Long John Silver’s Menu Prices 2023 (Latest & Official)

This is a most comprehensive guide on Long John Silver’s Menu Prices 2023. We have listed all the latest and complete menus and prices after confirming them twice from the official website.

Renowned for its seafood experience, Long John Silver’s in Lexington, Kentucky, got its first Long John Silver’s in 1969. Over 1,000 Long John Silver’s restaurants opened in 1979, and in 1980 they became a nationally recognized name.

Long John Silver’s offers a wide variety of combination platters made up of the restaurant’s various single-item menu items. Because the platters don’t list the nutrition facts, it can be challenging to know what to order, especially if you’re trying to lose weight.

Use the best and worst information listed below as a guide to help you decide what to order when you order a combo. With this information in hand, you can plan your next trip to Long John Silver’s accordingly.

In terms of calories, shrimp is a low-calorie fish that’s also loaded with beneficial nutrients. With only a small amount of additional fat, this is the best option to enjoy at Long John Silver’s.

It’s all in the preparation and cooking method when it comes to seafood, though. Crab cakes are deep-fried and stuffed with additional high-calorie fillings. A single crab cake contains nearly 40% of the daily maximum recommended sodium intake.

As a result, it’s safe to say that this is one seafood dish you should avoid ordering. Pollock is a nutritious fish, but when breaded and deep-fried, it loses much of its nutritional value.

The battered and fried Pollock at Long John Silver’s would add a lot more caloric intake and artery-clogging fat than essential to many of the combo platters. Without looking any further, let us have a look at Long Horn John Silver’s menu prices for 2023. Explore Long John Silver’s Menu Prices.

Other Restaurant Menus:

Long John Silver’s Menu Prices In 2023

Sandwiches & Tacos

Foods Size Prices
2 Fish Tacos $3.99
2 Fish Tacos – Combo $5.99
Fish Sandwich $3.69
Fish Sandwich – Combo $5.69
Chicken Sandwich $3.79
Chicken Sandwich – Combo $5.79

Baked Meals

Foods Size Prices
Baked Cod $7.59
Baked Shrimps 8 Pc. $7.59
Baked Cod & Shrimp Platter $8.99
2 Cod Meal $7.59
Cod & Shrimp Platter $8.99
Clams Meal $6.79

Family Meals

Foods Size Prices
8 Pcs., 2 Family Sides & 8 Hushpuppies $22.99
12 Pcs., 3 Family Sides & 12 Hushpuppies $28.99
16 Pcs., 4 Family Sides & 16 Hushpuppies $36.99


Foods Size Prices
2 Chicken $6.39
2 Fish $6.59
Fish & Chicken $6.59
6 Shrimp $6.99


Foods Size Prices
2 Fish $6.89
3 Chicken $6.89
Fish & 2 Chicken $6.99
8 Shrimp $7.49


Foods Size Prices
2 Fish & 6 Shrimp $8.79
2 Fish & 3 Chicken $8.79
2 Fish, Chicken & 3 Shrimp $8.79
Super Sampler $8.79


Foods Size Prices
Fish & Fries (Limited Time) 1 Pc. $1.99
Fish & More Meal – 2 Pc. Alaskan Whitefish, 2 Sides, & 2 Hushpuppies (Limited Time) 2 Pc. $6.89


Foods Size Prices
Slice of Pie (Pineapple Cream Cheese) $1.99
Slice of Pie (Chocolate Cream) $1.99


Foods Size Prices
Soft Drink Small $1.79
Soft Drink Medium $1.99
Soft Drink Large $2.19
Tea 1/2 Gallon $2.99
Raspberry Splash, Tea, Lemonade, or Sierra Mist 20 oz. $1.89

Kid’s Meals

Foods Size Prices
Fish $3.99
Chicken $3.99
Popcorn Shrimp $3.99


Foods Size Prices
Fish $1.99
Chicken $1.99
3 Shrimp $2.39
Clams $2.59
Popcorn Shrimp $2.59
Crab Cake $1.99


Foods Size Prices
Cole Slaw – Individual $1.89
Cole Slaw – Family $3.99
Green Beans – Individual $1.89
Green Beans – Family $3.99
Sweet Corn – Individual $1.89
Sweet Corn – Family $3.99
Onion Rings – Individual $1.89
Onion Rings – Family $3.99
Natural-Cut Fries – Individual $1.89
Natural-Cut Fries – Family $3.99
Rice – Individual $1.89
Rice – Family $3.99
Hushpuppies – Individual $1.89
Hushpuppies – Family $3.99
Broccoli – Individual $1.89
Broccoli – Family $3.99
Mac N Cheese – Individual $1.89
Mac N Cheese – Family $3.99

Long John Silver’s History

Long John Silver's Menu Prices History

On August 18, 1969, the first joint launched in Lexington, Kentucky. It was a newly constructed restaurant that followed the old English style. In the past, Cape Cod-style restaurants were distinguished by their own roofing style and shedding along with ship’s wheels and lobster pots.

There were also later additions, like cushioned seats with an old English style. Most interior features were removed from newer restaurants, which kept the basic structural design and theme.

LJS changed into private ownership in 1989 with the help of a highly leveraged management buyout. Later the common menus were also changed to maintain the standard.

Brands, Inc. was formed in May 2002 when Tricon Global acquired the holding company of Long John Silver’s and A&W, Yorkshire. Despite desires to focus on international expansion, the company announced in January 2011 that it was looking for investors for its American Restaurants factions due to poor sales.

However, with time, by adding special menus on their items, they have gained immense popularity all over the world. This restaurant has been following its legacy for decades now.

As you have already gone through the complete Long John Silver’s Menu Prices 2023, we have discussed the latest menu and prices. The price of these menus has been taken from the official average market price.

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