac ‘N Cheese$16.99
Buffalo Chicken Topper$16.99
Toppers Classic$16.99
Smoky BBQ Chicken$16.99
Maui Topper$16.99
Meat Topper$16.99
Loaded Tot-Zza$16.99
Old School Sausage & Pepperoni$16.99
Veggie Classic$16.99
Korean BBQ Chicken Topper$16.99
The Vegan Buffalo Chicken-Less Topper$20.50
The Vegan Korean BBQ Chicken-Less Topper$20.50
The Vegan Tuscano Topper$20.50
Wisconsin Curds ‘n Bacon$20.50
Wisconsin Cheesesteak$19.75
Steak ‘N Taters$19.75

Pizzas (14″ Large)

Build Your Own ‘Za (Cheese)$14.99
Ragin’ Pepperoni$20.99
Buffalo Chicken Mac ‘n Cheese$20.99
Mac ‘N Cheese$20.99
Buffalo Chicken Topper$20.99
Toppers Classic$20.99
Smoky BBQ Chicken$20.99
Maui Topper$20.99
Meat Topper$20.99
Loaded Tot-Zza$20.99
Old School Sausage & Pepperoni$20.99
Veggie Classic$20.99
Korean BBQ Chicken Topper$20.99
The Vegan Buffalo Chicken-Less Topper$23.75
The Vegan Korean BBQ Chicken-Less Topper$23.75
The Vegan Tuscano Topper$23.75
Wisconsin Curds ‘n Bacon$23.75
Wisconsin Cheesesteak$23.25
Steak ‘N Taters$23.25

Build Your Own Za

Small Build Your Own Za$10.49
Medium Build Your Own Za$12.49
Large Build Your Own Za$14.99

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Toppers Pizza History

Toppers Pizza Menu Prices History

Toppers Pizza restaurant company history began in 1991 when Scott Gittrich founded the business in Champaign, Illinois, United States. Over the years, Toppers has become a leading pizza chain in the Midwest region, with over 50 locations across six states.

What makes Toppers Pizza stand out from other pizza chains is its commitment to quality and customer service. From the beginning, Scott Gittrich has been focused on making the best pizza possible, using fresh ingredients and innovative recipes.

Plus, Toppers Pizza employees are always happy to go the extra mile to make sure each customer is satisfied with their meal. Whether you’re a fan of classic pepperoni pizzas or something a little more adventurous, Toppers Pizza has something for everyone.

So if you’re looking for a great pizza experience, be sure to check out your nearest Toppers restaurant. You won’t be disappointed! And if you’re feeling really adventurous, be sure to check out the Toppers Pizza Challenge – a pizza-eating contest that is not for the faint of heart!

Winners can receive free pizza for a year, among other prizes. Toppers Pizza is a great place to enjoy a delicious pizza meal with family and friends. So be sure to stop by your nearest location today and see what all the buzz is about!

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