Uncle Julio’s Menu Prices (Updated: July 2023)

Craving mouthwatering Mexican cuisine without breaking the bank? Look no further than Uncle Julio’s, a dining experience that offers patrons the perfect blend of traditional, tantalizing flavors and wallet-friendly prices.

The diverse Uncle Julio’s menu is both a culinary adventure and a testament to the restaurant’s commitment to affordability, making it a must-try for Mexican food aficionados and budget-conscious foodies alike.

In this blog post, our team of culinary experts meticulously analyzed Uncle Julio’s menu prices to provide you with an in-depth understanding of what to expect.

As you venture through our findings, you’ll discover how Uncle Julio’s has consistently raised the bar for quality Mexican dining without the hefty price tag. So, let’s embark on this flavorful journey and uncover the secrets behind the unbeatable value that has left countless diners coming back for more!

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Uncle Julio’s Menu Prices In 2023


Foods Prices
Coke $2.29
Diet Coke $2.29
Topo Chico $3.14
Izze Clementine $2.28
Izze Pomegranate $2.86
Dasani Water $2.29

Bulk Items

Foods Prices
Flour Tortillas by the Dozen $2.87
Corn Tortillas by the Dozen $2.83
Chips by the Pound $3.71

Sides and Single Items

Foods Prices
Single Crispy Taco $3.58
Single Soft Taco $4.15
Side Mexican Butter $1.91
Side Mixed Cheese $0.99
Side Sour Cream $0.99
Side Rice $1.99
Side Beans $1.99


Foods Prices
Pint of Salsa $4.09
Pound of Chips $3.43
Quart of Salsa $7.64
Side Black Beans $2.38
Side Frijoles ala charra $2.38
Side Herb Vinaigrette $0.61
Side Mexican Rice $2.38
Side Monterey Jack $1.24
Side of Cheddar cheese $1.24
Side of Guacamole $2.15
Side of Half and Half Cheese $1.24
Side of Sour Cream $1.24
Side Peppers and Onions $4.68
Side Ranch $0.60
Side Refried Beans $2.38


Foods Prices
Churros $7.36

Bulk Tamales

Foods Prices
Bulk Tamales NO Sauce $9.66
Bulk Tamales w/Sauce $11.59

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Foods Prices
Cajeta $7.49
Mini Cajeta $3.75
Sopapillas $6.96
Vanilla Ice Cream $4.49

Bowls & Salads

Foods Prices
Steak Fajita Bowl $17.46
2 Honey Habanero Shrimp Add On $5.70

Tex Mex and Specialty Tacos

Foods Prices
Cheese and Onion Enchiladas Dinner $12.42
Chicken Enchilada Dinner $12.76
Beef Enchilada Dinner $13.07
Three Flauta Dinner $13.67
Cozumel Shrimp Tacos $16.77
Spicy Seared Tuna Tacos $16.77
Grilled Fish Tacos $15.99
Soft Taco Plate $13.37
Crispy Taco Plate $13.37
Combination Enchiladas $13.03
Steak and Enchilada $21.56
Coronado Pollo Platter $18.75
Matador Carne Platter $18.75
Juanitas Platter $17.41

Kids Menu

Foods Prices
Kid Quesadilla $7.19
Kidsadilla $6.18
Kid Nacho $5.99
Lotta Enchilada $5.99
Crispy Chicken Tenders $6.62
Kid Taco $5.99
Kid Fajita $6.99
Kid Ice Cream $1.99
Kid Fruit $1.99

Tex-Mex Enchiladas

Foods Prices
Tex-Mex Combination Dinner $18.83
Steak and Enchilada Dinner $25.68

Mesquite Grilled Specialities

Foods Prices
Camarones Diablos $25.60
Carne Asada $27.19
Agave Queso Chicken $19.97
Pechuga De Pollo $20.14
Slow Smoked Pork Ribs $23.78

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Popular Items

Foods Prices
Honey Chipotle Salmon $23.02
Bacon Wrapped Camarones $26.81
Carnitas Tacos $15.99
Habanero Honey Bacon Shrimp $14.68

Seafood Fajitas

Foods Prices
Shrimp Al Pastor $22.60
Spicy Seared Ahi Tuna $22.57
Salmon Jardin Fajitas $22.55

Famous Fajitas

Foods Prices
Summer Shrimp Fajitas for 1 $24.30
Original Chicken or Beef Fajitas for One $19.82
Filet Mignon Fajitas For One $27.87
Summer Shrimp Fajitas for 2 $45.43
Honey Chipotle Chicken Fajita for One $20.68
Grilled Vegetable Fajitas for One $18.13
Carnita Azteca Fajitas for One $20.70
Original Chicken or Beef Fajitas for Two $35.31
Filet Mignon Fajitas for Two $53.24
Seasoned Shrimp Fajitas for 1 $24.63
Seasoned Shrimp Fajitas for 2 $46.05
Honey Chipotle Chicken Fajita for Two $37.59
Grilled Vegetable Fajitas for Two $31.14
Carnita Azteca Fajitas For Two $37.56

