Newk’s Menu Prices (Updated: March 2023)

Newk s Restaurant is a new restaurant that has opened in the city. It is a place where people can enjoy good food and drinks. The restaurant has a modern design and the atmosphere is very pleasant.

The food is excellent and the prices are reasonable. Newk’s Restaurant is known for their amazing food menu. The menu has something for everyone and is filled with delicious options.

Whether you’re in the mood for a quick meal or want to try something new, Newk’s has you covered. Here are six of our favorite items from the menu:

Buffalo chicken dip – This dip is made with buffalo chicken, cheddar cheese, and ranch dressing and is perfect for dipping tortilla chips or breadsticks.

Newk’s Restaurant is a popular spot for food in the town of Randolph. The menu features a variety of dishes that are sure to please any palate, whether you’re looking for something light and crispy, or something hearty and filling.

From salads to burgers, there’s something for everyone on the Newk’s menu. And don’t forget about their delicious desserts! Newk’s restaurant is known for serving some of the best food in town.

The menu features a variety of appetizers, entrees, and desserts. There is something for everyone on the menu! From the starters like crispy calamari or buffalo chicken dip to the main courses like juicy salmon or grilled steak, everything on the menu is sure to please.

With such a wide variety to choose from, it’s hard to go wrong at Newk’s.

Other Restaurant Menus:

Newk’s Menu Prices In 2023


Foods Size Prices
Bowl Fresh Fruit $4.29
Tippah County Caviar $1.49
Coleslaw $1.49
Pasta Salad $1.49
Fresh Fruit $1.49
Chips by the Bag $1.39
Extra Dressing 4oz $0.65


Foods Size Prices
Coconut Cake Slice $4.29
Brownie $2.29
The Big Crispy $2.29
Peanut Butter Crispy $2.29
Chocolate Cake Slice $4.29
Strawberry Cake Slice $4.29
Caramel Cake Slice $4.29
Red Velvet Cake Slice $4.29
Dozen Layer Whole Cakes $44.99


Foods Size Prices
Fountain Drink $2.79
Newk’s 2-O $1.99
Kids Drink $0.79
Mott’s Apple Juice $1.29
Gallon Sweet Tea Works $9.69
Gallon Unsweet Tea Works $9.69
Gallon Splenda Tea Works $9.69
Gallon Lemonade Works $9.69
Gallon Purified Water Works $7.99
Gallon Sweet Tea $7.99
Gallon Unsweet Tea $7.99
Gallon Splenda Tea $7.99
Gallon Lemonade $7.99
Gallon Purified Water $6.50
Acqua Panna litre $4.19
Acqua Panna 500ml $2.49
San Pellegrino litre $4.19
San Pellegrino 500ml $2.49

Mac & Cheese

Foods Size Prices
Entrée Mac & Cheese $6.99
Entrée Pimiento Mac & Cheese $7.99
Side Mac & Cheese $4.49
Side Pimiento Mac & Cheese $5.99

Little Newk’s

Foods Size Prices
Little Newk’s Cheese Pizza $4.49
Little Newk’s Pepperoni Pizza $4.99
Little Newk’s Grilled Cheese $3.49
Little Newk’s Toasted Ham & Cheese $3.99
Little Newk’s Toasted Turkey & Cheese $3.99
Little Newk’s Five Cheese Mac & Cheese $4.99
Little Newk’s Six Cheese Pimiento Mac & Cheese with Bacon $5.99
Mott’s Applesauce $1.49
Mott’s Apple Juice $1.29


Foods Size Prices
Spicy Sicilian Pizza $10.49
Sausage & Pepperoni Pizza $9.29
Pepperoni Pizza $8.79
Margherita Pizza $7.79
Spicy Shrimp Pizza $10.29
BBQ Chicken Pizza $8.99
The Debra Pizza $9.49
Veggie Pizza $9.29
Spicy Chicken Pizza $8.99
Mediterranean Pizza $9.79
Newk’s Q Pizza $8.79
Five Cheese Pesto Pizza $8.99


