Peter Luger Menu Prices (Updated: July 2023)

Peter Luger Restaurant is a steakhouse that has been open since 1887.  Peter Luger is known for their dry-aged porterhouse steak. The restaurant also serves other food items such as salads, burgers, and seafood.

This German-style steakhouse is located in Brooklyn and has been serving up thick cuts of meat since 1887. The restaurant is well-known for their dry-aged porterhouse steak, which is served with a side of bacon and spinach.

Other popular menu items include the luger burger, shrimp cocktail, and lamb chops. The menu at Peter Luger is simple, but each dish is expertly prepared and extremely flavorful. In addition to steak, the menu includes chicken, lamb, shrimp, and lobster.

The sides are also very good, especially the creamed spinach and the onion rings. The menu at Peter Luger is pretty simple – they serve steak, German fried potatoes, and creamed spinach. But what they do, they do very well.

Sides are equally as decadent, from the creamy Luger sauce to the famous German fried potatoes. For a truly unique dining experience, there is no better place than Peter Luger.

Peter Luger is a world-famous steakhouse in New York City, and its menu is just as iconic as its setting. The restaurant only serves lunch and dinner, and the menu is limited to steak, chicken, sides, and desserts.

But what Peter Luger lacks in variety, it makes up for in quality. The steak is some of the best in the world, and the sides are all delicious. The desserts are also excellent, and the restaurant has a great wine list.

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Peter Luger Menu Prices In 2023

Coffee & Tea

Foods Prices
Coffee, Decaf, or Tea (Lunch) $2.50
Coffee, Decaf, or Tea (Dinner) $3.50
Irish Coffee $12.95
German Coffee $12.95


Foods Prices
Served with Homemade “Schlag” (Whipped Cream)
Apple Strudel $11.95
Chocolate Mousse $11.95
Key Lime Pie $11.95
Ice Cream $11.95
Cheese Cake $11.95
Fruit Tarts $11.95
Pecan Pie $11.95
Sorbet $11.95
Fresh Fruit $11.95
Luger’s Special “Holy Cow” Hot Fudge Sundae $12.95

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Lunch Specials

Foods Prices
Served with potato & vegetable of the day until 3:45 pm
Pot Roast – Monday $16.95
Roast Prime Rib of Beef (USDA Prime) – Tuesday through Friday $32.50
Filet of Sole (Lamb & Fish) – Tuesday & Friday $23.95
Chicken (Home Style) – Wednesday $19.95

Daily Lunch Specials

Foods Prices
Served daily until 3:45 pm
Lamb chops (2 Pc.) $26.95
Grilled salmon w/ potato & vegetable of the day $22.95
Luger-Burger $14.95
Luger-Burger with fries $18.90
Luger-Burger with cheese $16.45
Chopped Steak (USDA Prime) $18.95
Luger-Burger with Bacon $20.95

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Main Courses (Dinner)

Foods Prices
Single steak $51.95
Rib Steak $54.95
Steak (for 2) $103.90
Steak (for 3) $155.85
Steak (for 4) $207.80
Lambchop (2 pcs. ) $52.95
Grilled Atlantic salmon $28.95
Filet of sole (lamb & fish) $29.95

Vegetables & Sides

Foods Prices
French fries (for 1) $6.95
French fries (for 2) $11.95
German fried potatoes (for 2) $12.95
Baked potato with sour cream $6.95
Broccoli (for 2) $9.95
Creamed spinach (for 2) $10.95
Onion rings (for 2) $11.95

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Salad Dressing, Toppings, & Extras

Foods Prices
Add crumbled blue cheese $5.95
Add chopped bacon $4.95
Russian dressing .75
Garlic French dressing .75
Vinaigrette dressing .75
Blue cheese dressing .75


Foods Prices
Sliced tomatoes (for 2) with Luger’s Sauce $14.95
Sliced tomatoes & onions (for 2) with Luger’s sauce $14.95
Luger’s Sizzling Bacon (By the slice) $4.95
Shrimp Cocktail (4) Market price
Shrimp cocktail (6) Market Price
Caesar Salad with Grated Pecorino Romano $13.95
Iceberg Wedge Salad $16.95
Mixed Green Salad $10.95

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Peter Luger History

peter luger menu prices history

Peter Luger restaurant company was founded in 1987 Brooklyn, New York City. The founder, Peter Luger, was a German immigrant who arrived in America in the early 1800s.

The restaurant quickly became popular for its steak and German cuisine. Today, Peter Luger is one of the most popular steak restaurants in New York City. But Peter Luger is more than just a steak house – it’s a part of New York history.

Peter Luger Restaurant is a steakhouse in Brooklyn, New York that has been open since 1887. The restaurant is known for its aged porterhouse steak, which is dry-aged for 28 days.

The restaurant has been awarded 3 stars by the New York Times, This world-renowned restaurant is known for its excellent food, service, and atmosphere. Founded by German immigrant Peter Luger, The beef is then broiled and served with a secret sauce.

The restaurant also serves German potatoes, creamed spinach, and onion rings. Luger had expanded his business into a full-fledged restaurant. Today, Peter Luger is one of the most famous steak houses in the world, known for its dry-aged beef and signature steak sauce.

The restaurant has been passed down through the Luger family for four generations, and it shows no signs of slowing down. Peter Luger Steak House is a landmark steak house in New York City that has been serving up thick, juicy steaks since 1887.

The restaurant is famous for its porterhouse steak, which is dry-aged and char-grilled to perfection.

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