Shake Shack Menu


ShackBurger – Single$5.29
ShackBurger – Double$8.09
SmokeShack – Single$6.84
SmokeShack – Double$9.64
‘Shroom Burger (Vegetarian)$6.99
Shack Shack$9.59
Hamburger – Single$4.29
Hamburger – Double$6.59
Add Bacon$1.55
Chick’n Shack$6.29
Flat-Top DogsPrices
Shack-cago Dog$4.25
Hot Dog$3.25
Chicken Dog$4.50
Crinkle Cut FriesPrices
Cheese Fries$3.99
Frozen CustardPrices
Shakes – Vanilla, Chocolate, Caramel, Black & White, Strawberry, Peanut Butter or Coffee Fair Shake$5.29
Make It Malted$0.50
Add Whipped Cream$0.50
Shake of The Week$5.59
Floats – Root Beer, Purple Cow or Creamsicle$5.29
Cup or Cone – Single Dip$3.59
Cup or Cone – Double Dip$4.59
Pint To Go$5.99
Concretes – Single$4.59
Concretes – Double$6.79
Design Your Own Concrete – Single$3.59
Design Your Own Concrete – Double$4.79
Shack-Made Lemonade – Regular$2.80
Shack-Made Lemonade – Large$3.55
Organic Fresh Brewed Iced Tea – Regular$2.30
Organic Fresh Brewed Iced Tea – Large$2.80
Fifty/Fifty – Regular$2.55
Fifty/Fifty – Large$3.30
Fountain Soda – Regular$2.30
Fountain Soda – Large$2.80
Draught Root Beer – Regular$2.80
Draught Root Beer – Large$3.55
Organic Apple Juice – Regular$1.90
Bottled Water – Regular$2.40
Stumptown Cold Brewed Coffee$4.75
ShackMeister Ale – Draught (16 oz.)$5.69
ShackMeister Ale – Draught (24 oz.)$7.69
Shack White – Glass (6 oz.)$7.89
Shack Red – Glass (6 oz.)$8.89
Shack White – Bottle (750 ml.)$28.39
Shack Red – Bottle (750 ml.)$31.99
Bag O’ Bones – 5 Pc$7.99


