Lou Malnati’s Menu Prices (Updated: March 2023)

Lou Malnati’s is one of the most famous deep dish pizza restaurants in Chicago. The menu features their famous Tomato Pie, containing a blend of tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, and freshly grated romano cheese.

It’s available in five different sizes: 10” (14 slices), 14” (26 slices), 16” (35 slices), 18″ x 24″ sheet pan (75-100 slices) or 26″ deep dish pan with its original “recipe”.

The most famous Lou Malnati’s recipe is its Tomato Pie. When Lou Malnati’s first opened in 1971, the Tomato Pie was a 10″ deep dish pizza with a blend of tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, and a sprinkle of freshly grated romano cheese.

Now the same Tomato Pie is served in different sizes: 10″, 14″, 16″ or 18″. Lou Malnati’s is also well known for their chicken sandwiches. The signature main ingredient is buttery, rotisserie style chicken which is hand pulled and hand-trimmed.

Six different sandwiches are featured on their menu: Honey BBQ, Rancher, Old Style Italian, Chicagoan, Bronzino and the Club Deluxe. The Rancher features feta cheese and a blend of tomatoes and fresh herbs with a choice of honey BBQ or sweet red chile sauce.

The Club Deluxe is the signature sandwich at Lou Malnati’s. It is a chicken cutlet topped with bacon, ham, and American cheese on toasted white bread.

Lou Malnati’s also offers two meals for the kids. The first features a choice of one-topping Pizza, Pepperoni or Cheese Steak Sandwich, Mac and Cheese or French Fries.

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Lou Malnati’s Menu Prices In 2023

Take Lou’s Home

Foods Size Prices
Frozen Lou Malnati’s Pizza $11.75


Foods Size Prices
Coca-Cola Products Cans $1.30
Coca-Cola Products 6-packs $4.95
Coca-Cola Products 20 oz. bottles $2.00
Dasani $2.05


Foods Size Prices
Lou’s Italian Ice $5.25
Tiramisu $6.35

Pasta Dinners & Sandwich

Foods Size Prices
Penne ala Malnati $9.85
Lasagna $9.85
Spaghetti or Penne $8.95
Cheese Ravioli $9.65
Beef Sandwich $8.95


Foods Size Prices
Malnati Salad $13.75
Caesar Salad $12.95
House Salad $6.65
House Salad Family Size $11.45


Foods Size Prices
Lou’s Bruschetta $6.95
Chicken Wings – Traditional or Boneless $13.25
Three-Cheese Bread $6.95
Garlic Bread $4.75

Thin Crust Pizza

Foods Size Prices
Cheese Thin Crust Personal $8.45
Cheese Thin Crust Small $11.95
Cheese Thin Crust Medium $15.05
Cheese Thin Crust Large $17.95
Gluten-Free Thin Crust Pizza Small $10.25

World Famous Chicago Style Deep Dish Pizza

Foods Size Prices
Cheese Deep Dish Personal $7.95
Cheese Deep Dish Small $11.95
Cheese Deep Dish Medium $15.95
Cheese Deep Dish Large $19.95
The Malnati Chicago Classic Personal $9.25
The Malnati Chicago Classic Small $14.95
The Malnati Chicago Classic Medium $19.55
The Malnati Chicago Classic Large $24.25
The Lou Personal $10.15
The Lou Small $16.25
The Lou Medium $20.95
The Lou Large $26.25
The Crustless Pizza Personal $9.45
The Crustless Pizza Small $15.55
The Crustless Pizza Medium $20.25
The Crustless Pizza Large $24.75

Lou Malnati’s History

Lou Malnati’s Menu Prices History

The company started back in the mid-1970s when Rudy Malnati, a son of Lou Malnati was looking for a place to open up his own restaurant. The success of his family’s pizza joint gave him the opportunity to open up his own restaurant and help out with the family business.

Starting out small, he gradually expanded and made it a big name in Chicago’s food industry. The quick success allowed for expansion all around Chicago as well as outside of it. On October 1, 2013, Lou Malnati’s Pizza was acquired by the Darden Restaurant Company.

The acquisition of the company was done for a total of $165 million. The closure of the Lou Malnati’s on May 26, 2014 marks an end to one family-owned chain that started out from nothing. The founder of the company was Rudy Malnati, a second-generation Italian immigrant.

He started the business off with just one location in Lincolnwood, Illinois and then slowly expanded it out to all around Chicago and its suburbs. The success of the company was attributed to two things: quality food and family.

On a more personal note, Rudy Malnati started the business off in his own house as he created his own recipes for pizza dough and sauce which came from his mother’s recipe book. He married the love of his life and remained married to her for over forty years.

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