Gigi’s Cupcakes Menu Prices (Updated: March 2023)

Gigi’s Cupcakes is a popular bakery in Raleigh, North Carolina. The cupcakes are made with fresh ingredients and the bakery has a variety of flavors to choose from. Gigi’s Cupcakes also offers custom cake orders and can make any design you dream of.

Gigi’s Cupcakes Restaurant is located in the heart of the city and offers a wide variety of cupcake flavors and toppings to choose from. They also offer a variety of desserts including ice cream, cake, pies and more.

The food menu is extensive and offers something for everyone. If you’re looking for delicious cupcakes in the heart of town, look no further than Gigi’s Cupcakes.

With a wide variety of flavors and designs to choose from, the cupcakes here will definitely satisfy your cravings. Plus, the restaurant’s food menu is packed with great options that won’t leave you feeling too full after eating.

So if you’re in the mood for a sweet treat, be sure to check out Gigi’s Cupcakes! Gigi’s Cupcakes Restaurant is a cute little cupcake shop with an extensive food menu. The cupcakes are delicious, but the real draw of this place is the food.

There are tons of options to choose from, so everyone can find something they love on the menu. From savory pies to decadent desserts, there’s something for everyone at Gigi’s Cupcakes Restaurant.

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Gigi’s Cupcakes Menu Prices In 2023

Mini Cupcakes

Foods Prices
Mini Box (4) $6.00
Mini Box (12) $16.00


Foods Prices
Classic Cherry Cheesecake $4.20
Classic Strawberry Cheesecake $4.20
Peanut Butter Cup Cheesecake $4.20
Turtle Cheesecake $4.20


Foods Prices
Chocolate Macaron $2.60
Coffee Macaron $2.60
Lemon Macaron $2.60
Raspberry Macaron $2.60
Salted Caramel Macaron $2.60
Vanilla Macaron $2.60
Strawberry Macaron $2.60

Specialty Assortments

Foods Prices
Best Sellers Box $45.00
Black & White Box $45.00
Bridal Box $45.00

Gluten Friendly Cupcakes

Foods Prices
Triple Chocolate Torte (GF) $3.95
Strawberries & Cream (GF) $3.95
Wedding Cake (GF) $3.95


Foods Prices
Blueberry Lemon $3.95
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough $3.95
Confetti Fun $3.95
Cookies & Cream $3.95
Midnight Magic Chocolate Chip $3.95
Scarlett’s Red Velvet $3.95
Strawberry Shortcake $3.95
Toasted Almond $3.95
Wedding Cake $3.95
White Hot Chocolate $3.95
White Midnight Magic Chocolate Chip $3.95
Peanut Butter $3.95

Gigi’s Cupcakes History

Gigi’s Cupcakes Menu Prices History

In conclusion, Gigi’s Cupcakes is a successful restaurant company with a rich history. Founder Gina “Gigi” Butler started the company in 2008 in Nashville, TN, and it has since expanded to include dozens of locations throughout the United States.

Gigi’s Cupcakes is a popular destination for cupcake lovers of all ages, and the company shows no signs of slowing down. Thanks for reading! Gigi’s Cupcakes Restaurant is a well-known bakery in the Philadelphia area.

It was founded by Gigi Goldstein in 1981, and has been in business ever since. The bakery specializes in cupcakes, but also sells other types of pastries. Gigi’s Cupcakes is a popular tourist destination, and it frequently hosts events such as birthday parties and baby showers.

Gigi’s Cupcakes is a bakery located in the heart of Wichita, KS. The business was started by Gigi Burdette in 1996 and has since become one of the most popular bakeries in town.

Gigi’s specializes in delicious cupcakes, as well as other sweet treats such as birthday cakes and cookies. The bakery is open Monday-Friday from 7:00am to 5:00pm, and Saturday from 8:00am to 3:00pm.

Gigi’s Cupcakes Restaurant is a restaurant in New York City that specializes in cupcakes. The cupcake shop was founded by sisters Gigi and Dina Siegel in 2002.

They began selling cupcakes from their apartment, and then moved to their first storefront on West 57th Street. The bakery has since expanded, opening additional locations in Manhattan and Brooklyn.

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