Golden Chick Menu Prices (Updated: July 2023)

Are you tired of overpaying for subpar meals? Well, the Golden Chick Menu Prices might just be your culinary solution! Discover mouth-watering flavors that delight your taste buds without straining your wallet.

As food prices surge globally, we’ve done the homework to bring you an honest review of a value-packed menu that’s been tried, tested, and proven by countless food lovers.

By delving into the Golden Chick menu, you’re about to unlock a world of deliciously fried chicken, succulent catfish, and heavenly sides, all at prices that scream value.

In an era where every dollar counts, knowing where to find quality meals at a great price isn’t just convenient, it’s crucial. So pull up a chair, forget about calorie counting for a while, and let’s talk flavor and value.

Because we all deserve a golden meal that doesn’t break the bank. Don’t just take our word for it, read on to find out more!

Golden Chick Menu Prices In 2023


Foods Prices
Tender Salad $8.28
Garden Salad $5.72
Side Salad $3.10

Sides and By The Piece

Foods Prices
Breast $4.59


Foods Prices
Golden Fried Chicken Combo $6.86
Golden Roast Combo $7.07
2 Piece Golden Fried Chicken Combo $7.19
Southern Fried Catfish Combo $8.64
3 Piece Golden Fried Chicken Combo $8.14
2 Piece Golden Roast Combo $7.23

Golden Combos

Foods Prices
Golden Tenders $8.72
Sandwiches $6.66
Golden Fried Chicken $15.17
Southern Fried Catfish $9.26
Golden Roast $7.02
Tender Snack Pack $5.07
Jr. Combos $5.46

Family Meals

Foods Prices
16 Golden Tenders with 4 Rolls $21.06
16 Golden Tenders Meal $20.49
16 Golden Tenders with Four Rolls $21.99
16 Golden Tenders with Gravy & 4 Rolls $22.07
25 Golden Tenders with 3 Sides Meal $34.99
16 Golden Tenders with 2 Family Sides $26.22
16 Golden Tenders with 2 Family Sides Family Meal $26.34
16 Golden Tenders with 2 Sides Meal $25.99
16 Golden Tenders with Two Family Sides $29.74
16 Golden Tenders $24.81
25 Golden Tenders with 6 Rolls $27.26
10 Pc. Chicken Legs and Thighs $11.66
25 Golden Tenders Meal $26.99
8 Piece Mixed Chicken $20.98
15 Pc Mixed Chicken $23.99
15 Piece Mixed Chicken $32.02
25 Golden Tenders with 3 Family Sides Family Meal $36.67
25 Golden Tenders with Three Family Sides $36.59
Mixed Chicken with 4 Rolls $14.99
25 Golden Tenders $31.41
25 Golden Tenders with 3 Family Sides $35.27
10 Piece Legs and Thighs $16.38
8 Pieces Mixed Chicken Meal $14.24
Mixed Chicken with 2 Family Sides $20.99
8 Pieces Mixed Chicken with 2 Sides Meal $20.49
Mixed Chicken with 6 Rolls $23.99
15 Pieces Mixed Chicken Meal $23.49
Mixed Chicken with 3 Family Sides $32.99
15 Pieces Mixed Chicken with 3 Sides Meal $32.49
Legs and Thighs $10.99
10 Pieces Legs and Thighs Meal $10.49
8 Piece Mixed Chicken with 4 Rolls $15.37
The Mixer Family Meal $41.02
The Mixer Meal $39.15
The Mixer $40.26
8 Piece Mixed Chicken with 2 Family Sides $21.08
15 Piece Mixed Chicken with 6 Rolls $24.48
15 Piece Mixed Chicken with 3 Family Sides $33.07


Foods Prices
Chicken Salad Sandwich Combo $6.71
Chicken Sandwich $2.55
Triple Tender Sandwich $6.06
Golden Tender Sandwich Combo $6.69
Golden Tender Sandwich $4.39

Wicked Wings

Foods Prices
24 Wicked Wings $32.10
Add 3 Wicked Wings $3.80

Golden Salads

Foods Prices
Chicken Cherry Salad $8.38


Foods Prices
BIG ‘N’ GOLDEN Chicken Sandwich $3.99
BIG ‘N’ GOLDEN Chicken Sandwich Combo $6.99
Family 4-Pak $27.40
24 Wings and 4 Rolls $30.95
Raspberry Palmer $3.54

Individual Combos

Foods Prices
2 Pc. Golden Roast $6.87
3 Pc. Golden Roast $7.91
2 Pc. Golden Fried Chicken $6.85
3 Pc. Golden Fried Chicken $7.85
3 Pc. Southern Fried Catfish $8.75
5 Pc. Southern Fried Catfish $11.98

