Fuzzy’s Taco Shop Menu Prices (Updated: July 2023)

Their tacos are made with fresh, quality ingredients and their prices are unbeatable. Whether you’re craving a classic chicken taco or something a little more adventurous like their shrimp taco, you’ll be sure to find something to your liking at Fuzzy’s.

If you’re in the mood for some delicious Mexican food, then you need to head on over to Fuzzy’s Taco Shop. They have all of your favorite traditional Mexican dishes, plus some unique items that you won’t find at other restaurants.

Trust us, their food is worth the visit! Fuzzy’s Taco Shop is a restaurant that serves Mexican food. The food is made fresh and the ingredients are of the highest quality.

They have a wide variety of items on their menu, so there’s sure to be something that will satisfy your cravings. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed if you give Fuzzy’s a try! If you’re in the mood for Mexican food, look no further than Fuzzy’s Taco Shop.

With a wide variety of items on the menu, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. From tacos and burritos to quesadillas and enchiladas, there’s no shortage of deliciousness.

And don’t forget about the sides! The rice and beans are mouth-watering, and the chips and salsa are the perfect way to start your meal.  In addition to the regular menu items, Fuzzy’s Taco Shop also offers a number of specialties, such as the Super Burrito and the Fajita Burrito.

If you’re looking for a delicious Mexican meal, look no further than Fuzzy’s Taco Shop. With locations all over the country, there’s sure to be a Fuzzy’s near you.

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Fuzzy’s Taco Shop Menu Prices In 2023


Foods Prices
Shredded Brisket Salad $10.08
Grilled Veggie Salad $9.48
Grilled Fish Salad $8.84
Tempura Fish Salad $9.04
Shredded Brisket $8.88
Grilled Shrimp Salad $10.53
Fajita Beef Salad $10.55
Grilled Veggie $8.81
Tempura Shrimp Salad $10.51
Fajita Chicken Salad $10.45
Grilled Mahi Salad $10.83
Seasoned Ground Beef Salad $10.03
Carnitas Salad $10.71
Tempura Mahi Salad $10.88
Spicy Pork Salad $8.85

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Foods Prices
Seasoned Ground Beef Nachos $10.01
Shredded Brisket Nachos $10.09
Grilled Shrimp Nachos $10.92
Special Ground Beef Nachos $8.34
Bean and Cheese Nachos $6.72
Spicy Pork Nachos $8.65
Tempura Shrimp Nachos $10.91
Fajita Chicken Nachos $10.51
Carnitas Nachos $10.96
Fajita Beef Nachos $10.62
Grilled Veggie Nachos $9.50

Popular Items

Foods Prices
Shredded Chicken $8.33

Get it Started

Foods Prices
{GF} = Gluten Friendly, {DF} = Dairy Free $8.33
Chips and Arbol Chile Salsa $4.43
Chips and Queso with Chorizo $6.83
Large Chips and Fire-Roasted Salsa $5.59
Jalapeno Bottlecaps $5.31
Chips and Queso with Seasoned Ground Beef $7.01
Large Chips and Queso with Seasoned Ground Beef $11.44
Chips and Fire-Roasted Salsa $3.44
Chips and Guacamole $6.55
Large Chips and Queso with Chorizo $11.43
Drunken Pig $4.96
Large Chips and Queso $9.55
Large Chips and Arbol Chille Salsa $6.59
Large Chips and Guacamole $10.69
Chip Dippin’ Trio $10.86

Starters and Soups

Foods Prices
Baja Tortilla Soup $4.44

Starters & Soups

Foods Prices
Chips & Queso with Beef $5.61


Foods Prices
Potato, Egg & Cheese Taco $2.68
Bacon, Potato, Egg & Cheese Taco $3.02
Chorizo, Potato, Egg & Cheese Taco $3.02
Chilaquiles – Chicken $8.12
Potato, Egg & Cheese Burrito $6.26
Bacon, Potato, Egg & Cheese Burrito $6.84
Chorizo, Potato, Egg & Cheese Burrito $7.29
Chilaquiles – Beef $8.17

Fan Favorites

Foods Prices
Shredded Chicken Salad $9.55
Shredded Chicken Quesadilla $9.43
Shredded Chicken Nachos $9.58
Taco Plate $10.13
Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Burrito $7.11
Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Taco $3.20
Chips and Queso $5.58
Shredded Brisket Burrito $9.98
Fajita Chicken Burrito Bowl $10.62
Sopapilla Bites $3.46
Grilled Mahi Taco $4.20
Tempura Mahi Taco $4.24
California Heat Taco $4.27