Premium Margarita Bar

Foods Prices
Everything you need for perfect margaritas. Rocks version includes a limited edition shaker tin and jigger!
Rocks Margarita Bar $68.55
Frozen Margarita Bar $85.18

Soup & Salad

Foods Prices
Tortilla Soup $5.99
Chicken Fajita Cobb Salad $12.56
Acapulco Seafood Salad $12.42
Classic Taco Salad $12.99


Foods Prices
Guacamole $7.62
Honey Habanero Shrimp Appetizer $15.40
Queso $7.45
Cowboy Queso $11.94
Mama Julio’s Nacho $10.93
Guacamole & Queso Combination $10.97
Ceviche Fresca $12.17
Salsa $6.29
Pulled Chicken Quesadilla $14.16
Fajita Quesadilla $15.50
Vegetable Quesadilla $13.18
Hand Rolled Tamales $11.16
Queso Blanco $7.99

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Foods Prices
Must be 21 or older to order
Frozen Margaritas *Requires food purchase $5.75
Swirls *Requires food purchase $5.75

Family and Party Packs

Foods Prices
Traditional Fajita Party Pack $51.59
Chip and Dip Party Pack $34.99
Enchilada Party Pack $50.19
Soft or Crispy Taco Party Pack $46.19
Guadalajara Party Pack $60.99

Julios Togo

Foods Prices
Due to the National Crisis Guacamole and Pico de Gallo are unavailable on Fajitas and Quesadillas.
Combination Bake and Serve Enchiladas $20.00 $20.00
Bake And Serve Enchiladas for $20.00 $20.00
Original Steak and Chicken Fajitas for Three for $49.99 $49.00
Bottled Water $2.00
Original Steak and Chicken Fajitas for One $19.00 $19.00
Build Your Own Margarita Kit! *Requires food purchase $50.00
Original Steak and Chicken Fajitas for Two for $35.00 $35.00

Uncle Julios Togo Menu

Foods Prices
Pint of Queso and Large Bag of Chips $10.00
Large Chip and Pint Salsa $5.00
Original Steak and Chicken Fajitas for One $20.00 $19.91
Guacamole and Chips $12.00
6 Kid Tenders $10.00
10 Kid Tenders $12.00
Margarita Kit *Requires food purchase $43.37
Original Steak and Chicken Fajitas for Two for $37.00 $36.83
Original Steak and Chicken Fajitas for Three for $50.00 $50.00
Bottled Beer *Requires food purchase $2.00
Margaritas for 2 *Requires food purchase $20.47
Julio’s Margarita *Requires food purchase $5.13


Foods Prices
Soup & Ensalada $11.44
Soup & Taco al Carbon $12.35
Carnita Lunch Bowl $11.99
Mamacita’s Lunch Nachos $10.06
Mesquite Grilled Fajita Lunch Quesadilla $12.92
Honey Chipotle Chicken Lunch Fajitas $16.10
Traditional Mesquite Grilled Lunch Fajitas $15.48
Carnitas Azteca Lunch Fajitas $15.96
Spicy Sizzling Shrimp Lunch Fajitas $15.72
Lunch Honey Chipotle Salmon $16.83
Pulled Chicken Lunch Quesadilla $11.99
Sauteed Vegetable Lunch Quesadilla $12.05
Cozumel Shrimp Lunch Tacos $13.96
Carnitas Lunch Tacos $12.96
Grilled Fish Lunch Tacos $13.12
El Dorado $10.46
Reynosa $10.46
Chicken Tortilla Lunch Bowl $10.00
Steak Fajita Lunch Bowl $13.99
Seared Chili Shrimp Bowl $13.99

Fajita Combos

Foods Prices
Lobster and Fajitas $34.32
Guadalajara $24.70
Jalisco $24.70
Juarez $24.99

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Uncle Julio’s History

Uncle Julio's Menu Prices History

If you’ve ever wondered how Uncle Julio’s became a beloved destination for Mexican food enthusiasts, look no further. We’re here to provide you with an expert insight into the fascinating history of this iconic restaurant.

Launched in 1986 in Irving, Texas, Uncle Julio’s was founded by a team of passionate visionaries who sought to create an unforgettable dining experience. Their mission was simple: to serve authentic, fresh, and mouthwatering Mexican dishes that would transport patrons straight to the heart of Mexico.

The restaurant’s founders understood that to truly capture the essence of Mexican cuisine, they needed to focus on the quality and freshness of their ingredients.

This commitment to excellence is evident in the menu, which boasts an array of traditional dishes like sizzling fajitas, scrumptious enchiladas, and zesty guacamole, all made from scratch daily.

