Cooper’s Hawk Menu Prices (Updated: July 2023)

Cooper’s Hawk Restaurant is the place for you. The restaurant serves up some of the best food in town. From their signature dishes to their extensive wine list, Cooper’s Hawk provides diners with a truly unique dining experience.

Cooper’s Hawk Restaurant is known for its delicious food. Including chicken and waffles, black and blue burger, and steak frites. Everything on the menu is delicious, but some of our favorite dishes are the chicken and waffles and the black and blue burger.

Cooper’s Hawk Restaurant is known for their unique cuisine, which includes items such as fried chicken and waffles. The restaurant has a food menu with many options to choose from. Some of the menu items include fried chicken, waffles, omelets, salads, and desserts.

Cooper s Hawk Restaurant is a popular spot for outdoor dining in historic downtown Cooperstown, New York. Along with excellent food and drink, the restaurant offers an impressive menu of American classics.

Highlights include steaks, burgers, and seafood dishes. The restaurant has a bar area as well as several indoor and outdoor seating areas. The Cooper’s Hawk Restaurant is a popular spot for locals and tourists to dine in the heart of downtown Lexington.

The restaurant has a wide variety of food items on their menu, including items such as burgers, chicken sandwiches, salads, and more. Some of the more popular items include the buffalo chicken sandwich and the black and blue burger.

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Cooper’s Hawk Menu Prices In 2023


Filet Mignon$ 42.99
Grilled Tennderloin Medallions$ 40.99


Dana’s Parmesan-Crusted$ 23.99
Cooper’s Hawk Chicken Giardiniera$ 22.99
Ellie’s Chicken Piccata$ 22.99
Chicken Madeira$ 24.99


Blackened Ahi Tuna$ 32.99
Broiled Fresh Filet Of Grouper$ 32.99
Pan-Roasted Mahi Mahi$ 31.99
Seared Atlantic Salmon$ 30.99


Appetizers & Salads

Classic Tomato Bruschetta$ 13.99
Caprese Flatbread$ 13.99
Roasted Vegetable & Goat Cheese Flatbread$ 14.99
Plain OL’ hOUSE$ 9.99


Penne With Roasted Butternut Squash$ 23.99
Sweet Corn & Tomato Risotto$ 22.99
Roasted Vegetable Enchilads$ 22.99


Vegan Sweet Corn & Tomato Ristto$ 22.99


Can Of Coke$ 2.99
Can Of Diet Coke$ 2.99
Can Of Sprite$ 2.99
Fresh-Squeezed Lemonade$ 3.99
Strawberry Lemonade$ 4.99
Passion Fruit Lemonade$ 4.99
Raspberry Lemonade$ 4.99
Fresh-Brewed Iced Tea$ 3.99
Raspberry Hibiscus Iced Tea$ 3.99
Acqua Panna Bottled Water$ 4.99

Hard Seltzer

Meyer Lemon Hard Seltzer$ 15.99
Pear Seltzer$ 15.99

Life Balance

Chicken Potstickers$ 14.99
Asian Ahi Tune Sashimi$ 16.99
House Salad$ 9.99
Shaved Brussels Sprouts Salad$ 9.49
BBQ Ranch Chicken Salad$ 19.99
Mediterranean With Shrimp$ 20.99
Grilled Tenderloin Medallions$ 32.99
Grilled Atlantic Salmon$ 24.99
Blackened Ahi Tuna$ 31.99
Pan-Roasted Barramundi$ 31.99
Giardiniera Burger$ 15.99
Turkey Burger$ 4.99


S’More Budino$ 10.99
Key Lime Pie$ 10.99
Cooper’s Hawk Chocolate Cake$ 11.99
Salted Caramel Creme Brulee$ 10.99
Reese’s Ice Cream Cookie$ 12.99
Flourless Chocolate Torte$ 10.99

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House-Made Confections

Dark Chocolate Truffle$ 4.99
White Chocolate Truffle$ 4.99


Parmesan Chicken With Angel Hair Marinara$ 11.99
Mac & Cheese$ 10.99
Scoop Of Vanilla Ice Cream$ 4.99
Junior Filet Medallions$ 20.99
Soy Ginger Atlantic Salmon$ 19.99
Chicken Potstickers$ 12.99
Chicken Tenders$ 12.99
Flatbread Cheese Pizza$ 10.99
Keaton’s Spaghetti & House-Made Meatballs$ 12.99
Cheeseburgger$ 12.99
Hamburger$ 12.99


