Torchy’s Tacos Menu Prices 2022 (Latest & Official)

This is a most comprehensive guide on Torchy’s Tacos Menu Prices 2022. We have listed all the latest and complete menus and prices after confirming them twice from the official website.

Torchy’s Tacos is the place to go. The restaurant is small, but the food is amazing. You can order tacos, burritos, or quesadillas, and they all come with a variety of toppings.

Look no further than the restaurant’s food menu! From tacos to burritos, quesadillas to chimichangas, there is something for everyone on the menu. Plus, don’t forget about the margaritas and margarita specials!

Torchy’s Tacos is a must-stop on any trip to San Diego. Torchy’s Tacos is a Tex-Mex restaurant in Austin, Texas. The menu features tacos, burritos, quesadillas, and other Mexican cuisine items.

Items on the menu are priced between $3 and $10. Torchy’s Tacos has been described as “the perfect spot for a quick bite” and “perfect for happy hour. Torchy’s Tacos is a taco restaurant located in Austin, Texas.

They serve up tacos and burritos with a variety of toppings. Torchy’s also has a wide range of drinks to choose from, including margaritas, iced tea, and shakes.

Their menu has something for everyone, and their prices are very reasonable. Torchy’s Tacos is a Los Angeles-based Mexican fast food chain specializing in tacos and burritos.

The restaurant has a menu of over 50 different items, including tacos, burritos, quesadillas, and nachos. Torchy’s Tacos serves up classic Mexican dishes as well as some unique twists on traditional favorites.

Some of the more popular menu items include the Fuego Negro (a blackened chicken taco), the Carne Asada Taco (a grilled steak taco), and the Mojo Pork Taco (a pork taco with a mole sauce). Explore Torchy’s Tacos Menu Prices.

Other Restaurant Menu:

Torchy’s Tacos Menu Prices In 2022


Foods Size Prices
Coke $2.75
Diet Coke $2.75
Sprite $2.75
Dr Pepper $2.75
Diet Dr Pepper $2.75
Mexican Coke $2.75
Topo Chico $2.75
Jarritos Mandarin $2.75
Jarritos Grapefruit $2.75
Bottled Water $2.00
Bev Orange Juice $3.75
Honest Kids Apple Juice $2.75
Fountain Drink $2.75
Kid Drink $1.50
Iced Tea $2.75
Coffee $2.50


Foods Size Prices
Beef Taco $3.95
Bean & Cheese Taco $2.30
Cheese Quesadilla $2.50
Chicken Quesadilla $2.95
Grilled Chicken Taco $2.95
Little Wrecker $4.50
Fried Chicken Taco $2.95

Sides & Treats

Foods Size Prices
Salsa $2.50
Pico De Gallo $2.50
Pinto Beans $2.25
Black Beans $2.25
Rice $2.25
Rice Black Bean Combo $2.25
Rice Pinto Bean Combo $2.25
Street Corn $4.75
Street Corn Half $2.75
Chips only $1.25
Flour Tortillas $1.00
Double Chocolate Brownie $2.50
Gluten Free Brownie $2.50
Peanut Butter Brownie $2.50
Lil’ Nookies $3.95

Chips & Dips

Foods Size Prices
Salsa & Chips $3.50
Salsa & Chips Half $2.00

Breakfast Tacos

Foods Size Prices
Bacon, Egg & Cheese $2.85
Potato, Egg & Cheese $2.85
Chorizo, Egg & Cheese $2.85
Jalapeño Sausage, Egg & Cheese $2.85
Potato, Bean & Cheese $2.85
Migas $3.35
Monk Special $3.05
Ranch Hand $3.85
Wrangler $3.85
Bean & Cheese Taco $2.30
BYO Breakfast Taco $2.85
Roscoe $5.50

To Go Drink Kit

Foods Size Prices
To Go Tito’s Kit $35.00
To Go Mimosa Kit $20.00
To Go Bloody Mary Kit $35.00

Family Pack

Foods Size Prices
Family Pack Beef Fajita $35.00
Family Pack Crossroads $35.00
Family Pack Chicken Fajita $30.00
Family Pack Green Chile Pork $30.00
Family Pack Trailer Park $30.00
Family Pack Trailer Park Trashy $35.00
Weekender Bundle Beef Fajita $75.00
Weekender Bundle Chicken Fajita $70.00
Weekender Bundle Crossroads $75.00
Weekender Bundle Green Chile Pork $70.00
Weekender Bundle Trailer Park $70.00
Weekender Bundle Trailer Park Trashy $75.00

Damn Good Tacos

Foods Size Prices
Trailer Park Trashy $4.30
Trailer Park $4.30
Green Chile Pork $4.30
Baja Shrimp $5.05
Beef Fajita $4.80
Chicken Fajita $4.80
Crossroads $4.95
Fried Avocado $4.35
Independent $4.35
Republican $4.30
Tipsy Chick $5.80
Grande Burrito $7.75

About Torchy’s Tacos

Torchy’s Tacos Menu Prices History

In conclusion, Torchy’s Tacos is a Tex-Mex restaurant chain that was founded in 2006 by Michael Rypka. The company has seen success in its eleven years of operation, and there are plans to continue expanding in the future.

If you’re looking for a delicious, satisfying meal, be sure to check out Torchy’s Tacos! Torchy’s Tacos is a restaurant chain with locations throughout the United States.

The restaurants are known for their tacos and burritos. The first Torchy’s Tacos restaurant was opened in El Paso, Texas in 1982. Torchy’s Tacos is a restaurant chain that originated in Austin,

Texas. The restaurant specializes in tacos and burritos. The first Torchy’s Tacos opened on February 1, 1982, by Rick and Barbara Ennis. Torchy’s Tacos is a restaurant in Austin, Texas, that has been recognized for its unique tacos and margaritas.

The restaurant was founded by Dick Torchy in 1968 and it quickly gained a following for its tacos. Today, Torchy’s serves up tacos from its original location as well as locations in Dallas and Houston.

The restaurant also offers margaritas made with fresh lime and agave nectar.  The chain was founded in 1969 by Ruben Torre and Hector “Tito” Argueta in San Diego. Torchy’s Tacos serves Mexican-style tacos and burritos.

As you have already gone through the complete Torchy’s Tacos Menu Prices 2022, we have discussed the latest menu and prices. The price of these menus has been taken from the official average market price.

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