Sizzler Menu


Smaller PlatesPrices
Tri-Tip Sirloin$12.49
Italian Herb Chicken$10.49
Malibu Chicken$10.49
Jumbo Crispy Shrimp(6)$10.49
Ribs and ChickenPrices
Baby Back Ribs 6 Bone$13.49
Double Malibu Chicken$ 11.49
Bbq Ribs (3) & Chicken$13.49
Hand Cut SteaksPrices
Tri-Tip Sirloin – 8 oz$13.79
Rib Eye – 14 oz$19.49
New York Strip – 12 oz$17.49
Combo NationPrices
Steak & Malibu Chicken$13.79
Steak & Jumbo Crispy Shrimp (6)$15.79
Steak & Grilled Shrimp Skewers (2)$18.79
Steak & Unlimited Crispy Shrimp$18.79
Steak & Lobster$23.99
Classic Steak Trio$16.49
Steak & Jumbo Crispy Shrimp(6)$14.99
Steak & Italian Herb Chicken$13.79
Steak & Grilled Shrimp Skewers (2)$17.99
Steak & Unlimited Crispy Shrimp$17.99
Steak & Malibu Chicken$13.79
Classic Steak Trio$16.99
Steak & Lobster$22.49
Tri Tip Sirloin – 8 oz$13.79
Rib Eye – 14 oz$21.49
Add Onions$1.79
New York Strip – 8 oz$19.49
Add Mushrooms$1.99
Bourbon Peppercorn Sirloin Cuts$12.99
Fresh Grilled Salmon – 6 oz$16.29
Grilled Shrimp Skewers (2)$14.79
Cilantro Lime Barramundi$14.99
Shrimp Shrimp Shrimp$15.99
Handcrafted BurgersPrices
Mega Bacon Burger – 1/3 lb$9.79
Smokey Bacon Burger 1/3 lb$9.79
Grilled Chicken Club$9.49
Classic Burger – 1/3 lb$8.79


Burger CaloriesFat(g)Carbs(g)Protein(g)
Mega Bacon Cheeseburger – 1/2 lb1010614864
Sizzler Burger – 1/2 lb760404749
Sizzler Burger – 1/3 lb620304736
Double Mega Bacon Cheeseburger1180724878
Ambrosia Salad1204221
Asian Chopped Salad30230
Caesar Salad25211
Carrot Raisin Salad1006121
Cucumber Tomato Salad25141
Greek Salad50421
Potato Salad33027182
Seafood Salad16011116
Sicilian Pasta Salad60461
Spinach Cranberry Salad45361
Three Bean Salad25151
Tuna Pasta Salad2101918
Waldorf Salad1308161
Macaroni Salad22012273
Strawberry Banana Salad800191
Dressing & SauceCaloriesFat(g)Carbs(g)Protein(g)
Balsamic Vinaigrette Dressing90840
Caesar Dressing1601711
French Dressing1301260
Honey Mustard Dressing110890
Italian Dressing80820
Low Fat Italian Dressing40330
Signature Blue Cheese Dressing1101111
Thousand Island Dressing100951
Ranch Dressing1101210
Malibu Sauce2703000
Lemon Herb Sauce45410
Hibachi Sauce450101
Dill Tartar Sauce2102310
Burger Sauce1601630
Burgundy Mushroom Sauce40331
BBQ Sauce900230
Cocktail Sauce400101
Vegetable Steak Soup1106104
Tomato Basil Soup80481
Split Pea Soup20043012
Navy Bean Soup901166
Menudo Soup70276
Garden Vegetable Soup35082
Chicken Noodle Soup60293
Chicken Tortilla Soup1004115
Broccoli Cheese Soup17010182
Clam Chowder33018355
Steak & Grilled Shrimp Skewers served on Rice Pilaf680314254
Steak & Hibachi Chicken48020764
Steak & Colossal Shrimp, served on Rice Pilaf860444369
Steak & Lobster Tail41017259
Steak & Italian Herb Chicken59032468
Steak & Lemon Herb Chicken49024263
Steak & Malibu Chicken660411256
The Sizzler Steak59032170
Steak & Unlimited Shrimp1020358084
Ribs, Full Rack1160795157
Rib Eye Steak1060661105
Ribs, Half Rack620393728
Pork Chop (Double), served with Applesauce710471557
Pork Chop (Single), served with Applesauce420271529
NY Strip Steak81057170
Classic Steak39021147
Chopped Steak520301742
Petite Steak30016135
Bacon Wrapped Sirloin Filets55035549
Kid’s MenuCaloriesFat(g)Carbs(g)Protein(g)
Kids BBQ Grilled Chicken & Apples2903.52637
Kids Cheese Pizza390164715
Kids Fried Shrimp24062616
Kids Dino Chicken Nuggets280161715
Kids Grilled Cheese400262812
Kids Petite Steak30016135
Kids Macaroni & Cheese490166817
Kids Sizzler Burger520214535
Lemon Herb Chicken, Double32010056
Lemon Herb Chicken, Single1706028
Malibu Chicken, Double730502343
Malibu Chicken, Single360251122
Italian Herb Chicken29016333
Hibachi Chicken, Double3408956
Hibachi Chicken, Single1804728
Malibu Chicken Sandwich700375931
Southwest Chicken Bowl720247848
Grilled Chicken Club Sandwich650284847
Chicken Chili1303196
Seafood DishesCaloriesFat(g)Carbs(g)Protein(g)
Half Dozen Fried Shrimp30093420
Grilled Shrimp Skewers (3) served on Cilantro Lime Rice510693789
Grilled Salmon served on Rice Pilaf530204047
Grilled Shrimp Skewers (2) served on Cilantro Lime Rice350164233
Fried Shrimp – Dozen590186940
Shrimp Scampi63055430
Unlimited Shrimp720197948
Ultimate Shrimp Platter (Jumbo Fried, Scampi and Crispy Shrimp)10103910363
Artichoke Hearts50342
Baby Corn15021
Bacon Bits50334
Bean Sprouts5010
Beets, Pickled10020
Black Olives30310
Baked Potato2704516
Broccoli Florets5011
Blue Cheese Crumbles50403
Burgundy Mushroom Sirloin Tips with Rice Pilaf870368547
Cheddar Cheese110907
Cajun Fettuccine Alfredo1040648242
Cheese Toast24019135
Cherry Tomatoes10010
Cilantro Lime Rice1200263
Classic Trio860473670
Creamy Cole Slaw35230
Cottage Cheese, Low Fat25114
Garbanzo Beans25042
Fresh Baked Roll1601335
French Fries29013423
Fettuccine Alfredo1000647324
Garlic Margarine2702910
Green Onions5010
Green Beans5010
Green Bell Peppers5010
Honey Butter2802770
Honeydew Melon25050
Kidney Beans25041
Loaded Baked Potato (with butter, sour cream, cheese, bacon bits, onions)450225211
Parmesan Cheese50415
Red Cabbage5010
Rice Pilaf2204395
Red Onions15030
Roasted Corn & Peppers25151
Romaine & Iceberg Lettuce Mix0000
Sauteed Spinach110864
Savory Butter3804300
Spring Lettuce Mix0010
Sunflower Seeds1201134
Turkey Ham40312
Vegetable Medley80493

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