Wade’s Menu Prices (Updated: July 2023)

Wade’s Menu Prices 2023

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Strawberry Shortcake$2.75
Apple Pie Slice$2.75
Whole – $11.95
French Silk Pie Slice$3.25
Whole – $17.25
Lemon Pie Slice$2.75
Whole – $11.95
Pecan Pie Slice$2.75
Whole- $11.95
Peanut Butter Pie Slice$2.75
Whole – $11.95
Derby PieWhole- $11.95

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Soup & Salad

Tossed Salad$3.95
Vegetable SoupCup – $2.50
Bowl – $3.95

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Sweet Tea$1.35
1/2 Gallon – $3.25
UNsweet Tea$1.35
1/2 Gallon – $3.25
Water Cup ToGo$0.25
Regular Coffee$1.35
Decaf Coffee$1.35
MilkSmall – $1.10
Large – $1.60
Diet Coke$1.60
Dr. Pepper$1.60
1/2 Sweet Tea 1/2 Unsweet$1.35
1/2 Sweet Tea 1/2 Lemonade$1.60
Apple Juice$0.99
Cup of Ice$0.25

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Plates (your choice of 2 or 3 veggies, bread, tea or coffee)

Baked Ham$8.45
Creamy Baked Chicken Over Rice$8.75
Turkey & Dressing w/ Gravy$9.17
Hamburger Steak8oz – $8.95
Grilled Chicken$8.45
Fried Chicken2 Legs – $7.95
Fried Chicken Breast & Leg$8.45
Fried Chicken Breast$7.95
Vegetable Plate$8.00
Child’s To Go Plate$5.25

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