Arby’s Menu


Hushpuppy Breaded Fish Strips Meal (3 Pc)$8.89
Classic Roast Beef Meal$8.99
Classic Beef ‘n Cheddar Meal$9.79
Greek Gyro Meal$10.29
Roast Beef Gyro Meal$10.29
Chicken Tenders Meal (3 Pc)$10.29
Premium Chicken Nuggets Meal (9 Pc)$10.49
Classic Crispy Chicken Sandwich Meal$10.49
Double Roast Beef Meal$10.59
Buffalo Crispy Chicken Sandwich Meal$10.79
Classic French Dip & Swiss Meal$10.79
Hushpuppy Breaded Fish Strips Meal (5 Pc)$10.99
Double Beef ‘n Cheddar Meal $11.39
Crispy Buffalo Chicken Wrap Meal$11.49
Half Pound Roast Beef Meal (Half pound)$11.49
Deluxe Wagyu Steakhouse Burger Meal$11.69
Chicken Bacon Swiss Sandwich Meal$11.69
Crispy Chicken Club Wrap Meal$11.89
Corned Beef Reuben Meal$11.99
Chicken Tenders Meal (5 Pc)$12.19
Smokehouse Brisket Meal$12.29
Roast Turkey Ranch & Bacon Sandwich Meal$12.49
Half Pound Beef ‘n Cheddar Meal (Half pound)$12.49
Bacon Ranch Wagyu Steakhouse Burger Meal$12.69
Limited Time MenuPrices
Hushpuppy Breaded Fish Strips Meal (5 Pc)$10.99
Deluxe Wagyu Steakhouse Burger Meal$11.69
Bacon Ranch Wagyu Steakhouse Burger Meal$12.69
Orange Cream Shake$3.59
Hushpuppy Breaded Fish Strips (3 Pc)$4.69
Hushpuppy Breaded Fish Strips (5 Pc)$6.79
2 for 7 Everyday Value (2 Pc)$7.00
Deluxe Wagyu Steakhouse Burger$7.49
Bacon Ranch Wagyu Steakhouse Burger$8.49
Hushpuppy Breaded Fish Strips Meal (3 Pc)$8.89
Crispy Juicy ChickenPrices
Chicken Tenders (3 Pc)$5.79
Premium Chicken Nuggets (9 Pc)$5.99
Classic Crispy Chicken Sandwich$5.99
Buffalo Crispy Chicken Sandwich$6.29
Chicken Bacon Swiss Sandwich$7.19
Chicken Tenders (5 Pc)$7.69
Slow Roasted BeefPrices
Classic Roast Beef$4.59
Classic Beef ‘n Cheddar$5.39
Double Roast Beef$6.29
Classic French Dip & Swiss$6.29
Double Beef ‘n Cheddar$6.89
Half Pound Roast Beef$7.19
Smokehouse Brisket$7.79
Half Pound Beef ‘n Cheddar$8.19
Buffalo Chicken Slider$1.99
Chicken Slider$1.99
Jalapeño Roast Beef Slider$1.99
Roast Beef Slider$1.99
Sides and SnacksPrices
Curly Fries$2.59
Crinkle Fries$2.59
Premium Chicken Nuggets (4 Pc)$2.99
Premium Chicken Nuggets (6 Pc)$3.99
Mozzarella Sticks$4.19
Jalapeño Bites$4.19
REESE’S Peanut Butter Cup Cookie$2.29
Salted Caramel & Chocolate Cookie$2.29
Apple Turnover$2.29
Cherry Turnover$2.29
Orange Cream Shake$3.59
Chocolate Shake$3.59
Jamocha Shake$3.59
Vanilla Shake$3.59
Coca-Cola – Small$2.49
Diet Coke – Small$2.49
Coca-Cola Zero Sugar – Small$2.49
Sprite – Small$2.49
Dr Pepper – Small$2.49
Diet Dr Pepper – Small$2.49
Barq’s Root Beer – Small$2.49
Minute Maid Zero Sugar – Small$2.49
Hi-C Flashin’ Fruit Punch – Small$2.49
Mello Yello – Small$2.49
Powerade – Small$2.49
Unsweet Tea – Small$2.49
Fanta Orange – Small$2.49
Bottled Water$2.49
Market Fresh Classic Lemonade – Regular$2.89
Market Fresh Strawberry Lemonade – Regular$2.89
Market Fresh Peach Lemonade – Regular
Kid’s MenuPrices
Premium Chicken Nuggets Kids Meal (4 Pc)$5.29
Honest Kids Organic Apple Juice Drink$1.99
Shamrock Farms Low Fat Milk$1.99
Shamrock Farms LowFat Chocolate Milk$1.99
Tree Top Applesauce$1.99
Chicken Slider Kids Meal$5.29
Roast Beef Slider Kids Meal$5.29
Premium Chicken Nuggets Kids Meal (6 Pc)$6.29


Limited Time OffersCaloriesCarbs(g) Fiber(g)Protein(g)Fat(g)
Pecan Chicken Salad Sandwich8408163444
Pecan Chicken Salad Wrap6204382941
Turkey Bacon Florentine Sandwich7007964325
Turkey Bacon Florentine Wrap4904173822
King’s Hawaiian Roast Beef5505923121
King’s Hawaiian Roast Beef & Swiss6006123425
Arby’s House Made Chips450475527
Triple Berry Shake68011801519
Original Mighty Minis – Roast Beef3804022214
Original Mighty Minis – Roast Turkey330415257
Spicy Mighty Minis – Roast Beef4904122525
Spicy Mighty Minis – Roast Turkey4404252818
Crispy Onion Mighty Minis – Roast Beef5504722330
Crispy Onion Mighty Minis – Roast Turkey5004852623
Arby’s Roast Beef SandwichesCaloriesCarbs(g) Fiber(g)Protein(g)Fat(g)
Roast Beef Classic3603512314
Roast Beef Mid4603513421
Roast Beef Max5603514527
Beef’ n Cheddar Classic 4504522420
Beef’n Cheddar Mid5604523427
French Dip & Swiss/Au Jus4505022617
Ulitmate AngusCaloriesCarbs(g) Fiber(g)Protein(g)Fat(g)
Angus Three Cheese & Bacon6304524730
Angus Philly5904833827
Food ItemsCaloriesCarbs(g) Fiber(g)Protein(g)Fat(g)
Classic Chicken Sandwich Combo503244

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