Bareburger Menu Prices (Updated: July 2023)

Bareburger offers a delicious and creative twist on classic American favorites. The restaurant’s menu offers an array of options for all types of diners, from vegan to meat-lovers.

Whether you are looking for a quick snack or a full meal, Bareburger has something to satisfy your cravings. The menu includes an array of burgers and sandwiches made with beef, turkey, veggie patties or even wild game proteins such as elk and bison.

If you are looking to try something new, there are also gluten-free options available like the sweet potato bun and portobello mushroom cap burger.

They also offer unique salads and sides like their signature kale coleslaw or roasted cauliflower quinoa salad. The menu at Bareburger features an array of carefully crafted classic American cuisine that marries flavors from all over the world.

The selection includes mouth-watering burgers made with fresh grass-fed beef or organic chicken, as well as vegan patties with creative toppings like pineapple salsa or spicy guacamole.

There are also sandwiches such as grilled cheese and pulled pork sliders, for those looking for lighter fare, there’s a wide selection of garden fresh salads in addition to soups, chili bowls and seasonal specials.

Bareburger Menu Prices In 2023

Don’t Forget The Kids

Foods Prices
Panda w/ Buttermilk Ranch $9.95

Vegan Greens

Foods Prices
Side El Catrin $6.99
Side Cali Fresh $6.99

Picked For You

Foods Prices
Impossible Burger $14.65


Foods Prices
Side French Fries $4.82
Side Sweet Fries $6.14
Side Rings and Fries $5.95
Side Fries/Sweet fries $6.53
Side Onion Rings $6.37
Waffle Fries $5.27
Side Salad $5.10
Side Dill Pickles $3.97
Dill Pickles $3.86
Side Rings and Sweet Fries $6.99
Sweet Pickles $3.97
Side Baby Green Salad $4.99
Side Sweet Pickles $3.97
Baby Green Salad $4.89
Side Sweet and Regular Fries $5.99
Chips & Guac $3.99
Side Waffle Fries $3.99

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Foods Prices
Entree Guapo Chop $9.22
Entree Classic Caesar $13.00
Guapo Chop Salad $6.94
Kail Caesar $5.99
The Hudson Salad $6.99
Entree Hudson $9.41
Side Classic Caesar $8.00
Bare Caesar Salad $5.99
Cali Fresh $9.07
Cali Fresh Salad $6.99
Entree Bare Caesar $9.91
Side Guapo Chop $6.99
El Catrin $8.01
Side Hudson $6.99
Berry Blue $6.02
Side Bare Caesar $5.99


Foods Prices
Blazin Bison Burger $15.10

Vegan Shares

Foods Prices
French Fries Vegan $6.99
Crispy Brussels Sprouts $9.98
Sweet Fries Vegan $8.99
Scott’s Waffles $11.98


Foods Prices
French Fries $6.63
Popcorn Chicken w/ Buttermilk Ranch $13.95
Buttermilk Chicken Bites $9.99
Cauliflower Bites $10.98
Chicken Fingers $11.98
Pickle Chips $10.06
Sweet Fries $8.93
Honey Brussels $11.95
Onion Rings $9.92
Macho Fries $11.98
Share French Fries $7.88
Share Sweet Fries $9.95
Rings and Fries $9.96
Goin Back to Cauli $12.95
Share Truffle Fries $9.90
Super Duper Loaded Fries $16.95
Share Bacon Cheese Fries $11.95
Share Fries/Sweet Fries $9.95

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Foods Prices
Supreme Burger $15.28
Farmstead Burger $10.98
El Matador Burger $13.90
Buckaroo Burger $14.93
Guadalupe Burger $11.01
So Cal Burger $12.81
Socal Burger $12.99
The Duke $15.99
Flamin’ Bacon Burger $13.94
Golden State $13.99
Paul Bunyan Burger $15.92
The Duchess $14.99
Wake Up Call $13.99
Big Bopper $14.99
The Rambler $10.99

Bowls & Salads

Foods Prices
Caesar Salad $14.10
Kobb Salad $17.10
Brussel Bowl $16.95
Southwestern Salad $19.95
Moroccan Bowl $19.03
Cali Bowl $17.10
Small Kobb Salad $11.10
Small Caesar Salad $9.10
Small Cali Bowl $11.10

