Tropical Smoothie Cafe Menu Prices (Updated: March 2023)

When it comes to introducing the food menu of Tropical Smoothie Cafe, there are a few key things to keep in mind. The restaurant chain is known for their fresh and healthy smoothies, which are made with high-quality ingredients and packed full of nutrients.

But that’s only the beginning – the food menu at Tropical Smoothie Cafe also boasts a wide range of delicious and satisfying dishes that are perfect for any time of day.

If you’re looking for a place with fresh and flavorful fare, look no further than Tropical Smoothie Cafe. At Tropical Smoothie Cafe, we believe in serving up healthy options that are both delicious and convenient.

Our menu boasts an array of tasty smoothies made with real fruits and veggies, as well as wraps, sandwiches, flatbreads, salads, and bowls packed with nutritious ingredients like grilled chicken, avocado, quinoa, and more.

Whether you’re stopping by for breakfast on-the-go or grabbing lunch with friends or Family, we’ve got something to satisfy every craving at Tropical Smoothie Cafe.

At Tropical Smoothie Cafe, we take our food seriously. That’s why we’ve put in countless hours of research and development to create a menu that truly reflects our passion for fresh, healthy ingredients.

Customers will know what kind of experience they’re in for. We highlight our commitment to using only high-quality ingredients and preparing each dish from scratch.

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Tropical Smoothie Cafe Menu Prices In 2023


Foods Prices
Turkey Bacon Ranch $7.79
Ultimate Club $7.79
Chicken Caprese $7.79


Foods Prices
Santa Fe Chicken Quesadilla $5.99
Three Cheese Quesadilla $4.99
Three Cheese Chicken Quesadilla $5.99


Foods Prices
Caribbean Jerk Bowl $7.79
Buffalo Chicken Bowl $7.79
Thai Chicken Bowl $7.79
Hummus Veggie Bowl $7.79
Baja Chicken Bowl $7.79
Supergreen Caesar Chicken Bowl $7.79


Foods Prices
Peanut Butter Crunch Flatbread $5.29
All American Wrap $3.49
Southwest Wrap $3.49


Foods Prices
Big Kahuna Kid’s Combo (12oz) $7.49
Big Kahuna Kid’s Combo (24oz) $7.48
Cheese Quesadilla $3.99
Chicken and Cheese Quesadilla $4.99
Ham & Cheddar Wrap $3.99
Turkey & Cheddar Wrap $3.99
12 Oz Chocolate Chimp $3.49
12 Oz Lil Limeberry $3.49
12 Oz Jetty Junior $3.49
24 Oz Chocolate Chimp $5.49
24 Oz Lil Limeberry $5.49
24 Oz Jetty Junior $5.49


Foods Prices
Maple Kissed Sweet Potatoes $1.99
Jalapeño Corn $1.99
Kale & Apple Slaw $0.99
Chips $1.49
Cookie $1.49
Whole Fruit $1.29

Large Party Orders

Foods Prices
Smoothie Bundle $37.00
Add a Smoothie Cooler $5.00
Signature Wrap Bundle (12 Wraps) $90.00
Signature Sandwich Bundle (12 Sandwiches) $90.00


Foods Prices
Aquafina $1.99
Lipton Pure Leaf Sweet Tea $2.49
Lipton Pure Leaf Unsweet Tea $2.49
Lemonade $2.49
Gatorade Blue $1.99
Gatorade Orange $1.99
Gatorade Propel – Kiwi Strawberry $1.99
Bubly Grapefruit $1.59
Bubly Lime $1.59
Life Water 700ML $2.99


Foods Prices
Citrus Hawaiian Wrap $7.79
Caribbean Jerk Wrap $7.79
Buffalo Chicken Wrap $7.79
Thai Chicken Wrap $7.79
Hummus Veggie Wrap $7.79
Baja Chicken Wrap $7.79
Supergreen Caesar Chicken Wrap $7.79


Foods Prices
Chipotle Chicken Club $5.99
Chicken Bacon Ranch $5.99
Chicken Pesto $5.99

Fruit Blend Smoothies

Foods Prices
Starfruit Smoothie $5.99
Dragon Fruit Smoothie $5.99
Sunrise Sunset ™ $5.49
Jetty Punch ™ $5.49
Kiwi Quencher ® $5.49
Paradise Point ™ $5.79
Mango Magic ™ $5.49
Blimey Limey ™ $5.49
Pomegranate Plunge ™ $5.99
Blueberry Bliss™ $5.49

Tropical Treats

Foods Prices
Bahama Mama™ $5.99
Peanut Butter Cup ™ $5.99
Beach Bum ™ $5.99
Mocha Madness ™ $5.99

Balanced Fusion Smoothies

Foods Prices
Peanut Paradise ™ $5.99
Chia Banana Boost ® $5.99
Triple Berry Oat ™ $5.99
Lean Machine ™ $5.99
Acai Berry Boost $5.99

Super Veggie Smoothies

Foods Prices
Island Green® $5.99
Detox Island Green® $5.99
Avocolada ™ $6.49

Featured Products

Foods Prices
Starfruit and Citrus Hawaiian Wrap Combo $11.48
Dragon Fruit and Citrus Hawaiian Wrap Combo $11.48
Starfruit Smoothie $5.99
Dragon Fruit Smoothie $5.99
Citrus Hawaiian Wrap $7.79
Maple Kissed Sweet Potatoes $1.99
Jalapeño Corn $1.99

Pair and Save

Foods Prices
Smoothie and a Flatbread $9.98
Smoothie and a Wrap $11.58
Smoothie and a Sandwich $11.58
Smoothie and a Quesadilla $9.98
Smoothie and a Bowl $11.58
Smoothie and Breakfast $9.28

Tropical Smoothie Cafe History

Tropical Smoothie Cafe Menu Prices & History

Tropical Smoothie Cafe was founded in 1997 by Eric Jenrich, Delora Jenrich, and David Walker in Atlanta, Georgia. Their aim was to provide customers with healthy and delicious food options that were also convenient for those on-the-go.

The restaurant quickly became a hit among health enthusiasts and smoothie lovers alike. The founders’ passion for healthy living is reflected in the menu of Tropical Smoothie Cafe.

The restaurant offers a variety of smoothies made with real fruits and vegetables, as well as wraps, sandwiches, flatbreads, salads and bowls made from fresh ingredients.

Their food options are not only delicious but are also designed to meet various dietary requirements such as vegetarian or gluten-free diets. Over the years, Tropical Smoothie Cafe has expanded rapidly across the United States.

Since its inception over two decades ago, Tropical Smoothie Cafe has grown into a national franchise with over 1,150 locations in the country. Their first location was a small storefront in Atlanta, but it quickly became popular thanks to its tasty smoothies and friendly service.

Over the years, Tropical Smoothie Cafe has expanded its menu to include more than just smoothies.

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