Biggby Coffee Menu Prices (Updated: July 2023)

Are you a coffee aficionado constantly on the hunt for the perfect cup of java? Well, look no further! The Biggby Coffee Menu Prices guide is here to save the day (and your wallet).

In today’s fast-paced world, it’s essential to find that energizing boost to kickstart your day without breaking the bank. With an array of options that cater to every taste bud, Biggby Coffee is the answer to your caffeine cravings.

Our expert team has painstakingly compiled a comprehensive price list for your convenience, so you can make an informed choice without any second-guessing.

Embrace your inner coffee connoisseur and delve into the world of Biggby Coffee, where quality and affordability meet. Sip, savor, and conquer your day – all while keeping your budget in check!

Stay tuned to uncover the secrets behind this beloved coffee brand and learn how you, too, can indulge in their delightful offerings.

Biggby Coffee Menu Prices In 2023

Other Cold Beverages

Foods Prices
Cold Brew $4.24
Sweet Foam Caramel Cold Brew $5.92
Premium Iced Tea $2.82
Kickin Raspberry Mocktail $5.81
Strawberry Punch Mocktail $5.81
Iced Coffee $3.48
Berry Blast Mocktail $5.81
Orange Juice $3.39
Cup of Milk $1.99
Iced Americano $3.92
Iced Cafe Au Lait $4.07
Iced Matcha Tea $2.39
Iced Tea $2.62
Lemonade $2.56
Arnold Palmer $2.75
Red Bull Mocktail $6.22
Matcha Lemonade $3.71
Magic Milk $3.43

Iced Lattes

Foods Prices
A cold and creamy mix of milk, espresso, and flavor over ice.
Iced Caramel Marvel $5.49
Iced Tiramisu – LTO $5.99
Iced Blackberry Sage – LTO $5.99
Iced Latte $4.49
Iced White Lightning $5.49
Iced Caramel Mellow $5.49
Iced Mocha Caramel $5.49
Iced Mocha Mellow $5.49
Iced Teddy Bear $5.49
Iced White Zebra $5.49
Iced Fluffy Clouds $5.49
Iced Vanilla Bean $4.99
Iced Nutty Buddy $4.99
Iced Butter Bear $5.49
Iced Mint Mocha $5.49
Iced Sugar Bear $5.49
Iced Honey Cinnamon Vanilla $5.49
Iced Golden Honey $5.49
Iced Golden $5.49
Iced Lotta Love $5.49
Iced Hazelnut Mocha $5.49
Iced Lissa’s Luscious $5.49
Iced Blueberry Bliss $5.49
Iced Mocha Nut $5.49
Iced Purple Haze $5.49
Iced Raspberry Mocha $5.49
Iced Snow Bear $5.49
Iced Strawberry Puff $5.49
Iced Tan Line $5.49
Iced Coconut Creme $4.89
Iced Vanilla Nut Creme $4.89
Iced Blackout $4.89
Iced Beautiful Haze $4.99
Iced Neapolitan $5.49
Iced Berry White $5.49
Iced Spotted Owl $5.49
Iced Avalanche $5.49
Iced Bear Cub $5.49
Iced Black Forest $5.49
Iced Mellow Mochanut $5.49
Iced Nutty Mocha Caramel $5.49
Iced Sunburn Latte $5.49
Iced Teddy Berry $5.49
Iced Black Bear $5.49
Iced Sweet Tooth Special $5.49
Iced German Mocha $5.49
Iced Chai Charger $5.39
Iced Buttercup $5.49
Iced Coco-Marvel $5.49
Iced Cotton Candy $5.49
Iced Desert Paradise $5.49
Iced Fire Fly $5.49
Iced Hazy Day $5.49
Iced Midnight Dream $5.49
Iced Cinn-ful $5.49
Iced Cinnabuzz $5.49
Iced Moonboot $5.49
Iced Snickerdoodle $5.49
Iced Starry Skies $5.49
Iced Sugar and Spice $5.49
Iced Sweet Dreams $5.49
Iced Winter Wonderland $5.49
Iced H=MC^2 $5.49
Iced Nutty Squirrel $5.49
Iced Island Bear $5.49


