Philly Pretzel Factory Menu Prices (Updated: July 2023)

Philly Pretzel Factory is a chain of eateries offering more than just pretzels. In addition to a number of other menu options, the restaurant offers a selection of pretzel tastes and dipping sauces.

The soft pretzel is one of the most well-liked menu items at the Philly Pretzel Factory. This pretzel is created with dough that has been knotted and boiled in salt water.

It is next perfectly roasted and presented to your pretzel dog is another preferred item at Philly Pretzel Factory. This is a pretzel-dough-wrapped hot dog that has been boiled and baked. You can choose the dipping sauce that goes with it.

Try the Philly Cheesesteak Pretzel if you’re searching for something a little different. Steak, cheese, and onions are all inside this pretzel and your preferred dipping sauce is provided with it.

There are other soups and salads available at The Philly Pretzel Factory as well. Clam chowder and chicken noodles are available as soup alternatives, and antipasto salad and cranberry walnut salad are available as salad options.

One of the pretzel desserts is a good option if you’re craving something sweet. Options like the caramel apple pretzel and the peanut butter pretzel pie are among them.

Also, there are other refreshments available, including bottled and fountain beverages, coffee, tea, and hot chocolate. Therefore, if you’re in the mood for a mouthwatering pretzel, stop by Philly Pretzel Factory! Whatever your cravings are, you’re sure to find them here.

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Philly Pretzel Factory Menu Prices 2023

Catering Party Trays

Foods Prices
Small Rivet Party Tray $35.00
Mini Dogs And Rivets Party Tray $50.00
Large Rivet Party Tray $40.00


Foods Prices
Pepsi Zero $2.50
Frozen Lemonade, Cherry, Blue Raspberry, and Mango $3.00

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Foods Prices
Melted Cheddar Cheese $0.75
Buttercreme Dip $0.75
Brownie Batter $0.75
Honey Mustard $0.75
Spicy Brown Mustard $0.50
Yellow Mustard $0.50
Philly Cream Cheese $0.75
Super Hot Mustard $0.50


Foods Prices
3 Pretzel Hot Dogs $6.00
Pork Roll & Cheese $4.00
Pretzel Sausage $3.00
Pretzel Hot Dog $2.50

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Foods Prices
Crowd Pleaser $15.00
Large Rivet Bucket $13.00
Mini Pretzels $2.75
50 Pretzels $25.00
!0 Pretzels $7.00
5 Pretzels $4.00
10 Individually Bagged $10.00

Popular Items

Foods Prices
3 Pretzel Hot Dogs $6.00
Pretzel Sausage $3.00
Pork Roll & Cheese $4.00
Crowd Pleaser $15.00
5 Pretzels $4.00
!0 Pretzels $7.00
Large Rivet Bucket $13.00
Small Rivet Party Tray $35.00
50 Pretzels $25.00

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Philly Pretzel Factory History

Philly Pretzel Factory Menu Prices & History

In 1989, Dan DiZio started the Philly Pretzel Factory. At Pennsylvania’s Bensalem, the firm has its headquarters. Almost 190 franchised outlets for Philly Pretzel Factory are present in the country.

The world’s largest chain of Philadelphia-style pretzels is called Philly Pretzel Factory. Soft pretzels, pretzel dogs, cheesesteaks, and other items are available on the company’s menu. The 2018 Franchise 500 list had Philadelphia Pretzel Factory at number 33.

One of the Top 25 Fastest-Growing Franchises in 2018 according to Franchise Times was Philly Pretzel Factory. If you’re searching for a nice and inexpensive supper, Philly Pretzel Factory is a fantastic choice.

FAQs On Philly Pretzel Factory

1. What are the prices for Philly Pretzel Factory menu items?

Philly Pretzel Factory menu prices vary depending on the location and the specific menu item. However, you can expect to pay around $1.50 to $3.50 for a single pretzel, and prices for combo meals or catering options will be higher.

2. Does Philly Pretzel Factory offer any discounts or promotions?

Philly Pretzel Factory frequently offers discounts and promotions on its menu items, especially for catering orders. Check their website or social media pages for the latest deals and coupons.

3. What are the most popular items on the Philly Pretzel Factory menu?

The most popular items on the Philly Pretzel Factory menu are their classic soft pretzels, pretzel dogs, and pretzel bites. They also offer various dips and spreads to accompany their pretzels.

4. Does Philly Pretzel Factory offer any gluten-free or vegan options?

Unfortunately, Philly Pretzel Factory does not currently offer any gluten-free or vegan options on its menu.

5. Can I order catering from Philly Pretzel Factory?

Yes, Philly Pretzel Factory offers catering options for events such as parties, meetings, and gatherings. Prices will vary depending on the size and scope of the catering order.

6. Are there any seasonal or limited-time menu items at Philly Pretzel Factory?

Yes, Philly Pretzel Factory occasionally introduces seasonal or limited-time menu items. Check their website or social media pages for the latest offerings.

7. Does Philly Pretzel Factory offer any rewards or loyalty programs?

Yes, Philly Pretzel Factory has a rewards program called “Philly Fanatics” that allows customers to earn points for purchases that can be redeemed for discounts and free items.

8. How can I find the nearest Philly Pretzel Factory location?

You can find the nearest Philly Pretzel Factory location by visiting their website and using their store locator tool. Alternatively, you can use a search engine or map application to search for nearby locations.

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Final Words

The well-known brand Philly Pretzel Factory serves up delectable and reasonably priced menu items to satisfy the cravings of Americans who adore pretzels everywhere. It is safe to claim that the quality and taste of the products are the same everywhere, despite the fact that menu prices may differ from one location to another.

The distinctive and imaginative spins on traditional soft pretzels that the Philly Pretzel Factory puts on its menu are largely responsible for its success. On their menu, there is something for everyone, including pretzel dogs and pretzel bits. It’s understandable why the chain has gained a cult following over time.

Philly Pretzel menu prices are pretty reasonable and it’s clear why they have become a favorite among fans of pretzels. Hence, the next time you’re craving a delightful treat, stop by your neighborhood Philly Pretzel Factory and indulge in their soft and chewy pretzels – just make sure to do it in moderation.

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