Denny’s Menu Prices (Updated: July 2023)

Few restaurants can stand the test of time and remain a popular, successful establishment like Denny’s. Founded in 1953, this restaurant has served Americans classic diner fare for over 60 years.

Its menu items, and why it continues to be so beloved by diners across the country. From burgers and pancakes to salads and sandwiches, Kids, Sides, Soft drinks, Coffee & Hot Beverages, Juice, Iced Tea & More, Seafood & Steaks, Deluxe Dinner Classics, customers can find something to enjoy at Denny’s no matter their preference.

Denny’s has been a staple in the American restaurant landscape for decades. From its classic Grand Slam breakfast to its array of other hearty meals, Denny’s has something for everyone.

With over 2,000 locations across the United States, it’s no wonder that this restaurant remains so popular. But what makes Denny’s unique is its expansive food menu which features a variety of both classic and modern dishes.

Denny’s is an iconic American restaurant chain that offers a wide variety of food options on its menu. From classic diner fare like burgers and fries to more contemporary items like omelets and salads, Their breakfast menu is especially beloved, with all-day breakfast offerings that can be enjoyed any time.

It’s no wonder why so many people flock to their restaurants around the world! Denny’s restaurant is a well-known, popular diner chain in the United States.

It offers an extensive menu of classic American-style dishes at reasonable prices. Denny’s has something for everyone and prides itself on its variety of food choices. From breakfast to dinner, there’s a dish for every taste and budget.

Denny’s Menu Prices In 2023

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Kids Beverage

Foods Prices
Jr. Milk (Small Cup) $ 1.79
Jr. Chocolate Milk (Small Cup) $ 1.79
Orange Juice $ 1.79
Lemonade $ 1.79
Jr. Coke $ 1.79
Jr. Diet Coke $ 1.79
Jr. Sprite $ 1.79
Jr. Root Beer $ 1.79
Jr. Hi-C $ 1.79
Jr. Coke Zero $ 1.79
Jr. Iced Tea $ 2.39
Hot Chocolate $ 4.19

Melts & Handhelds

Foods Prices
The Super Bird $ 14.69
Nashville Hot Chicken Melt $ 15.59
The Big Dipper Melt $ 16.79


Foods Prices
Mile High Denver Omelette $ 14.69
Ultimate Omelette $ 16.79
Philly Cheesesteak Omelette $ 17.09

Pancakes & Crepes

Foods Prices
Cinnamon Roll Pancake Breakfast $ 14.39
Its Bananas Salted Caramel Pancake Breakfast $ 14.39
Choconana Pancake Breakfast $ 13.59
Berry Vanilla Crepe Breakfast $ 13.79

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Foods Prices
House Salad $ 9.39


Foods Prices
Build Your Own Grand Slam $ 13.59
Lumberjack Slam $ 17.29
All-American Slam $ 16.79
French Toast Slam $ 15.79


Foods Prices
Zesty Nachos $ 11.99
Boneless Chicken Wings $ 11.99
Premium Chicken Tenders $ 11.79
Double Chocolate Pancake Puppies $ 3.59


Foods Prices
Slice Of French Toast $ 5.39
Stack Of Pancakes $ 4.19
Stack Of Cinnamon Roll Pancakes $ 5.99
Stack Of Choconana Pancakes $ 5.99
Hash Browns $ 4.79
Seasonal Fruit $ 4.79
Slices Of Toast $ 3.29
Egg $ 3.59
Bacon $ 4.79
Sausage $ 4.69
Grilled Ham Slice $ 5.19
Wavy Cut French Fries $ 4.79
Seasoned Fries $ 5.79
Beer-Battered Onion Rings $ 5.39
Fresh Vegetable Medley $ 4.79
Sauces And Dressings $ 1.19

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Milk Shakes

Foods Prices
Milk Shakes $ 6.79
Strawberry Shake Pack $ 9.59
Oreo Shake Pack $ 9.59


Foods Prices
Jr. Chocolate Chip Pancakes $ 5.39
Build Your Own Jr. Grand Slam $ 5.99
Jr. Premium Chicken Tenders $ 6.59
Jr. Cheeseburger $ 5.99
Mac & Cheese $ 5.99
Jr. Milk Shake $ 2.39

Family Packs

Foods Prices
Grand Slam Pack $ 34.79


Foods Prices
New York Style Cheesecake $ 5.99
Lava Cookie Skillet $ 5.99
Cheesecake Pack $ 15.59

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Classic Dinners

Foods Prices
Plate Lickin’ Chicken Fried Chicken $ 15.59
Sirloin Steak $ 17.69
Premium Chicken Tenders Dinner $ 15.29
Country-Fried Steak Dinner $ 17.19

Classic Breakfasts

Foods Prices
Moons Over My Hammy $ 14.39
My Hammy Spice $ 15.59
Chicken Biscuit & Gravy Bowl $ 14.69
The Grand Slamwich $ 15.89
Country Fried Steak & Eggs $ 16.79


Foods Prices
Double Cheeseburger $ 14.79
Build Your Own Burger $ 13.49
Bacon Avocado Cheeseburger $ 14.89
Bourbon Bacon Burger $ 15.89
Slamburger $ 14.99
Flamin’5-Pepper Burger $ 14.99


Soft Drinks

Foods Prices
Coca-Cola $ 4.19
Diet Coke $ 4.19
Sprite $ 4.19
Dr Pepper $ 4.19
Barq’s Root Beer $ 4.19
Hi-C Fruit Punch $ 4.19
FUZE Raspberry Tea $ 4.19
Coca-Cola Zero Sugar $ 2.39
Foods Prices
Signature Diner Blend Coffee $ 3.99
Hot Chocolate $ 4.19
Fresh Brewed Iced Tea $ 4.19
Minute Maid Lemonade $ 4.19
Apple Juice $ 4.39
Minute Maid Orange Juice $ 4.39
Milk $ 3.59

Popular Items

Foods Prices
Al-American Slam $ 15.89

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Denny’s History

dennys menu prices history

Denny’s is known for its variety of breakfast foods, friendly service, and affordable prices. The company has held true to its original values of creating a space for people to enjoy delicious food and make memories together.

Denny’s is a well-known restaurant chain that has been around for over 60 years. Denny’s has become an American staple, known for its all-day breakfast, family friendly atmosphere, and affordable prices.

In the early days of the restaurant, it was called Danny’s Donuts and Coffee Shop and was located in Lakewood, California. With its simple yet hearty meals and welcoming atmosphere, it has become a beloved part of American culture.

Who opened the first restaurant under the name Danny’s Donuts, the company eventually changed its name to Denny’s after expanding across the country. Denny’s is an iconic American restaurant that has been in business since 1953.

It has become a staple of the dining scene, providing its customers with classic diner fare. As the decades have passed, Denny’s has evolved with the times and now offers a wide range of menu options, from burgers and sandwiches to salads and seafood.

The restaurant chain has grown to over 1700 locations around the world since its humble beginnings in California. Denny’s is an iconic American dining chain that has been serving up breakfast, lunch and dinner for over sixty years.

Serving millions of customers around the world for over sixty years. Denny’s has become a familiar sight throughout the country.

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