Top Menu Items

Foods Prices
Golden Tenders Combo $7.58

Individual Combo

Foods Prices
Tender Sandwich Combo $6.55

Popular Items

Foods Prices
Yeast Rolls – Half dozen $3.07

Picked For You

Foods Prices
6 Pc. Golden Tenders $8.91
4 Pc. Golden Tenders $7.55


Foods Prices
Mashed Potatoes $2.28
Green Beans $2.18
Dirty Rice $2.19
Onion Rings $5.21
Battered Fries $2.24
Potato Salad $2.02
Fresh Salad $2.13
Mac and Cheese $2.43
Fried Okra $2.18
Cole Slaw $2.31
Battered French Fries $2.11
Coleslaw $2.47
Fruit Salad $2.04


Foods Prices
Order with entrées, bowl and with same items only.
Shrimp $4.77

Side Orders

Foods Prices
French Fries $4.13
BBQ Sauce $1.06


Foods Prices
Honey Mustard $0.66

Kid’s Meals

Foods Prices
2 Tender Kid’s Meal $7.10
Chicken Leg Kid’s Meal $6.89

Junior Combos

Foods Prices
Tender Junior Combo $5.33
Catfish Junior Combo $6.75
Chicken Junior Combo $5.30

Family Meal

Foods Prices
8 Pieces Mixed Chicken with 4 Rolls $13.24
8 Pieces Mixed Chicken with 4 Rolls $13.24
8 Pieces Mixed Chicken with 2 Family Sides $19.17
15 Pieces Mixed Chicken with 6 Rolls $22.99
15 Pieces Mixed Chicken with 3 family Sides $30.87
10 Piece Chicken Legs and Thighs $11.01


Foods Prices
Hot Yeast Rolls $0.49
Chicken Salad $4.84
Gravy $0.57
Yeast Rolls $2.71
Chocolate Chip Cookie $0.74
Cookie $0.80
Dipping Sauce $0.28
Jalapenos $0.34
Corn Nuggets $3.23
Jalapeno Poppers $3.05
Chocolate Chips Cookies $0.69
Chocolate Chip Cookies $0.75
Country Gravy $0.71
Dipping Sauces $0.31

Kid’s Meal

Foods Prices
Kid’s Chicken Leg $5.09

Party Paks

Foods Prices
Golden Fried Chicken 15 Party Pak $97.49
Golden Tenders 15 Party Pak $97.49
Golden Fried Chicken and Golden Tenders Party Pak $97.49
Golden Fried Chicken 25 Party Pak $157.49
Golden Tenders 25 Party Pak $157.49
Golden Fried Chicken and Golden Tenders 25 Party Pak $157.49
Golden Fried Chicken 50 Party Pak $294.99
Golden Tenders 50 Party Pak $294.99
Golden Fried Chicken and Golden Tenders 50 Party Pak $294.99


Foods Prices
Pepsi $1.82
Diet Pepsi $1.80
Soda $1.98
Fountain Drinks $2.00
Dr. Pepper $1.82
Diet Dr. Pepper $1.81
Mountain Dew $1.80
Bag of Ice $1.84
Big Red $1.79
Gallon of Tea $3.75
Fresh Brewed Iced Tea $2.19
Raspberry Lemonade $3.01
Bottle Water $1.66
Sierra Mist $1.79
Bottled Water $2.43
Gallon-o-Tea $4.01
Crush Orange $1.79

Side Items

Foods Prices
Lettuce Salad $2.01

Kids Meal

Foods Prices
Kids 2 Tenders Meal $5.20
2 Tenders $4.94
Kids 1 Chicken Leg Meal $5.16
Chicken Leg $4.34

By the Piece

Foods Prices
Tender $2.23
1 Piece Tender Chicken $1.09
Catfish $2.32
1 Piece Chicken Breast $2.17
Chicken Tender $1.25
Yeast Roll $0.73
1 Piece Catfish $2.12
Chicken Breast $2.32
1 Piece Chicken $1.53
Leg $1.68
1 Piece Yeast Roll $0.56
Thigh $1.77
Wing $1.52
Homemade Honey Mustard $0.99
Breast Substitution $0.96

Jr. Combos

Foods Prices
Tender Jr. Combo $5.23
Catfish Jr. Combo $6.41
Kid’s Meal $4.84
Chicken Jr. Combo $5.02

Golden Roast

Foods Prices
3 Pieces Golden Roast $7.72

Golden Fried Chicken

Foods Prices
2 Pieces Golden Fried Chicken $6.69
3 Pieces Golden Fried Chicken $7.72

Golden Chick History

Golden Chick Menu Prices History

Golden Chick, a name that’s come to symbolize quality fast food, is more than just a restaurant. It’s a tale of culinary passion, deep-rooted in American food culture.