Top Menu Items

Foods Prices
Be My Burger $11.45
American Burger $12.20
The Standard Burger $11.94
The Original $13.99

Vegan Burgers

Foods Prices
Beyond Burger $13.63

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Foods Prices
Organic Lemonades $3.88
Sodas $3.95
GIVN Bottled Water $2.97

Bare Sweets

Foods Prices
Chunkay Monkae $9.99
Kid’s Sundae $5.30
Vegan Carrot Cake $8.96
S’mmmores $10.99
Flourless Chocolate Cake $8.99

Vegan Milkshakes

Foods Prices
BYO Shake Vegan $7.99
Mint Chocolate Cookies and Cream $9.99

Milk Shakes

Foods Prices
BYO Shake $7.99
Banana Foster $9.99

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Vegan Sides

Foods Prices
Side French Fries Vegan $3.99
Side Sweet Fries Vegan $5.99
Side Sweet and Fries $5.99
Side Waffle Fries Vegan $3.99
Side Dill Pickles Vegan $3.99
Side Baby Green Salad Vegan $4.99
Side Sweet Pickles Vegan $3.99

Vegan Cubby Meals

Foods Prices
Kodiak $8.98
Teddy $11.38
Polar $8.98

Cubby Meals

Foods Prices
Grizzly $9.49
Kid’s Grizzly Cubby Meal $8.99
Koala $9.49
Kid’s Koala Cubby Meal $8.99
Kid’s Panda Cubby Meal $8.99
Panda $8.98
Kid’s Teddy Cubby Meal $10.99
Kid’s Kodiak Cubby Meal $8.99
Kid’s Polar Cubby Meal $8.99


Foods Prices
Be My Milkshake $9.70
Salted Caramel Milkshake $11.95
Banana Foster Milkshake $9.48
Mint Cookies N’ Cream Milkshake $9.99
Mix Your Flavors Milkshake $7.94

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Foods Prices
Carrot Cake $7.95
Choco Lovin Cake $7.95


Foods Prices
20 oz. Soda $3.50


Foods Prices
Buttermilk Buffalo Sandwich $12.67
Triple Decker BLT $13.99
California BLT Sandwich $13.68
Penn Station $11.02
Santa Fe $11.96
Spicy Ranch $14.18
Impossible Melt $13.99
Mission Viejo $11.99
Wham Bam Sandwich $12.46
The Berk $11.99

Burgers & Sandwiches

Foods Prices
Standard $12.59
Blazin’ Bacon $15.00
Classic Chix $12.95
Elkasaurus $16.95
Chicky Club $15.00
The National $15.95
Dilly Chick $13.00
My Sunshine $11.95
Impossible Standards $14.95
Sweet Bison Blues $17.95
Loaded BLT $12.00
Impossible Shrooming $15.95
Matador $16.00
Cilantro Black Bean $11.95
So Co $13.95
Smokey Blue $17.00
Southern Chix $12.95
BL-Turkey $14.95
Ranchero $14.95
Wrangler $17.00

Bareburger History

Bareburger Menu Prices History

Euripides Pelekanos is the CEO of Bareburger Restaurant located on Bell Blvd, Bayside, New York. He has been working in the restaurant industry for over 20 years and has established a successful business with his unique approach to creating sustainable and organic meals.

His vision for Bareburger was to create an environment that encourages people to think creatively while still embracing traditional values. Pelekanos’ passion for sustainability led him to source organic ingredients from local farms and craftsmanship vendors around the world.

He believes this is essential not only for better quality food but also helps support small businesses and communities throughout the United States.

In addition, he strives to create an atmosphere where customers can experience healthy and delicious dishes while enjoying their time at Bareburger.

He’s known for his delicious burgers and always being available to greet customers with a warm smile. Pelekanos is incredibly passionate about his business, motivated by the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of those around him.

His commitment to quality ingredients and customer service has set him apart from competitors, making Bareburger one of the top restaurant choices for locals and tourists alike.

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