Kids Stuff

Foods Prices
Kids’ Cheese Quesadilla $5.63
Kids’ Cheeseburger Quesadilla $5.25
Kids’ Ground Beef Quesadilla $6.18
Kids’ Taco Plate $5.73
Kids’ Chicken Sticks $6.02
Kid’s Cheese Nachos $5.67
Kids’ Oreo Churros $1.50
Kid’s Sopapilla Bites $1.72
Kids’ Cinnamon-Sugar Churros $1.17
Kids’ Carrot Sticks w/ Ranch $1.49

Sweet Talk

Foods Prices
Oreo Churros $4.15
Salted Caramel Cookie $3.15
Sandy’s Amazing Chocolate Chunk Manifesto Cookie $3.15
Gluten Free Chewy Marshmallow Manifesto Bar $3.03
Gluten Free Honduran Chocolate Brownies $3.14

Limited Time Offer

Foods Prices
Piña Carnitas Taco $4.40

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Foods Prices
Grilled Shrimp Quesadillas $9.35
Fajita Chicken Quesadillas $9.35
Shredded Brisket Quesadilla $10.04
Spicy Pork Quesadilla $8.60
Fajita Beef Quesadillas $9.39
Fajita Chicken Quesadilla $10.60
Grilled Veggie Quesadilla $9.39
Fajita Beef Quesadilla $10.64
Grilled Shrimp Quesadilla $10.42
Shredded Brisket Quesadillas $8.25
Tempura Shrimp Quesadilla $10.80
Carnitas Quesadilla $10.82
Shredded Chicken Quesadillas $7.90
Seasoned Ground Beef Quesadilla $9.85
Spicy Pork Quesadillas $7.94
Cheese Quesadilla $6.41

Primo Baja Tacos

Foods Prices
Pina Carnitas Limited Time Only $4.40

Family Meals

Foods Prices
Chips and Queso Party Tray $27.61
Chips and Arbol Chile Salsa Party Tray $22.12
Regular Taco Family Meal – Serves 4-6 $45.48
Chips and Fire-Roasted Salsa Party Tray $19.81
Large Taco Family Meal – Serves 6-8 $64.41
Chips and Guacamole Party Tray $31.97
Regular Fajita Family Meal – Serves 4-6 $69.74
Large Fajita Family Meal – Serves 6-8 $88.14
Enchilada Family Meal – Serves 4-5 $44.47
Family Salad – Serves 4-5 $15.29


Foods Prices
Grilled Shrimp Burrito $10.54
Spicy Pork Burrito $8.87
Grilled Veggie Burrito $9.64
Seasoned Ground Beef Burrito $10.07
Shredded Chicken Burrito $9.53
Bean and Cheese Burrito $6.17
Carnitas Burrito $10.97
Fajita Chicken Burrito $10.56
Fajita Beef Burrito $10.59
Grilled Fish Burrito $8.98
Tempura Shrimp Burrito $10.55
Grilled Mahi Burrito $10.97
Tempura Fish Burrito $9.02
Tempura Mahi Burrito $11.07

Chill Drinks

Foods Prices
Regular Cup $2.98
32oz Souvenir Cup w/ Soda $3.55
Bottled Water $2.25
Jarritos Bottles $2.98

Burrito Bowls

Foods Prices
{GF} = Gluten Friendly, {DF} = Dairy Free
Fajita Beef Burrito Bowl $10.70
Shredded Chicken Burrito Bowl $9.97
Fajita Veggies Burrito Bowl $9.88
Grilled Shrimp Burrito Bowl $10.92
Shredded Brisket Burrito Bowl $10.49
Keto Burrito Bowl $15.82
Seasoned Ground Beef Burrito Bowl $10.16
Spicy Pork Burrito Bowl $9.16
Carnitas Burrito Bowl $10.97
Grilled Veggie Burrito Bowl $9.95
Grilled Mahi Burrito Bowl $11.32
Tempura Shrimp Bowl $11.16


Foods Prices
Coffee $2.08

For The Kids

Foods Prices
Nachos $5.76
Cheeseburger Quesadilla $4.66


Foods Prices
Pork Green Chili 4oz $2.64
Side of Avocado Slices $1.35
Side of Chips $2.06
Pico de Gallo $1.03
Avocado Slices $1.05
Soft Corn Tortilla $0.45
Salsa Verde $1.06
Shredded Cheese $0.83
Jalapenos $0.71
Sour Cream $0.75
Garlic Sauce $0.69
Feta Cheese $0.57
Cilantro $0.50
Tomatoes $0.57
Lettuce $0.50
Onions $0.52
Corn Tortilla $0.30
Flour Tortilla $0.42
Salad Dressing $0.84

