Snarf’s Menu Prices (Updated: July 2023)

Snarf’s is a restaurant that serves up a variety of dishes, including burgers, chicken sandwiches, and salads. The restaurant has a modern design with a wide variety of menu items.

The restaurant is open for lunch and dinner, and it is located in the heart of downtown Pittsburgh. Snarf’s offers its customers a unique dining experience with its delicious food and modern design.

Snarf’s is a restaurant that serves food from around the world. They have a delicious menu with something for everyone. Some of their most popular dishes are the shrimp scampi, salmon filet, and chicken curry.

Snarf’s is perfect for any occasion, whether it’s a night out with friends or a family dinner. Snarf’s Restaurant is a favorite in the area for good food and family entertainment.

From their delicious menu items to the fun atmosphere, there’s something for everyone at Snarf’s. Whether you’re looking for a quick bite or an evening out with the family, there’s sure to be something on the menu that will please.

Check out their food menu below and see for yourself! Snarf’s restaurant is a great place to go for a quick bite to eat. The food menu is filled with all sorts of delicious options, and there’s something for everyone.

Plus, the prices are very reasonable. If you’re looking for a delicious meal that won’t break the bank, Snarf’s is the place to go. Snarf’s restaurant food menu is a great way to get your taste buds excited for some great eats.

The restaurant has a wide variety of items that you can order. From appetizers to main course, Snarf’s has it all. Plus, the prices are very reasonable which makes it easier for you to indulge in all the deliciousness on the menu.

Snarf’s Menu Prices In 2023


Ice Cream$1.90 – $3.40


Kid’s Grilled Cheese$3.50
Kid’s Peanut Butter and Jelly$3.50
Kid’s Peanut Butter, Banana and Honey$3.50
Kid’s Hot Dog$3.50

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Potato Salad$1.00
Macaroni Salad$1.00
The Big Pickle$1.00

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Specialty Sandwiches

Prime Rib and Provolone Sandwich7- $8.95, 12 – $11.95
Corned Beef and Swiss Sandwich7- $8.95, 12 – $11.95
Portabella and Provolone Sandwich7- $8.95, 12 – $11.95
Pastrami and Swiss Sandwich7- $8.95, 12 – $11.95
Smoked Brisket Sandwich7- $8.95, 12 – $11.95
French Dip Sandwich7- $8.95, 12 – $11.95
Eggplant Parmesan Sandwich7- $8.95, 12 – $11.95
Artichoke and Feta Sandwich7- $8.95, 12 – $11.95
Rotisserie Chicken and Swiss Sandwich7- $8.95, 12 – $11.95
New York Steak and Provolone Sandwich7- $8.95, 12 – $11.95

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Snarf Salad$8.50
Italian Salad$8.50
Cobb Salad$8.50
Chicken Salad$8.50
Tuna Salad$8.50
Tossed Salad$8.50
Snarf’s World Finest Toasted Sandwiches5 – $5.75, 7 – $7.75, 12 – $10.95
Italian Sandwich5 – $5.75, 7 – $7.75, 12 – $10.95
Roast Beef and Provolone Sandwich5 – $5.75, 7 – $7.75, 12 – $10.95
Turkey and Swiss Cheese Sandwich5 – $5.75, 7 – $7.75, 12 – $10.95
Ham and American Cheese Sandwich5 – $5.75, 7 – $7.75, 12 – $10.95
Tuna and American Cheese Sandwich5 – $5.75, 7 – $7.75, 12 – $10.95
Chicken Salad and Provolone Sandwich5 – $5.75, 7 – $7.75, 12 – $10.95
Meatball Parmesan Sandwich5 – $5.75, 7 – $7.75, 12 – $10.95
Hot Dog with Bacon and American Cheese5 – $5.75, 7 – $7.75, 12 – $10.95
Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato Sandwich5 – $5.75, 7 – $7.75, 12 – $10.95
Cheese and Mushroom Sandwich5 – $5.75, 7 – $7.75, 12 – $10.95
Vegetarian Sandwich5 – $5.75, 7 – $7.75, 12 – $10.95

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Chicken Noodle$3.50 – $5.50
Chili$3.50 – $5.50
Chicken Mambo$3.50 – $5.50

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Can Soda$1.15
Root Beer Float$3.50
San Pellegrino Can$1.15

Snarf’s History

Snarf’s Menu Prices History

In conclusion, Snarf s restaurant company history is an interesting one. Jimmy Snarf Seidel is the founder and the company was founded in 1996 in Colorado, Missouri, and Texas.

They are a well-known and popular chain of restaurants and continue to grow. If you’re ever in the area, be sure to stop by and check them out! Snarf’s Restaurant is a popular restaurant in the state of New York.

The restaurant serves traditional American food, and its menu features items such as burgers, fries, and salads. The restaurant is also known for its quirky interior design and its extensive wine list.

Snarf’s offers a wide variety of menu items including salads, sandwiches, pizza, pasta dishes and more. The restaurant also has a full bar with many alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages to choose from.

The restaurant is located in the heart of downtown Rochester, NY and offers a wide variety of dishes that will satisfy any hunger. From burgers to chicken fingers, Snarf’s has something for everyone.

The friendly staff and convenient location make it the perfect place to enjoy a delicious meal with friends or family.

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