Foods Prices
Your choice of a either a hot drink made with velvetized milk and espresso or a cold and creamy mix of milk, espresso, and flavor over ice.
Caramel Marvel $6.10
Vanilla Bean $5.72
Nutty Buddy $5.52
Peppermint Blizzard $6.21
Teddy Bear $6.11
Sweet Tooth Special Latte $6.33
Nutty Mocha Caramel $6.33
Mocha Caramel $6.44
Butter Bear $6.13
White Lightning $6.03
Mint Mocha $6.19
Spotted Owl Latte $6.33
Avalanche Latte $6.33
Black Forest Latte $6.33
Snickerdoodle $6.34
Sunburn Latte $6.33
Honey Cinnamon Vanilla Latte $6.33
Sugar Bear $6.31
H=MC^2 Latte $6.34
Mocha Mellow $6.34
Beautiful Haze Latte $5.74
Golden Honey Latte $6.33
Caramel Mellow $6.34
German Mocha Latte $6.26
Island Bear $6.34
Starry Skies Latte $6.34
Sugar and Spice Latte $6.33
Lotta Love Latte $6.33
Nutty Squirrel $6.34
Raspberry Creme Mocha $6.34
Tan Line Latte $6.33
Wild Zebra $6.33
Cinn-ful Latte $6.33
Fire Fly Latte $6.33
Latte $5.15
Fluffy Clouds $6.36
Neapolitan Latte $6.32
Golden Latte $6.33
Lissa’s Luscious Latte $6.32
Mocha Nut Latte $6.33
Purple Haze Latte $6.33
Snow Bear Latte $6.33
Strawberry Puff Latte $6.33
Mellow Mochanut Latte $6.33
Buttercup Latte $6.33
Cinnabuzz Latte $6.33
Coco-Marvel Latte $6.33
Desert Paradise $6.33
Hazy Day Latte $6.33
Moonboot Latte $6.33
Sweet Dreams Latte $6.34
Bear Cub $6.31
Snow Berry $6.34
Vanilla Nut Creme $6.14

Frozen Lattes

Foods Prices
A frozen blend of espresso and flavor
Frozen Butter Bear $6.83
Frozen Tiramisu – LTO $6.49
Frozen Blackberry Sage – LTO $6.49
Frozen Mocha Caramel $6.83
Frozen Chai Charger $7.42
Frozen Teddy Bear $6.83
Frozen Hazelnut Mocha $6.83
Frozen Nutty Squirrel $6.84
Frozen Caramel Marvel $6.83
Frozen Caramel Mellow $6.83
Frozen Fire Fly $6.83
Frozen Latte $5.98
Frozen Sweet Tooth Special $6.83
Frozen Bear Paw $6.82
Frozen German Mocha $6.83
Frozen Raspberry Creme Mocha $6.84
Frozen Mocha Mellow $6.83
Frozen Mellow Mochanut $6.83
Frozen Sugar and Spice $6.84
Frozen Peppermint Blizzard $6.85
Frozen Buttercup $6.84
Frozen H=MC^2 $6.84
Frozen Cinnamon Roll Latte $6.84
Frozen Vanilla Bean $6.24
Frozen Spotted Owl $6.83
Frozen Desert Paradise $6.83
Frozen Honey Cinnamon Vanilla Latte $6.83
Frozen Mint Mocha $6.70
Frozen White Lightning $6.83
Frozen Wild Zebra $6.83
Frozen Fluffy Clouds $6.86
Frozen Blueberry Bliss $6.08
Frozen Nutty Buddy $6.24
Frozen Lotta Love $6.83
Frozen Lissa’s Luscious $6.83
Frozen Sugar Bear $6.83
Frozen Golden Honey Latte $6.83
Frozen Mocha Nut $6.83
Frozen Purple Haze $6.83
Frozen Raspberry Mocha $6.83
Frozen Snow Berry $6.83
Frozen Berry White $6.07
Frozen Strawberry Puff $6.83
Frozen Tan Line $6.83
Frozen Beautiful Haze $6.24
Frozen Neapolitan $6.83
Frozen Avalanche $6.83
Frozen Bear Cub $6.83
Frozen Black Forest $6.83
Frozen Nutty Mocha Caramel $6.83
Frozen Sunburn Latte $6.83
Frozen Teddy Berry $6.83
Frozen Black Bear $6.83
Frozen Coco Marvel $6.83
Frozen Hazy Day $6.83
Frozen Cotton Candy $6.08
Frozen Moonboot Latte $6.84
Frozen Starry Skies $6.84
Frozen Sweet Dreams $6.84
Frozen Island Bear $6.81
Frozen Cinn-full $6.84
Frozen Midnight Dream $6.08
Frozen Cinnabuzz $6.84
Frozen Golden Latte $6.84
Frozen Snow Bear $6.84
Frozen Vanilla Nut Creme $6.64
Frozen Winter Wonderland $5.99