Wine Club Exclusives

Artist’s White Blend$ 28.99
Artist’s White Blend$ 26.99
Paso Robles$ 26.99

Lux & Premium

Cooper Hawk Lux Chaardonnay$ 29.99
Cooper’s Hawk Lux Pinot Noir$ 39.99
Cooper’s Hawk Lux Meritage$ 39.99
Cooper’s Hawk Lux Cabernet Sauvignon$ 35.99
Cooper’s Hawk Lux Ice Wine$ 29.99


Pinor Noir$ 24.99
Cooper’s Hawk Lux Pinot Noir$ 39.99
Baebera$ 23.99
Merlot$ 19.99
Malbec$ 24.99
Cooper’s Hawk Red$ 18.99
Old Vine Zin$ 20.99
Cab Zin$ 24.99
Petite Sirah$ 20.99
Cabernet Sauvigon$ 24.99


Spanish Tempranillo$ 26.99
Australian Shiraz$ 29.99


Sauvignon Blnc$ 19.99
Pinot Gris$ 18.99
Unoaked Chardonnay$ 18.99
Chardonnay$ 19.99
Cooper’s Hawk White$ 17.99
Rieslling$ 19.99
Winter White$ 14.99

Sweet & Dessert

Nightjar$ 24.99
Vin Chocolat Noir$ 16.99
Vin Chocolat Almond$ 16.99
Swwet Red$ 17.99


Prosecco$ 22.99
Bubbly Rose$ 20.99

Rose & Sangria

Rose$ 20.99
White Sangria$ 16.99
Red Sangria$ 16.99
Blood Orange Pineapple Bubbly Sangria$ 17.99
Blueberry Acai Bubbly Sangria$ 17.99

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Chopped Salads

Napa Chicken$ 20.99
BBQ Ranch Chicken$ 19.99
Blackened Bleu Skirt$ 24.99

Gluten Free

Appetizer & Salads

Drunken Shrimp$ 18.99
Thai Lettuce Wraps$ 19.99
Plain OL’ House Salad$ 9.99
Caesar Salad$ 11.99
Chopped Wedge$ 14.99

Lunch Sized

Lunch Keaton’s Spaghetti & House -Made Meatballs$ 17.99
Lunch Gnocchi Carbonara$ 18.99
Lunch Gnocchi With Roasted Butternut$ 16.99
Lunch Dana’s Parmesan$ 19.99
Lunch Cooper’s Hawk Chicken Giardiniera$ 17.99
Lunch Ellie’s Chicken Piccata$ 19.99
Lunch Chicken Madeira$ 19.99
Lunch Pretzel – Crusted Pork Chop$ 20.99
Lunch Soy Ginger Atlantic Salmon$ 24.99
Lunch Seared Atlantic Salmon$ 24.99


Wasabi-Buttered Mashed Potatoes$ 6.99
Mary’s Potatoes$ 6.99
Betty’s Potatoes$ 6.99
Tomato-Braised Kale$ 6.99
Oven-Roasted Vegetables$ 6.99
Asparagus$ 6.99
Grilled Broccoli$ 6.99
Asian Slaw$ 6.99


Soup & Salad$ 17.99
Flatbread & Salad$ 19.99
Flatbread & Soup$ 19.99

Entree Salads

BBQ Ranch Chicken$ 19.99
Napa Chicken$ 20.99
Blackened Bleu Skirt Steak$ 24.99
Cooper’s Hawk Chicken Caesar$ 18.99
Crispy Asian Sesame Chicken$ 21.99

Salads & Combos

Appetizer Salads

Plain OL’ House Salad$ 9.99
Caesar Salad$ 11.99
Chopped Wedge Salad$ 14.99


Crispy Buttermilk Chicken Sandwich$ 18.99
Cilantro Ranch Chicken Sandwich$ 18.99
Crispy Fish Sandwich$ 17.99
The Prime$ 22.99

Burgers & Sandwiches


Classic Cheeseburger$ 17.99
Bleu Cheese & Crispy Onion Burger$ 18.99
Turkey Burger$ 16.99
The Leonard Burger$ 19.99