Imagine this, back in 1967, a bold Texan named Howard Walker took the first step towards creating this iconic chain in the vibrant city of San Marcos. It was not an overnight success but a journey, every step marked by the values of perseverance, quality, and service.

Fast forward to today, and Golden Chick’s bustling headquarters in Richardson, Texas, is a testament to Walker’s dream. From a single store in 1967, it has bloomed into a bustling network of 210 locations by 2022, spreading their tantalizing flavors across the globe.

From its inception, Golden Chick distinguished itself with its commitment to quality ingredients and affordable prices. This commitment resonates with many, attracting a diverse clientele, from families seeking a quick bite to food enthusiasts exploring American fast food culture.

Each Golden Chick location reflects the ethos that Walker championed: to serve quality food without compromise. Every recipe, every menu item, is a product of love, care, and the drive to deliver the best to their customers.

Over the years, Golden Chick has proven that fast food doesn’t have to be a compromise on quality or flavor. What sets Golden Chick apart? It’s their authenticity, attention to detail, and dedication to maintaining the same beloved flavors that made them a household name.

They’ve built a lasting legacy, upholding Howard Walker’s vision of quality and affordability. They’ve become a beacon of good food at good prices.

So, next time you bite into Golden Chick’s scrumptious offerings, remember, you’re not just enjoying a meal – you’re partaking in an enduring tradition that has stood the test of time.

The story of Golden Chick is a reminder of how far passion and dedication can take us. And we’re all fortunate to be a part of this delicious journey.

FAQs On Golden Chick Restaurant

1. What is the price range for meals at Golden Chick?

Golden Chick is renowned for its value-oriented pricing. While prices may vary by location and current market conditions, typically, you can expect to pay between $5 and $10 for most individual meals.

2. Does Golden Chick have any family meal options, and what do they cost?

Yes, Golden Chick offers family meal options. These can serve a group of 4 to 6, and prices typically range from $20 to $30, though prices may vary by location.

3. Are there any vegetarian options on the Golden Chick menu?

While Golden Chick is popular for its chicken dishes, they also offer several vegetarian side dishes like coleslaw, mashed potatoes, corn-on-the-cob, and fruit salad.

4. Does the Golden Chick menu offer any healthy choices?

Absolutely! While known for their fried chicken, Golden Chick also offers items like roasted chicken, salads, and a variety of fresh sides, enabling you to customize a healthier meal.

5. Do Golden Chick prices differ from location to location?

Generally, Golden Chick maintains a consistent pricing structure across its locations. However, some minor price variations may occur due to regional cost differences and market conditions.

6. Does Golden Chick offer any special deals or discounts?

Golden Chick often has promotional deals or limited-time offers. It’s a good idea to check their website or call your local restaurant for current deals.

7. How much does a Golden Chick chicken sandwich cost?

The price of a Golden Chick chicken sandwich generally falls between $4 and $6, but this may vary slightly based on the location.

8. What are the prices for Golden Chick’s side dishes?

Side dishes at Golden Chick usually cost between $2 and $4. They offer a variety of options like mac and cheese, green beans, and fried okra.

9. Does Golden Chick offer a kid’s menu, and what are the prices?

Yes, Golden Chick does offer a kid’s menu. Meals for kids typically cost between $4 and $6, including a main dish, side, and drink.

10. Does Golden Chick have a value menu?

While Golden Chick is known for its value-oriented pricing across its entire menu, the restaurant doesn’t have a specific value menu. However, they often have combo meals and promotional deals that offer excellent value for money.

Final Words

Exploring the Golden Chick menu prices presents an intriguing journey through a fast-food landscape that merges affordability with quality. This restaurant chain, founded by Howard Walker in 1967, has held true to its mission, creating delicious meals at fair prices, a testament to their commitment to their customers.

With an array of meals to choose from, the Golden Chick menu offers something for everyone – from the fried chicken enthusiast to the cost-conscious diner seeking quality and value.

Ultimately, the brand’s longevity and growing popularity are a testament to their ability to deliver on their promise consistently. So, whether you’re seeking a quick solo meal or a satisfying feast for the family, Golden Chick invites you to savor the flavors without breaking the bank.

After all, good food doesn’t need to be pricey – it just needs to be delicious, and that’s the Golden Chick guarantee!

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