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Seasonal LTO

Foods Prices
Cookie Butter Latte $7.32
Frozen Cookie Butter Latte $7.82
Sweet Foam Cookie Butter Cold Brew $6.49
Sweet Foam Winter Wonderland Cold Brew $5.99
Maple Waffle Bacon and Cheddar $6.59
Peppermint Stick Mocha Latte $7.26
Tuxedo Muffin $2.90
Frozen Peppermint Stick Mocha Latte $7.82
Maple Waffle $4.15
Maple Waffle Egg and Cheddar $6.57
Peppermint Stick Mocha Creme Freeze $7.82
Cookie Butter Creme Freeze $7.82
Sweet Foam Peppermint Stick Mocha Cold Brew $6.49
Maple Waffle Sausage and Cheddar $6.59
Snow Mint Mocha Latte $7.26
Frozen Snow Mint Mocha Latte $7.82
Sweet Foam Snow Mint Mocha Cold Brew $6.49
Snow Mint Mocha Creme Freeze $7.82
Maple Waffle Bacon, Egg, and Cheddar $7.76
Maple Waffle Sausage, Egg, and Cheddar $7.76


Foods Prices
Sundried Tomato Ham and Swiss $4.99
Turkey Havarti Bragel $5.51
Ham and Cheese Bragel $5.74
Muffins $2.49
Egg and Cheese Bragel $5.36
Sausage, Egg & Cheese $5.64
Turkey, Egg & Cheese Bragel $5.84
Banana $1.00
Yogurt Parfait $2.95
Sausage and Cheese Bragel $5.35
Blueberry Muffin $2.92
Bagel and Cream Cheese $2.97
Sausage, Egg and Cheese Bragel $6.39
Coffee Cake Muffin $2.91
Donut Holes $3.10
Vegan Bragel $6.64
Bigg Cookie $2.35
Bagel $2.53

Favorite Lattes

Foods Prices
Neapolitan $4.45
Rainbow Robust $5.79

Hot Lattes

Foods Prices
A hot drink made with velvetized milk and espresso
Tiramisu Latte – LTO $5.99
Blackberry Sage – LTO $5.99
Blueberry Bliss Latte $5.57
Berry White Latte $5.57
Cotton Candy Latte $5.57
Midnight Dream Latte $5.55
Winter Wonderland Latte $5.49

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Retail Items

Foods Prices
Coffee and Tea that you can make at home!
BIGGBY Best Coffee Beans – 12 oz pre-ground bag $14.15
BIGGBY Best Coffee Pods $13.84
Fraser Tea $11.65


Foods Prices
Espresso $2.47
Espresso con Panna $2.95
Espresso Macchiato $2.95

Frozen Hot Chocolates

Foods Prices
A frozen blend of milk and flavor
Teddy Bear Frozen Chocolate $6.23
Mellow Frozen Chocolate $6.23
Dark Frozen Chocolate $6.23
Frozen Cocoa Carmella $6.23
Mint Frozen Chocolate $6.23
White Frozen Chocolate $6.23

Hot Chocolates

Foods Prices
Your choice of a either a hot drink made with velvetized milk and flavor or a cold and creamy mix of milk and flavor over ice.
Cocoa Carmella $5.09
Dark Hot Chocolate $5.36
Mint Hot Chocolate $5.47
Mellow Hot Chocolate $5.22
Teddy Bear Hot Chocolate $5.56
White Hot Chocolate $5.56

Tea Lattes

Foods Prices
A blend of milk, tea, and flavor – Available Hot, Iced, or Frozen
Chai Latte $5.91
Cinnamon Spice $4.41
Tea Latte $6.32
Earl Grey $4.41
Matcha Latte $6.50
Chinese Flower $4.41
African Autumn $6.04
Peppermint $4.41
The Spice of Life $6.05
English Breakfast $4.36
Chai Charger $6.84
Delightfully Spicy Latte $4.79
Golden Chai $6.34
Hot Caramel Spice $4.79
Pomegranate Oolong $4.40
Enlightened Chai $6.34
Frozen Matcha Latte $7.25