Surf & Turf

Parmesan-Crusted Filet Medallions$ 40.99
Parmesan-Crusted Filet Medallions & Pistachio$ 40.99
Parmesan-Crusted Filet Medallions & Drunken$ 40.99
Parmesan-Crusted Filet Medallions & Scallop$ 40.99
Prime Churraso Grilled Steak & Drunken$ 38.99
Prime Churraso Grilled Steak & Soy Ginger$ 38.99

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Pasta & Risotto

Country Rigatoni$ 23.99
Keaton’s Spaghetti & House-Made Meatballs$ 22.99



Dana’s Parmesan Crusted Chicken$ 23.99
Cooper’s Hawk Chicken Giardinera$ 22.99
Ellie’s Chicken Piccata$ 22.99
Chicken Madeira$ 24.99


Soy Ginger Atlantic Salmon$ 30.00
Pan-Roasted Mahi Mahi$ 31.99
Fish & Chips$ 23.99
Seared Atlantic Salmon$ 30.99
Pistachio-Crusted Grouper$ 32.99
Jambalaya$ 24.99
Blackened Ahi Tuna$ 32.99
Parmesan-Crusted Mahi Mahi$ 32.99
Shrimp & Scallop Risotto$ 31.99

Steak & Chops

Prime Churrasco Grilled Steak$ 38.99
Trio Of Medallions$ 40.99
Filet Mignon$ 42.99
Red Wine Braised Short Ribs$ 35.99
Pretzel-Crusted Pork Chop$ 32.99


Caprese Flatbread$ 13.99
Roasted Vegetable & Goat Cheese Flatbread$ 14.99
Italian Sausage &b Whipped Burrata$ 14.99


Crab, Shrimp & Lobster Bisque Cup$ 8.99
Bisque Bowl$ 11.99
Tortilla Soup Cup$ 7.99
Tortilla Soup Cup$ 9.99

Appetizer Salads

Plain OL’ House$ 9.99
Caesar$ 11.99
Chopped Wedge$ 14.99

Beef, Pork & Chicken

Prime Churrasco Grilled Steak$ 34.99
Bourbon Lacquered BBQ Pork Chops$ 28.99
Red Wine Braised Short Ribs$ 31.99
Trio Of Medallions$ 35.99
8 oz. Filet Mignon$ 37.99
Ellie’s Chicken Piccata$ 19.99
Dana’s Parmesan-Crusted Chicken$ 20.99
Cooper’s Hawk Chicken Giardiniera$ 19.99
Chicken Madeira$ 21.99

Appetizers & Soup

Asian Ahi Tuna Sashimi$ 16.99
Drunken Shrimp$ 18.99
Asian Pork Belly Tostadas$ 16.99
Thai Lettuce Wraps$ 19.99
Crispy Brussels Sprouts$ 16.99
Chicken Potstickers$ 14.99
Classic Tomato Bruschetta$ 13.99
House-Made Meatballs$ 16.99
Over The Border Egg Rolls$ 17.99
Candied Bacon & Artisan Cheese Plate$ 23.99


Crispy Phyllo Shrimp$ 16.99
Ginger Spiced Carrot Cake$ 10.99
Artist’s Red Blend$ 28.99
Paso Robles$ 26.99
Wine Club Membership$ 21.99

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Cooper’s Hawk History

coopers hawk menu prices history

In conclusion, Cooper’s Hawk restaurant company history is an interesting one. It was founded by Tim McEnery in 2005 in Orland Park, United States.

The company has grown a lot since then and now has locations all over the country. If you’re looking for a great place to eat, Cooper’s Hawk is definitely worth checking out!

Cooper’s Hawk Restaurant is a popular spot for diners in the Twin Cities. And is known for its American cuisine, including burgers, chicken sandwiches, and fish dishes.

The restaurant has a large menu with something for everyone, and it also offers specials throughout the week. Cooper’s Hawk is a great place to go with friends or family, and it’s also a great place to watch the game.

The restaurant quickly became a favorite for locals and travelers alike, thanks to its delicious food and warm atmosphere. Today, Cooper’s Hawk restaurants are located throughout the United States, serving up mouth-watering cuisine that has made them some of the most popular restaurants in the country.

Over time, the restaurant grew in popularity and now offers a wide variety of dishes including steaks, seafood, and chicken. In addition to its regular menu, the restaurant also offers unique specials each week.

The Cooper’s Hawk Restaurant is a popular stop for tourists visiting Hedgesville and is always busy due to its excellent food and friendly service.

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