Veggie Grill Menu Prices (Updated: July 2023)

Veggie Grill is a popular vegan restaurant chain located in the United States, serving up delicious plant-based dishes and beverages. Veggie Grill has quickly become a favorite among vegans and vegetarians alike.

With a variety of options ranging from salads to sandwiches to burgers, Veggie Grill is sure to satisfy any craving. All of the food at Veggie Grill is animal-free, made with organic ingredients, and prepared fresh daily.

Whether you’re seeking a quick lunch or dinner, tacos and burgers to hearty salads and bowls, the restaurant’s diverse menu has something for everyone.

The restaurant also provides a variety of sides and desserts to accompany your meal. It opened its first location in 2006 and has since expanded to more than 30 locations throughout California, Oregon, Washington, Illinois, Massachusetts and Virginia.

By offering delicious vegan alternatives to meat-based dishes, Veggie Grill has become a haven for health-conscious eaters. Veggie Grill is a restaurant chain dedicated to vegan and vegetarian food that has rapidly been growing in popularity.

It is becoming increasingly easier to find delicious plant-based dishes, even when eating out. Veggie Grill offers an expansive menu of vegan and vegetarian meals made with flavorful ingredients, From their signature salads to their irresistible tacos and burgers, Veggie Grill’s food menu is full of flavorful choices that will satisfy any craving.

This restaurant proudly serves 100% plant-based food, ensuring that every meal is healthy, filling and satisfying.

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Veggie Grill Menu Prices In 2023


Foods Prices
Carrot Cake $3.95
Chocolate Chip Cookie $1.95

Kid’s Meal

Foods Prices
Kid’s Meal $5.95

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Foods Prices
Pick a Pair $8.25


Foods Prices
Santa Fe Crispy Chickin Sandwich $9.75
Glazed Tofu Banh Mi Sandwich $9.95
Vegetarian Burger $8.95
Bali Bliss Sandwich $8.45
Grillin Chickin Sandwich $8.95
B.T.L.A Sandwich $9.95
Vegetarian Cheeseburger $9.95
Buffalo Bomber Sandwich $9.65
Crab Cake Sandwich $9.45
Papa’s Portobello Sandwich $8.95

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Bowls and Plates

Foods Prices
Sonoran Winter Bowl $8.95
Harvest Bowl $10.45
Tres Fish Tacos Plate $9.95
Bombay Bowl $8.95
Crispy Chickin Plate $9.95
Tres Chickin Tacos Plate $9.95

Entree Salads

Foods Prices
Chargrilled Veggie and Penne Salad $9.45
Quinoa Power Salad $8.95
Thai Chickin Salad $10.45
Savory Kale Caesar Salad $8.95
B-Wing Salad $10.75
All Hail Kale Salad $9.25

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Snacks and Shares

Foods Prices
Crispy Cauliflower $5.95
Chill Out Wings $6.95
Mondo Nachos $6.95
Mexi Mini Wrap $3.65
Sweetheart Fries $4.35
Kale and White Bean Braise $4.50
Mac and Cheese $4.25
Steamin’ Kale $3.50
Buffalo Wings $6.95
Crispy Portobellos $5.95
Buffalo Mini Wrap $3.65
Black Beans and Quinoa Mini Bowl $4.95
Cauli-Mashed Potatoes and Gravy $3.50
Yukon Gold Fries $3.50
Herb-Roasted Veggies $3.95
Fresh Little Salad $3.65

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Veggie Grill History

veggie grillmenu prices history

Veggie Grill is a pioneering restaurant chain that has had a tremendous impact on the meatless food industry. Since its founding in 2006, it has seen success due to its founders T.K. Pillan, Ray White and Kevin Boylan’s vision of providing tasty and nutritious plant-based meals.

The company’s commitment to healthy living and sustainability has set a precedent for other restaurants to follow. Veggie Grill is a fast-casual restaurant chain that serves plant-based vegan and vegetarian food.

The restaurant quickly gained popularity for its delicious and healthy alternatives to traditional fast food. With its mission of making plant-based eating accessible and convenient for everyone, It prides itself on having a menu full of nutritious, delicious, plant-based dishes that appeal to all kinds of diners.

Not only is Veggie Grill an innovator in vegan and vegetarian cuisine, The vegan and vegetarian-friendly chain offers an array of delicious plant-based dishes and has a long .

Veggie Grill restaurant is a unique and beloved vegan establishment that has charmed the hearts of vegetarians and vegans alike for more than a decade.

Veggie Grill quickly grew to become one of the most iconic vegan restaurants in the country, offering delicious plant-based dishes with an emphasis on fresh, healthful ingredients.

With over thirty locations throughout California, Washington, Oregon and Illinois, Veggie Grill has made its mark as a vegan culinary powerhouse.

Veggie Grill is a unique and inspiring restaurant chain that has been serving up delicious plant-based meals for over a decade. The restaurant has grown to become one of the most beloved plant-based restaurants in the United States.

With an extensive menu of vegan and vegetarian options designed to please any palate, Veggie Grill has become a favorite destination for healthy eaters.

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