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Hot Chocolates- Iced

Foods Prices
Iced Cocoa Carmella $4.99
Dark Iced Chocolate $4.99
Mellow Iced Chocolate $4.99
Mint Iced Chocolate $4.99
White Iced Chocolate $4.99
Teddy Bear Iced Chocolate $4.99

Creme Freeze Smoothies

Foods Prices
A frozen non-coffee drink
Red Bull Creme Freeze $7.09
Dark Chocolate Cookie Creme Freeze $6.82
Pomaberry $5.12
Red Bull $5.50
Strawberry Shortcake Creme Freeze $6.83
Banana Berry $6.39
Banana Berry Creme Freeze $6.83
Mango $5.13
Strawberry Shortcake $6.39
Chocolate Chip Cookie Creme Freeze $6.83
Chocolate Chip Cookies $6.20
Neapolitan Creme Freeze $6.83
Raspberry Zinger $5.11
Banana Creme Freeze $6.81
Raspberry Zinger Creme Freeze $6.83
Honey Cinnamon Vanilla Creme Freeze $6.81
Coconut Blackberry Zinger $6.83
Cold Brew Creme Freeze $3.99
Lemonade Creme Freeze $5.89
Coconut Beach Creme Freeze $6.82
Peach Berry Creme Freeze $6.08
Banana Split Creme Freeze $6.81
Black, White and Red All Over Creme Freeze $6.83
Blackberry Banana Creme Freeze $6.62
Frisbee Creme Freeze $6.82
Pina Colada Creme Freeze $6.83
Double Chocolate Creme Freeze $5.89
Pink Panther Creme Freeze $6.83
Banana Bonanza Mocha Creme Freeze $5.88
Summer Breeze Creme Freeze $6.83
Intergalactic Creme Freeze $6.83
Blackberry Cream Creme Freeze $7.22
Mango Creme Freeze $6.83
Blue Streak Creme Freeze $6.06
Banana Mango Creme Freeze $6.78
Mango Blood Orange Creme Freeze $7.25
Blackberry Peach Zip! Creme Freeze $7.99
Nutty Squirrel Creme Freeze $5.89
Galaxy Bear Creme Freeze $5.89
Scuba Bear Creme Freeze $5.89
Hopscotch Bear Creme Freeze $5.89
Freedom Freeze $5.89


Foods Prices
Caffe Latte $5.43
Hazelnut Iced Coffee $4.03
Raspberry Iced Tea $2.39
Hazelnut Decaf $1.79

Traditions and Classics

Foods Prices
Cappuccino $5.06
Americano $3.80
Red Eye $3.86
Brewed Coffee $2.48
Matcha Tea $1.99
Hot Tea $2.44
Cafe au Lait $4.29

Blast Beverages

Foods Prices
Scuba Iced $7.12
Blood Moon Iced $5.87
Electric Dragon Iced $5.87
Green Lagoon Iced $5.87
Scuba Frozen $7.62
BYOBlast Frozen $5.72
BYOBlast Iced $5.22
Blood Moon Frozen $6.37
Electric Dragon Frozen $6.37
Green Lagoon Frozen $6.37

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Biggby Coffee History

Biggby Coffee Menu Prices History

When you think of Biggby Coffee, what comes to mind? A comforting haven where you can savor delightful coffee creations? As a coffee enthusiast, it’s vital to know the story behind the brew you relish.

Let’s dive into the captivating history of Biggby Coffee Restaurant, which all began in East Lansing, Michigan, back in April 1995. Founders Bob Fish and Mary Roszel embarked on a journey to revolutionize the coffee industry with the inception of Beaner’s Coffee.

Their passion for providing not just a quality cup of joe but a memorable experience for coffee lovers is what set them apart. The dynamic duo’s vision brought forth a warm, inviting atmosphere where friends and family could gather, sip on their favorite brew, and enjoy lively conversations.

As the brand gained traction, it expanded its horizons, with its headquarters now in Lansing, Michigan. With determination and a steadfast commitment to quality, Biggby Coffee has grown significantly over the years, boasting a staggering 243 locations across the U.S. But it wasn’t just the number of outlets that evolved; the name itself underwent a transformation.