Foods Size Prices
Loaded Potato Cup $4.99
Loaded Potato Bowl $7.49
Loaded Potato Jumbo $12.99
Chicken Tortilla Cup $4.99
Chicken Tortilla Bowl $7.49
Chicken Tortilla Jumbo $12.99
Lobster and Crab Cup $4.99
Lobster and Crab Bowl $7.49
Lobster and Crab Jumbo $12.99
Tomato Basil Cup $4.99
Tomato Basil Bowl $7.49
Tomato Basil Jumbo $12.99


Foods Size Prices
Spicy Southwest Caesar $11.29
Greek Salad $7.99
Half Greek Salad $3.99
Greek Salad With Chicken $11.78
Greek Salad with Steak $12.27
Greek Salad with Shrimp $14.78
Greek Salad with Salmon $14.78
Greek Salad with Ahi Tuna $14.78
Half Greek with Chicken $7.59
Half Caesar with Chicken $5.99
Caesar Salad $6.99
Half Caesar $4.49
Caesar with Chicken $10.78
Caesar with Steak $11.27
Caesar with Shrimp $13.78
Caesar with Salmon $13.78
Caesar with Ahi Tuna $13.78
Garden Salad with Choice of Protein Half $4.49
Garden Salad with Choice of Protein Full $6.99
Ahi Tuna $13.99
Ultimate $10.59
Cobb Half $6.99
Cobb Full $9.99
Shrimp and Avocado $12.79
Southern $8.79
Newk’s Favorite Half $7.29
Newk’s Favorite Full $10.29
Shrimp Rémoulade $11.99
The Black & Bleu Half $7.99
The Black & Bleu Full $11.29
Chef $8.99
Triple Take $8.29


Foods Size Prices
Chicken Bacon Club $8.99
Newk’s Club $9.29
Pesto Chicken $9.49
Farmer’s Market Sandwich $8.99
Shrimp Po’Boy $10.79
Grilled Steak Sandwich $9.99
Newk’s Q $8.99
Pimiento Cheese $7.29
Turkey and Avocado $9.29
Choice Roast Beef $8.99
The Royal $9.49
Italian $9.49
Chicken Salad Sandwich $8.89
Turkey Breast Sandwich $7.59
Smoked Ham $7.59

Choose Two

Foods Size Prices
Half Simple Sandwich Pairings $9.79
Half Craft Sandwich Pairings $9.99
Bowl of Soup and Half Salad or Bowl Fresh Fruit Pairings $9.59
Full Craft Sandwich Pairings $12.19
Full Simple Sandwich Pairings $11.99
Pizza Pairings $11.99

Newk,s History

Newk’s Menu Prices History

In conclusion, Newk’s restaurant company history is an interesting one. The company was founded in 2004 by Chris Newcomb, Don Newcomb, and Debra Bare.

They opened their first location in Oxford, Mississippi, and the company has since grown steadily. Today, there are over 100 Newk’s restaurants around the country. or a delicious meal that’s also affordable, then be  Newk’s!

Newk’s Restaurant is a popular restaurant in the city of New York. The restaurant has been in operation since 1976, and it has since become a well-known spot for food and drinks. The restaurant was founded by New Yorker, Michael Newkirk.

The restaurant has been featured in many magazines and newspapers, and it has even been visited by celebrities such as Jay-Z and Beyoncé. Newk’s Restaurant is a restaurant located in the city of Columbus, Ohio.

It has been in business for over seventy years and during that time it has become one of the most popular places to eat in Columbus. The restaurant is well known for its pizza, burgers, and chicken dishes.

It also serves a variety of other items such as salads, pasta, and desserts. Newk’s Restaurant is open seven days a week and it offers delivery service to both the central and northern parts of Columbus.

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