China One Menu Prices (Updated: July 2023)

China One Restaurant is a local favorite for Chinese cuisine. The restaurant is located on Main Street and has been in business for over 10 years. The menu features traditional Chinese dishes such as Kung Pao chicken, egg rolls, and wonton soup.

The food is always fresh and the service is friendly. China One is a great place to go for a delicious and affordable meal. If you’re ever in the mood for some good Chinese food, there’s one restaurant that you should definitely check out – China One.

They have all of your favorite traditional dishes, plus a few unique items that you’re sure to love. Trust us, your taste buds will thank you for giving China One a try!

If you are looking for an authentic Chinese food dining experience, look no further than China One. With a menu that has something for everyone, you will not be disappointed.

From traditional dishes like General Tso’s chicken to more adventurous choices like scorpion, China One will give you a taste of the real China. So come hungry and ready to explore all that this restaurant has to offer!

From staples like chow mein and egg rolls to more exotic dishes like salt and pepper shrimp, there’s something for everyone on the menu. And with hearty portion sizes and affordable prices, China One is a great option for budget-minded diners.

So whether you’re a Chinese food aficionado or a novice, be sure to check out China One next time you’re in the mood for takeout. If you’re in the mood for Chinese food, there’s no need to go to a pricey restaurant.

Check out China One instead. You’ll find all of your favorite dishes on the menu, and at a fraction of the cost. Plus, the servings are generous, so you’re sure to leave with a full stomach. So next time you’re in the mood for Chinese, be sure to head to China One.

China One Menu Prices In 2023


Foods Prices
Fountain Drink $1.50
Iced Tea $1.50
Hot Tea $1.50
Bottled Water $1.00
Iced Coffee $3.95

China One Specials

Foods Prices
Black Pepper Chicken $9.55
Fish Fillet in Black Bean Sauce $10.25
Chicken Lettuce Wraps $10.25
Pork Chop with Salt & Pepper $10.25
Combination Kung Pao $10.25
Shrimp with Salt & Pepper $11.25
Honey Walnut Shrimp $11.95

Teriyaki Bowl

Foods Prices
Beef, Chicken, or Vegetable Teriyaki $5.55
Shrimp Teriyaki $5.95
Combination Teriyaki $6.95

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Foods Prices
Beef, BBQ Pork, Chicken, or Vegetable Fried Rice $6.55
Shrimp Fried Rice $6.95
House Fried Rice $7.95
Steamed White Rice $1.95
Steamed Brown Rice $2.45

Chow Fun

Foods Prices
Beef, Pork, Chicken, or Vegetable Chow Fun $8.25
Shrimp Chow Fun $8.55
House Chow Fun $8.95
Singapore Rice Noodle $8.95


Foods Prices
Beef, Pork, Chicken, or Vegetable Chow Mein $6.55
Shrimp Chow Mein $6.95
House Chow Mein $7.95
Hong Kong Style Chow Mein $9.95

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Foods Prices
Cashew Shrimp $9.95
Sweet & Sour Shrimp $9.95
Shrimp in Lobster Sauce $9.95
Shrimp with Broccoli $9.95
Shrimp Chop Suey $9.95
Shrimp in Black Bean Sauce $9.95
Kung Pao Shrimp $9.95
Shrimp in Hot Garlic Sauce $9.95
Curry Shrimp $9.95
Shrimp with Snow Peas $9.95


Foods Prices
Sweet & Sour Chicken $8.95
Moo Goo Chicken $8.95
Teriyaki Chicken $8.95
Cashew Chicken $8.95
Chicken Chop Suey $8.95
Chicken with Broccoli $8.95
Lemon Chicken $8.95
Mu Shu Chicken $8.95
Sesame Chicken $8.95
Chicken in Black Bean Sauce $8.95
Chicken String Bean in Black Bean Sauce $8.95
Orange Chicken $8.95
General Chicken $8.95
Curry Chicken $8.95
Kung Pao Chicken $8.95
Chicken in Hot Garlic Sauce $8.95


Foods Prices
Sweet & Sour Pork $8.95
Ginger & Onion Pork $8.95
Mu Shu Pork $8.95
Pork Chop Suey $8.95
Ma Pu Tofu with Pork $8.95
Pork in Hot Garlic Sauce $8.95
Pork String Bean in Black Bean Sauce $8.95

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Foods Prices
Beef with Broccoli $9.45
Beef Pepper Steak $9.45
Beef in Oyster Sauce $9.45
Beef Chop Suey $9.45
Sesame Beef $9.75
Orange Beef $9.75
Kung Pao Beef $9.45
Mongolian Beef $9.45
Beef in Hot Garlic Sauce $9.45
Ginger & Onion Beef $9.45
Curry Beef $9.45
Hunan Beef $9.75


Foods Prices
Sautéed Broccoli $7.95
Sautéed Spinach $7.95
Sautéed Garden Vegetable $7.95
Fried Tofu With Vegetable $7.95
String Bean with Black Bean Sauce $7.95
Eggplant with Tofu $8.45

Egg Foo Young

Foods Prices
Beef, Pork, Chicken or Vegetable Egg Foo Young $8.95
Shrimp or Crab Egg Foo Young $9.75
Combination Egg Foo Young $9.75

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Foods Prices
Corn Egg Drop Soup $5.95
Vegetable Soup $5.95
Wonton Soup $6.95
Hot & Sour Soup $6.95


Foods Prices
Thai Chicken Salad $7.75
Chinese Chicken Salad $7.75


Foods Prices
Vegetable Egg Rolls $2.25
Crab Rangoon $5.45
Pot Stickers $5.95
Fried Wonton $5.45
Buttered Fried Shrimp $6.25
Spicy Chicken Wing $7.35
Paper Wrapped Chicken $5.95
BBQ Sliced Pork $5.95
BBQ Spare Ribs $7.25
Combo Platter $8.95

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China One History

china one menu prices history

In conclusion, the China One restaurant company has a rich history dating back to 2008 when it was founded by Andrew Krauss in the United States. The company has since expanded to include locations in China and other countries around the world.

If you’re looking for a delicious and affordable meal, be sure to check out China One! In America, Chinese food is one of the most popular cuisines. Most people have their favorite Chinese restaurant that they order from regularly.

But how much do you really know about the history of these restaurants? In America, Chinese food is one of the most popular cuisine choices. But how much do Americans really know about the history of Chinese food?

China One restaurant seeks to educate its customers on the rich history of Chinese cuisine. For example, did you know that chop suey is not actually a traditional Chinese dish?

Or that General Tso’s chicken was invented in America? In America, Chinese food is one of the most popular types of cuisine. Many people think of Chinese food as greasy and unhealthy, but there are actually a lot of healthy options available.

One restaurant in particular, China One, offers a variety of both healthy and delicious dishes. When most people think of Chinese food, they think of take-out from their local restaurant.

But the history of Chinese cuisine is much richer and more fascinating than that. For example, did you know that the first Chinese restaurant in America was actually opened by an Englishman?

He called it “China One” and it quickly became a popular spot for both locals and tourists. The menu was simple, but it offered a taste of China that many Americans had never experienced before.

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