Single ShackBurger500302606
Double ShackBurger760482706
Single Hamburger370182405
Double Hamburger560302405
Single Cheeseburger440242505
Double Cheeseburger700422505
Shroom Burger510274907
Shack Stack770455007
Single SmokeShack570352807
Double SmokeShack830532807
Roadside Double Burger770463207
Lockhart Link Burger780562705
Lockhart Link Burger – Double1040742805
Lockhart Link Burger – Triple1300922900
Link Burger680462706
Link Burger – Double930642806
Link Burger – Triple1190822806
Green Chile CheddarShack – Single470262816
Green Chile CheddarShack – Double750462816
Mound City – Double780482606
Brat Burger – SIngle860613406
Brat Burger – Double1050733406
Montlake Single Cut670453605
Montlake Double Cut980683605
Golden State Single560372605
Golden State Double840562705
Bacon Cheeseburger – SIngle500292505
Bacon Cheeseburger – Double760472506
Veggie Shack5302756010
Veggie Shack – Vegan Lettuce Wrap310183146
Veggie Shack – Vegan390225068
Grilled Cheese320182505
Martin’s Potato Roll18062405
Gluten Free Bun1603.03125
Lettuce Wrap50110
Burger Patty19012000
American Cheese706100
Bacon (2 Slices)704.5000
Cherry Peppers100202
Chick’n Shack550313406
Chick’n Bites – 6 Pc300191501
Chick’n Bites – 10 Pc510322602
Hot Honey Chicken6603263033
Hot Honey Chicken Bites – 6 Pc5604328110
Hot Honey Chicken Bites – 10 Pc7705638110
Herb Mayonnaise9010000
Habanero Mayo23024614
BBQ Sauce70016014
Honey Mustard18016404
Bacon Breakfast Sandwich400232505
Bacon Breakfast Sandwich – Double Egg490302606
Sausage Breakfast Sandwich340192505
Sausage Breakfast Sandwich – Double Egg430252505
Egg and Cheese Breakfast Sandwich530322808
Egg and Cheese Breakfast Sandwich – Double Egg620392818
Regular Fries470226371
Cheese Fries710446471
Bacon Cheese Fries840526571
Hot Honey Fries730467419
Double Down Fries1910117164165
Flat – Top – DogsCaloriesFat(g)Carbs(g)Fiber(g)Protein(g)
Hot Dog 350222506
Sausage Link24020200
Publican Pork Sausage660473306
Shackmeister Cheddar Brat690513306
Garden Dog18032717
Add Cheese Sauce807100
Vanilla Shake6803672071
Chocolate Shake7504576069
Salted Caramel Shake8404299096
Black & White Shake7704280076
Strawberry Shake6903577075
Cookies & Cream Shake8504498086
Peachtree Shake7703895091
Bourbon Salted Honey Shake8904489087
Loaded Chocolate Cookies & Cream Shake1160561260108
Cornflake Chocolate Drizzle Shake1090571272113
Chocolate Birthday Cake Shake106064111496
Whipped Cream705504
Roots Beer Float4301570069
Purple Cow Float4601579078
Creamiscle Float4401575074
Shack-Made Lemonade – Small160043040
Shack-Made Lemonade – Large270070066
Featured Lemonade – Small230450047
Featured Lemonade – Large380781079
Fresh Brewed Iced Tea – Small50100
Fresh Brewed Iced Tea – Large50200
Fresh Brewed Sweetened Iced Tea – Small110028027
Fresh Brewed Sweetened Iced Tea – Large170045044
Fifty-Fifty – Small80022020
Fifty-Fifty – Large140036033
Coke – Small140039039
Coke – Large210058058
Diet Coke – Small00000
Diet Coke – Large00000
Coke Zero – Small00000
Coke Zero – Large00000
Sprite – Small140036032
Sprite – Large240060053
Fanta Orange – Small160045044
Fanta Orange – Large240067066
Fanta Grape – Small180049049
Fanta Grape – Large270073073
Dr. Pepper – Small150040038
Dr. Pepper – Large220059058
Diet Dr. Pepper – Small00000
Diet Dr. Pepper – Large00000
Crush Small160043043
Crush Large240065064
Diet Pepsi – Small00000
Diet Pepsi – Large00000
Mist TWST – Small140039039
Mist TWST – Large220058058
Mountain Dew – Small170046046
Mountain Dew – Large260069069
Diet Mountain Dew – Small50101
Diet Mountain Dew – Large100101
Pepsi Small150041041
Pepsi Large220062062
PepsiMax – Small00000
PepsiMax – Large00000
Abita Root Beer Bottle180044038
Abita Root Beer Small170042036
Abita Root Beer Large280069059
Orange Juice165041030
Honest Kids Apple Juice4001009
Beer & WinesCaloriesFat(g)Carbs(g)Fiber(g)Protein(g)
Brooklyn Brewery ShackMeister Ale – 16 Oz21001700
Brooklyn Brewery ShackMeister Ale – 24 Oz31002500
Brooklyn Brewery ShackMeister Ale – 32 Oz42003300
Brooklyn Brewery ShackMeister Ale – 60 Oz78006200
Beer Float4901552030
Shack White – 6 Oz1400400
Shack White Bottle – 750 ml60001500
Shack Red – 6 Oz1500500
Shack Red Bottle – 750 ml62001900
Shack Red Can – 8.4 Oz2100600
Cups & ConesCaloriesFat(g)Carbs(g)Fiber(g)Protein(g)
Single Chocolate Cup3101932029
Double Chocolate Cup4903051047
Single Vanilla Cup2801530030
Double Vanilla Cup4502449048
Single Vanilla & Chocolate Cup2901731029
Double Vanilla & Chocolate Cup4702750047

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