Breakfast Whenever

Foods Prices
Egg and Cheese Taco $2.96
Egg and Cheese Burrito $5.84
Huevos Rancheros $9.32
Shrimp, Egg, and Cheese Burrito $8.10
Migas $9.33
Potatoes, Egg, and Cheese Taco $3.34
Shrimp, Egg, and Cheese Taco $3.80
Chilaquiles $9.61
Chorizo, Egg, and Cheese Taco $3.33
Potatoes, Egg, and Cheese Burrito $7.36
Breakfast Taco Plate $9.60
Bacon, Potatoes, Egg, and Cheese Burrito $7.95
Chorizo, Potatoes, Egg, and Cheese Burrito $8.03
Chorizo, Egg, and Cheese Burrito $7.14
Bacon, Potatoes, Egg, and Cheese Taco $3.67
Chorizo, Potatoes, Egg, and Cheese Taco $3.67
Brisket, Egg, and Cheese Taco $3.72
Big Fuzz Breakfast Burrito $7.62
Big Fuzz Breakfast Sandwich $7.51

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Kids Menu

Foods Prices
Kid Taco Plate $4.63


Foods Prices
Cinnamon-Sugar Churros $2.81
Sopapilla Chips $2.71


Foods Prices
Souvenir Cup $2.81


Foods Prices
Borracho Beans $2.48
Mix-Mex Fried Rice $2.42

Mexican Plates

Foods Prices
Enchilada Plate $9.95
Combo Plate $9.95
Fajita Chicken Plate $13.47
Fajita Shrimp Plate $13.85
Fajita Beef Plate $13.46
Fajita Chicken and Beef Combo Plate $14.01
Fajita Chicken and Shrimp Combo Plate $14.43
Fajita Beef and Shrimp Combo Plate $14.46

Diggable Burrito Bowls

Foods Prices
Special Ground Beef Burrito Bowl $8.62

Side Vibes

Foods Prices
Refried Beans $2.67
Fuzzy’s Rice $2.85
Black Beans $2.67
Mix-Mex Rice $2.52
Cilantro-Lime Rice $2.67
Latin-Fried Potatoes $2.68


Foods Prices
Grilled Fish Taco $3.35
Tempura Fish Taco $3.29

Baja Tacos

Foods Prices
Shredded Chicken Taco $2.97
Shredded Brisket Taco $3.33
Special Ground Beef Taco $2.91
Spicy Pork Taco $2.85
Seasoned Ground Beef Taco $3.24
Grilled Veggie Taco $3.07
Carnitas Taco $4.10
Grilled Shrimp Taco $3.75
Fajita Beef Taco $3.80
Fajita Chicken Taco $3.81
Tempura Shrimp Taco $3.76
Fried Avocado Taco $3.84
Bean and Cheese Taco $2.56

Jumbo Burritos

Foods Prices
Special Ground Beef Burrito $8.71

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Fuzzy’s Taco Shop History

fuzzy’s taco shop menu prices history

In conclusion, Fuzzy’s Taco Shop is a fantastic restaurant chain that has been serving up delicious Mexican food since 2001. Paul Willis is the brilliant founder of the company, and it is headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas, United States.

If you’re ever in the area, be sure to swing by and check out this amazing eatery for yourself! Fuzzy’s Taco Shop quickly became a popular spot for locals and students alike. The restaurant is known for its delicious tacos, enchiladas, and quesadillas.

Fuzzy’s Taco Shop quickly became a local favorite, and it has since expanded to locations all over the country. Today, Fuzzy’s is known for its fresh ingredients, friendly service, and affordable prices.

Fuzzy’s Taco Shop is a restaurant that specializes in Mexican food. The menu at Fuzzy’s Taco Shop includes items such as tacos, burritos, quesadillas, and nachos.

The food at Fuzzy’s Taco Shop is reasonably priced and the atmosphere is casual. The menu at Fuzzy’s Taco Shop features a variety of Mexican-American favorites, including tacos, burritos, quesadillas, nachos, and salads.

There is also a selection of American classics like hamburgers and hot dogs. In addition to traditional Tex-Mex fare, the restaurant also offers breakfast items such as pancakes, eggs, and bacon. Fuzzy’s Taco Shop has a relaxed atmosphere with bright colors and fun décor.

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