Wienerschnitzel Menu Prices 2023 (Latest & Official)

This is a most comprehensive guide on Wienerschnitzel Menu Prices 2023. We have listed all the latest and complete menus and prices after confirming them twice from the official website.

The food is very good, they have a lot of things on the menu. They range from hot dogs, hamburgers, sandwiches, and burritos. You can order these items with fries or without fries (chili cheese fries).

Some people may say that they have a bland flavor, but it is just how they like their food to be. It might not be the best restaurant food in America, but there are many customers who eat at this restaurant because of its quality and taste They also provide different types of condiments such as ketchup, hot sauce, and mustard with the meals.

If you prefer to have things such as mayonnaise or relish with your meal, you will have to ask the cashier to add this for you. The food at Wienerschnitzel is delicious and it is reasonably priced.

If you’re traveling in the United States, you should try stopping here just once and giving them a chance, because not everyone loves their food or service. You might find that they produce a great meal, and you will want to come back for more.

They have a wide variety of food on their menu. You can order a salad or a hot dog with all the fixings (pickles, ketchup, mustard). The options are limitless but they also make very tasty meals. Explore Wienerschnitzel Menu Prices.

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Wienerschnitzel Menu Prices In 2023

Family Combos

Foods Size Prices
3 Chili Burgers, 3 Chili Dogs & 3 Small Fries $12.99
6 Chili Dogs & 3 Small Fries $12.99


Foods Size Prices
Two Chili Dogs – Combo $6.29
Polish Sandwich – Combo $5.89
All-Beef Dog with Chili & Cheese – Combo $5.89
Two Corn Dogs – Combo $5.39
Chili Cheese Dog & Chili Cheeseburger – Combo $6.89
Chili Dog & Corn Dog – Combo $5.89


Foods Size Prices
Polish Sandwich $2.99


Foods Size Prices
Chili Burger $1.79
Chili Cheeseburger $2.09


Foods Size Prices
Mustard & Kraut Dog (Limited Time) $2.99
Mustard & Onion Dog (Limited Time) $2.99
5 Chili or Corn Dogs (Limited Time) $5.00

Hot Dogs

Foods Size Prices
Chicago Dog $2.09
Street Dog $2.29
Deluxe Dog $1.99
Kraut Dog $1.79
Mustard Dog $1.49
Corn Dog $1.49
Chili Dog $1.79
Chili Cheese Dog $2.09
Bacon Ranch Chili Cheese Dog $2.89
Buffalo Bacon Chili Cheese Dog $2.99
Loaded Bacon Street Chili Cheese Dog $2.89
Junkyard Chili Cheese Dog $2.69
The Works Chili Cheese Dog $2.49
Triple Cheese Double Bacon Chili Cheese Dog $3.99
Upgrade Any Dog To All-Beef or Polish Sausage $1.00
Substitute A Pretzel Bun $0.50


Foods Size Prices
Soft Serve Cone Small $1.29
Soft Serve Cone Regular $1.69
Dipped Cone Small $1.69
Dipped Cone Regular $2.09
Shakes (Chocolate, Vanilla, or Strawberry) $2.99
Root Beer Float $2.99
Old Fashioned Sundae $2.99
Mini Sundae $1.59
Banana Split $3.79
Freezee $3.19


Foods Size Prices
Strawberry Lemonade $1.89
Milk $0.99
Bottled Water $1.29
Soft Drink Small $1.59
Soft Drink Medium $1.99
Soft Drink Large $2.29

Fries & Snacks

Foods Size Prices
Chili Cheese Fries $3.19
Buffalo Bacon Chili Cheese Fries $3.59
Bacon Ranch Chili Cheese Fries $3.69
Triple Cheese Double Bacon Chili Cheese Fries $4.89
Ultimate Chili Cheese Fries $3.69
French Fries Small $1.69
French Fries Medium $1.99
French Fries Large $2.79
Jalapeño Poppers 6 Pak $2.79
Jalapeño Poppers 12 Pak $4.99

Kids’ Meal

Foods Size Prices
Mustard Dog – Meal $4.29
Corn Dog – Meal $4.29

Wienerschnitzel History

Wienerschnitzel Menu Prices History

The very first Wienerschnitzel restaurant opened in June, 1961 in Wilmington, California. The founding of the company happened when its founder John Galardi was just 19 years old.

In 1964, he purchased a food stand from an associate and renamed it to The Chili Dog Stand. He immediately received great customer response and grew the business by adding his own touch to it.

In 1976, he sold The Chili Dog Stand and built a new restaurant for which he again changed the name to Wienerschnitzel which became even more successful than before.

In 1984, Galardi was named Entrepreneur of the Year by the Los Angeles chapter of the Jaycees (Junior Chamber of Commerce) for his success in starting and maintaining it. Currently, there are more than 350 Wienerschnitzel restaurant locations all across the U.S.

Wienerschnitzel is a fast food restaurant chain which was founded in June, 1961 by John Galardi in Wilmington, California. Currently, there are more than 350 locations across the U.S.

The company has been franchising since 1965 and it specializes in hot dogs, chili cheese dogs and hamburgers. Its headquarters are in Irvine, California.

In 1984, Galardi was named Entrepreneur of the Year by the Los Angeles chapter of the Jaycees (Junior Chamber of Commerce) for his success in starting and maintaining it.

As you have already gone through the complete Wienerschnitzel Menu Prices 2023, we have discussed the latest menu and prices. The price of these menus has been taken from the official average market price.

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