Bacco Menu Prices (Updated: July 2023)

Bacco Restaurant offers a unique and unforgettable dining experience with its extensive food menu. This Italian-inspired restaurant offers an impressive selection of shareable plates and entrees to tantalize any palate.

Whether you’re in the mood for something light and fresh or hearty main course, Bacco’s menu has something for everyone. Start off your meal by sharing one of the many appetizers on their menu, From wood-fired pizzas to homemade pastas, the selection at Bacco has something for every palate.

In addition to their renowned entrees, customers can also enjoy a wide selection of appetizers, desserts and craft cocktails from the bar. Then enjoy one of Bacco’s delicious pastas such as Gnocchi alla Sorrentina made with San Marzano tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, basil and extra virgin olive oil.

The menu at Bacco Restaurant is unique in its breadth and depth, offering both traditional Italian plates as well as inventive twists on familiar dishes.

Whether you’re looking for an intimate dining experience or just a casual night out with friends or family, Bacco Restaurant has something for everyone. Stop by any day of the week to taste classic Italian cuisine prepared with love and served up with a smile!

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Bacco Menu Prices In 2023

Red Wine

Irony Pinot Noir, 2010$9.00
Donna Laura Sangiovese (Chianti), 2009$7.00
Ruffino Aziano Chianti Classico, 2008$10.00
Ave Melbec, 2009$10.00
Lagaria Merlot, 2010$7.00
Raw Shiraz, 2010$8.00
Five Rivers Cabernet Sauvignon, 2007$8.00
Chateau Ste$12.00michelle cabernet sauvignon, 2008
Paolo Scavino Rosso(Nebbiolo Blend) 2009$12.00

White Wine

La Vis Pinot Grigio, 2010$8.00
Oyster Bay Savignon Blanc, 2010$9.00
Dipinti Chardonnay, 2010$8.00
Cupcake Riesling, 2010$8.00
Beringer White Zinfandel, 2010$7.00
Villa Sandi Prosecco$9.00
Silver Palm Chardonnay, 2010$12.00

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Salmon Bianco$22.95roasted salmon and vegetables, parmesan angel hair torta
Scallops Puttanesca$23.95seared spinach, angel hair torta, spicy sicilian tomato ragu, olives and capers
Seafood Fra Diavolo$25.95shrimp scallops, calamari, little neck clams, basil, fettuccine, spicy marinara
Frutti Di Mare$26.95fresh lobster meat, scallops, shrimp, calamari, mussels, clams and poached salmon, linguini tomato saffron brodetto


Veal Parmigiana$22.95daily featured pasta
Veal Piccata$22.95lemon & capers, parmesan risotto
Veal Marsala$22.95wild mushrooms, parmesan polenta cake
Veal Florentine$23.95seared spinach, pignoli, fontina cheese, pan seared gnocchi,vermouth glaze
Veal Saltimbocca$23.95fontina cheese, prosciutto di parma, roasted peppers, cheese ravioli, sage-marsala reduction

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Chicken Parmigiana$18.95daily featured pasta
Chicken Piccata$20.95lemon & capers, parmesan risotto
Chicken Marsala$20.95wild mushrooms,parmesan polenta cake
Chicken Saltimbocca$21.95fontina cheese, prosciutto di parma, roasted peppers, cheese ravioli, sage-marsala reduction

Contorni $5.95

Roasted Vegetables
Parmesan Risotto
Parmesan Polenta Cake
Linguini Aglio Olio
Basil Angel Hair Parmesan Torta
Roasted Asparagus & Pancetta

Pasta & Riso

Roasted Eggplant$15.95fettuccine, mozzarella cheese, spicy marinara
Eggplant Parmigiana$18.95seared spinach, ricotta, san marzano tomatoes
Calamari Toscano$19.95tuscan olives, capers, spicy tomato fra diavolo, linguini
Spaghetti & Meatballs$19.95pecorino cheese, san marzano marinara
Potato Gnocchi Al Forno$20.95slow braised bolognese ragu, fresh mozzarella
Shrimp Carbonara$21.95roasted garlic cream, fettuccine, pancetta and peas
Chicken Cacciatore$20.95sausage, peppers,onions, mushrooms, linguini
Primavera Risotto$19.95roasted vegetables, carrot crisps
Mussels Amalfi$19.95broccoli rabe, spaghetti, spicy basil fra diavolo
Butternut Squash Ravioli$20.95sun dried berries, sage brown butter cream
Porcini Ravioli$22.95prosciutto & caramelized shallot cream
Jumbo Shrimp Scampi$20.95linguini, just burst cherry tomatoes
Clams & Sausage Arrabbiata$21.95stoney island clams, italian sausage, linguini, spicy barndy san marzano tomatoes
Sausage & Rapini$21.95penne rigate, cherry tomatoes, garlic, olive oil
Lobster Ravioli$23.95fresh lobster meat, olives, capers, spicy sicilian puttanesca
Risotto Del Giorno

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Caprese$9.95vine ripe tomatoes, fresh mozzarella and basil
Organic Greens$7.95shaved fennel, toasted almond, balsamic vinaigrette
Classic Caesar$8.95romaine, garlic croutons, parmigiano reggiano, anchovy
Baby Spinach$8.95candied walnuts, cranberries, raspberry vinaigrette


Tuscan Olives$5.95rosemary olive oil
Bruschetta$8.95vine ripe tomatoes, mozzarella and basil oil
Arancine$8.95fontina and basil risotto crocchette, oven roasted tomato ragu
Crispy Garlic Calamari$10.95spicy three peppers, marinara
Parmesan Polenta Cake$10.95pancetta bolognese
Artichoke Fritter$10.95lemon and capers
Stuffed Pepper$9.95risotto & beef, pignoli, mozzarella cheese,sicilian tomato ragu
Carpaccio$11.95beef tenderloin, parmigiano reggiano, balsamic glaze, capers, olive oil
Sweet And Spicy Italian Sausage$11.95peppers, onions
Prosciutto & Mozzarella$12.95prosciutto di parma,fresh mozzarella, basil, balsamic agrodolce
Jumbo Shrimp$11.95shaved fennel, cherry tomatoes, lemon olive oil
Mussels$12.95plum and cherry tomatoes, roasted garlic and pinot grigio
Antipasto$14.95chef’s selection of roasted and marinated vegetables, assorted imported meats and cheeses

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Bacco History

bacco menu prices history

The Virginia restaurant, Bacco, has a rich and long history that dates back to 1993. It was founded by two men, Paolo Dominici and Vincenzo Cucco, who had a passion for Italian cuisine and wanted to bring authentic Italian flavors to the United States.

Since its founding, Bacco has become well-known in the area for its delicious dishes made with fresh ingredients sourced directly from Italy. Bacco has developed a reputation over the years as being one of the best restaurants in Virginia thanks to its commitment to quality food and service.

The chefs take great pride in their work and have created a menu filled with flavorful dishes that combine traditional Italian recipes with modern twists.

From classic pizzas to homemade pastas, Bacco offers something for everyone who enjoys Italian cuisine. Paolo and Vincenzo were dedicated to making sure that every meal was cooked with the same loving care they had brought from their homeland.

Their commitment to quality food resulted in numerous awards throughout the years – including being recognized as one of the best restaurants in Virginia by Zagat Survey for six consecutive years!

Today, Bacco has grown into a successful franchise with locations across the United States.

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