As a result, Uncle Julio’s quickly gained a reputation for delivering exceptional flavors that left diners craving more. One of the key factors contributing to Uncle Julio’s success was its rapid expansion.

After firmly establishing its presence in Texas, the team set their sights on the Windy City, opening a location in Chicago. This strategic move allowed Uncle Julio’s to introduce its unique brand of Mexican cuisine to a wider audience, fostering a loyal following of fans who couldn’t get enough of their delicious offerings.

Today, Uncle Julio’s has become synonymous with quality Mexican dining, and it’s all thanks to the tireless efforts of its founders and dedicated staff. From the chefs who meticulously craft each dish to the waitstaff who ensure a seamless dining experience, the team at Uncle Julio’s works together to make every visit memorable.

As a result, the restaurant continues to thrive and expand, delighting patrons across the United States with its distinctive blend of culinary expertise and genuine hospitality.

So, the next time you indulge in a meal at Uncle Julio’s, take a moment to appreciate the rich history and passion that has shaped this beloved restaurant.

As you savor the flavors, textures, and aromas of your dish, know that you’re experiencing a legacy of culinary excellence that spans decades. Whether you’re a first-time guest or a returning fan, Uncle Julio’s promises a dining experience that will leave you with lasting memories and an insatiable appetite for more.

FAQs On Uncle Julio’s Restaurant

1. How affordable are Uncle Julio’s menu prices?

Uncle Julio’s menu prices cater to a wide range of budgets, making it an ideal destination for patrons seeking quality Mexican cuisine without the hefty price tag. The restaurant offers a variety of appetizers, entrees, and desserts at reasonable prices to ensure an enjoyable dining experience for all.

2. Are there vegetarian options available at Uncle Julio’s?

Yes, Uncle Julio’s offers an array of vegetarian dishes, including salads, veggie fajitas, and cheese enchiladas. The menu is designed to accommodate various dietary preferences, ensuring a satisfying meal for everyone.

3. Does Uncle Julio’s offer gluten-free options?

Absolutely! Uncle Julio’s provides several gluten-free dishes, such as their famous fajitas with corn tortillas and their tableside guacamole. Be sure to inform your server of any dietary restrictions to receive appropriate recommendations.

4. Are there any lunch specials or discounts available at Uncle Julio’s?

Uncle Julio’s frequently offers lunch specials and discounts, providing an even more budget-friendly experience. Keep an eye on their website or social media channels for updates on the latest promotions and offers.

5. Can I customize my order at Uncle Julio’s?

Yes, Uncle Julio’s is happy to accommodate special requests and modifications to your meal. Simply inform your server of your preferences, and they will do their best to tailor your order to your liking.

6. Does Uncle Julio’s offer a kids’ menu?

Uncle Julio’s has a dedicated kids’ menu featuring popular favorites like chicken tenders, cheese quesadillas, and mini beef tacos. The menu is designed to cater to the tastes of younger diners, ensuring a delightful experience for the entire family.

7. Are there options for large groups or catering services at Uncle Julio’s?

Uncle Julio’s offers catering services and customizable menus for large groups or special events. Contact your local Uncle Julio’s for more information on planning your next event.

8. Can I order Uncle Julio’s for takeout or delivery?

Yes, Uncle Julio’s offers takeout and delivery options, allowing you to enjoy their delicious Mexican cuisine in the comfort of your own home. Check their website or third-party delivery apps to place an order.

9. Does Uncle Julio’s offer any signature dishes or must-try items?

Uncle Julio’s is renowned for its sizzling fajitas, tableside guacamole, and their famous Chocolate Piñata dessert. These dishes, among others, showcase the restaurant’s commitment to authentic flavors and culinary excellence.

10. Are there happy hour deals at Uncle Julio’s?

Many Uncle Julio’s locations offer happy hour specials, including discounted appetizers and drinks. Be sure to check with your local restaurant for specific details and times to take advantage of these enticing offers.

Final Words

Uncle Julio’s has solidified its reputation as a go-to destination for flavorful Mexican cuisine without compromising affordability. Through our expert analysis, we’ve shown that the diverse menu offerings and competitive pricing cater to a wide range of budgets and preferences, ensuring a satisfying dining experience for all.

Uncle Julio’s unwavering commitment to quality ingredients, authentic flavors, and exceptional service has made it a favorite among Mexican food enthusiasts across the United States.

As you now have a better understanding of Uncle Julio’s menu prices, we encourage you to experience the restaurant for yourself and savor the mouthwatering dishes they have to offer.

Whether you’re gathering with friends or sharing a meal with family, Uncle Julio’s is sure to provide an unforgettable dining experience that will leave you craving more. So, why wait?

Visit your local Uncle Julio’s and discover firsthand the delicious and budget-friendly Mexican fare that has made this restaurant a beloved favorite among patrons nationwide.

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