In 2007, Beaner’s Coffee rebranded to Biggby Coffee, embracing inclusivity and a more diverse clientele. We cannot overlook the innovative and tantalizing menu that has become synonymous with Biggby Coffee.

Their menu offers an extensive selection of not just coffee but also tea, hot chocolate, smoothies, and a plethora of delicious food items to suit every palate. This versatility and the brand’s dedication to consistently providing exceptional quality have solidified Biggby Coffee’s place in the hearts of many.

So, the next time you step into a Biggby Coffee location, take a moment to appreciate the inspiring journey and the unwavering passion of its founders. As you sip on your perfectly crafted latte or bite into a scrumptious muffin, remember that behind every cup, there’s a story of perseverance, innovation, and the genuine love for coffee shared by Bob Fish, Mary Roszel, and the entire Biggby Coffee family.

Now that you’re acquainted with the history of Biggby Coffee, we hope your next visit feels even more special, knowing the incredible story behind the brand that has come to occupy a cherished place in the hearts of coffee lovers across the U.S.

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FAQs On Biggby Coffee Restaurant

1. How much does a coffee at Biggby Coffee typically cost?

Biggby Coffee offers a wide variety of coffee options, and the prices can range from $2.29 for a small brewed coffee to $5.49 for a specialty latte. Keep in mind that prices may vary depending on location and size of the drink.

2. Does Biggby Coffee offer any discounts or promotions?

Yes, Biggby Coffee frequently has special promotions and discounts, including their daily deals and seasonal offers. We recommend checking their website or social media pages for the latest updates on available deals.

3. Are there any vegan or dairy-free options on the Biggby Coffee menu?

Absolutely! Biggby Coffee offers alternative milk options, such as soy, almond, and oat milk, for most of their drinks. Plus, they have a selection of vegan-friendly food items to enjoy alongside your beverage.

4. Is there a Biggby Coffee rewards program?

Yes, Biggby Coffee has a loyalty program called BIGGBY Nation Rewards. You can sign up for free and earn points with each purchase, which can be redeemed for free drinks, food, and other rewards.

5. Does Biggby Coffee offer any gluten-free menu items?

While Biggby Coffee does not have a dedicated gluten-free menu, they do offer some gluten-free food options, such as their Flourless Peanut Butter Cookie. However, always inform the staff of any dietary restrictions, as cross-contamination may occur.

6. Can I order ahead or get delivery from Biggby Coffee?

Yes, many Biggby Coffee locations offer order-ahead and delivery services through their website or mobile app. Availability of these services may vary by location, so be sure to check with your local store.

7. How can I find the nearest Biggby Coffee location?

You can easily locate your nearest Biggby Coffee store by using the store locator tool on their website or in the mobile app. Just enter your zip code or city, and it will show you the nearest locations.

8. Are Biggby Coffee beans available for purchase?

Yes, you can buy Biggby Coffee beans in-store and online. They offer a variety of blends and flavors to choose from, allowing you to enjoy their delicious coffee at home.

9.Does Biggby Coffee offer catering services?

Some Biggby Coffee locations provide catering services for meetings, events, or parties. Reach out to your local store to inquire about availability and pricing.

10. Are Biggby Coffee gift cards available for purchase?

Absolutely! Biggby Coffee offers gift cards that can be purchased in-store or online. These make for a perfect gift for the coffee lovers in your life.

Final Words

Biggby Coffee has carved out a special place in the hearts of coffee lovers, thanks to their dedication to quality, affordability, and innovation. With a fascinating history that began with Bob Fish and Mary Roszel, the brand has grown exponentially and now boasts 243 locations across the U.S. Biggby Coffee’s extensive menu, coupled with its competitive pricing, sets it apart from other coffee chains, making it a go-to destination for many.

As you enjoy your next cup of Biggby Coffee, keep in mind the incredible journey this brand has undertaken to deliver the perfect blend of taste, atmosphere, and value. With a deep understanding of their customers’ needs and a passion for coffee, Biggby Coffee continues to thrive and evolve.

We hope that our comprehensive guide to Biggby Coffee Menu Prices has provided you with valuable insights and a greater appreciation for the brand.

Now, armed with this knowledge, you can make informed choices and relish the Biggby Coffee experience without any hesitation. So go ahead, indulge in your favorite brew, savor the flavors, and enjoy the exceptional quality that Biggby Coffee has to offer. Cheers to great coffee and even better times!

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