WaBa Grill Menu Prices (Updated: March 2023)

WaBa Grill is a it is a fast-casual restaurant that specializes in Lebanese cuisine. The restaurant is brightly lit and has a modern look to it. The menu features a variety of items such as sandwiches, salads, and wraps.

There are also options for rice and pasta dishes. WaBa Grill offers drink options such as tea, coffee, and juice. If you’re looking for a delicious and affordable meal, WaBa Grill is the place to go.

The restaurant has a variety of food items on their menu, so there is something for everyone. From chicken wings to gyros, you’ll be able to find something that you’ll love.

Plus, the prices are very reasonable. WaBa Grill Restaurant, located in the heart of the city, offers a wide variety of food that will tantalize your taste buds.

The restaurant offers several mouth-watering options for both meat and vegetarian eaters. The menu features various types of kebabs, salads, soups and flatbreads.

For those who are looking for something more substantial, WaBa Grill has you covered with their wide variety of burgers, sandwiches and pasta dishes. Whatever your mood or craving may be, WaBa Grill is sure to have something to satisfy it!

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WaBa Grill Menu Prices In 2023

Family Meal

Foods Prices
Chicken Family Meal $25.60
Sweet and Spicy Chicken Family Meal $25.60
White Meat Chicken Family Meal $25.60
Chicken & Rib-Eye Steak Family Meal $31.99
White Meat Chicken & Rib-Eye Steak Family Meal $31.99
Rib-Eye Steak Family Meal $38.50
Tofu Family Meal $25.60


Foods Prices Prices Prices Prices Prices Prices
Steak Chicken & Steak Salmon Shrimp Tofu
Spicy Asian Salad $9.45 $11.45 $11.45 $12.79 $12.79 $9.90
Signature House $8.20 $11.12 $11.00 $12.79 $12.79 $9.70


Foods Prices
Bottled Water $2.80
Pepsi $2.70
Diet Pepsi $2.70
Apple Juice $3.10
Gatorade Cool Blue $3.10
Pure Leaf Tea- Raspberry $3.25
Pure Leaf Tea – Unsweetened $3.25
Bubly – Lime $3.25
Dole – Lemonade $3.25


Foods Prices
Half-Ocado $2.55
5 Dumplings $3.30
Miso Soup $2.50
Side Salad $4.50
Side Brown Rice $3.70
Side White Rice $3.70
Side Garlic Serrano Sauce $0.35
Side Spicy WaBa Sauce $0.35
Side Cucumber Edamame Kimchi $2.40
Side of Chicken $5.25
Side of Sweet & Spicy Chicken $5.25
Side of White Meat Chicken $5.25
Side of Steak $6.39
Side of Salmon $7.00
Side of Shrimp $2.80
Side of Tofu $5.25
Side Wonton Strips $0.70


Foods Prices
5 Dumplings $3.30
10 Dumplings $6.45
20 Dumplings $12.90

Rice Veggie Bowls

Foods Prices
Veggie Bowl $8.18
Chicken Veggie Bowl $10.74
Sweet & Spicy Chicken Veggie Bowl $10.74
Steak Veggie Bowl $12.00
Chicken & Steak Veggie Bowl $11.50
Salmon Veggie Bowl $13.80
Shrimp Veggie Bowl $13.80
Tofu Veggie Bowl $10.74


Foods Prices
Chicken Plate $11.89
Sweet & Spicy Chicken Plate $11.89
Chicken & Steak Plate $12.66
Steak Plate $13.15
Salmon Plate $14.85
Shrimp Plate $14.84
Tofu Plate $11.89

Rice Bowls

Foods Prices
Chicken Bowls $9.45
Sweet & Spicy Chicken Bowl $9.45
Steak Bowl $10.74
Chicken & Steak Bowl $10.23
Salmon Bowl $12.50
Shrimp Bowl $12.50
Tofu Bowl $9.45

WaBa Grill History

Waba Grill Menu Prices History

In conclusion, WaBa Grill is a company with a rich history, founded by Eric Lee in 2006. The company started in Southern California and has since expanded to California, United States.

WaBa Grill is known for its delicious food and friendly service, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a great meal! WaBa Grill Restaurant is a family-owned and operated restaurant that has been in business since 1978.

The restaurant is located in the heart of downtown Durham, North Carolina and offers both indoor and outdoor seating. WaBa Grill offers a variety of menu items, including gyros, shawarma, falafel, chicken salads, and more.

In addition to its menu items, WaBa Grill also offers traditional Egyptian dishes such as baba ghanoush and tabbouleh. The restaurant is known for its friendly staff and delicious food.

WaBa Grill Restaurant is a well-known and popular restaurant in the Arlington area. It has been in operation since 1979, and it has always been known for its quality food and friendly service.

WaBa Grill is family owned and operated, and it offers a wide variety of both traditional Arabic dishes as well as international favorites. The restaurant also has an extensive wine list, making it a perfect place to enjoy a delicious meal with friends.

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