Sheetz Menu Prices (Updated: March 2023)

As a favorite place to eat in Pennsylvania, Sheetz restaurant is known for its wide variety of food menu . The kind of food that you will find in Sheetz varies from sandwich to breakfast.

To eat at this restaurant, here are some tips that you can follow: First, when it comes to drinks, try the Sheetz draft beer which is only available at Sheetz.

The taste is unique and very distinct. You can also order your regular Starbucks coffee or tea. You can also try the flavored coffees that are unique to this restaurant too.

Coffee lovers can enjoy the flavored coffees with shots of hazelnut, vanilla or mocha. You are also allowed to order your own combination of flavors. Besides coffee and beer, you can also try their Sheetz special drinks which are only available at this restaurant.

When it is hot outside, go for the Slushie drink that is very popular with the kids. If you are planning to go to the movies, this drink will quench your thirst during the movie time.

If you want something that is also very delicious and refreshing, try their Smoothie drink which is a combination of fresh fruits blended together to make the perfect summer smoothie.

You can choose from strawberry banana to blueberry acai flavor. Third, you should try their menu that is only available at Sheetz. When it comes to choosing your food items, you can choose anything from the Sheetz sheet of foods offered by this restaurant.

For breakfast lovers, they can have eggs and bacon or pancakes with syrup for your breakfast meal.

Other Restaurant Menus:

Sheetz Menu Prices In 2023

Shnack Wrapz

Foods Size Prices
Burger Shnack Wrap $2.29
Crispy Chicken Shnack Wrap $2.29
Fish Shnack Wrap $2.29

Cold Wrapz

Foods Size Prices
Bacon Wrap $4.00
Chicken Caesar Wrap $5.19
Chicken Salad Wrap $4.00
Club Wrap $4.00
Deli Wrap $4.00
Ham Wrap $4.00
Italian Wrap $4.00
Tuna Salad Wrap $4.00
Original Turkey Wrap $4.00
Premium Turkey Wrap $5.00
Veggie Wrap $3.00

Hot Wrapz

Foods Size Prices
Grilled Chicken Wrap $4.50
Crispy Chicken Wrap $7.25
Popcorn Chicken Wrap $6.70
Pepperoni Wrap $2.00
Steak Wrap $4.50
Pork Wrap $2.99
Meatball Wrap $2.00

Cold Subz & Sandwichez

Foods Size Prices
Original Turkey 6 in. $2.00
Original Turkey 12 in. $4.00
Original Turkey Sandwich $5.19
Premium Turkey 6 in. $4.00
Premium Turkey 12 in. $8.00
Premium Turkey Sandwich $6.00
Ham 6 in. $2.19
Ham 12 in. $4.38
Ham Sandwich $5.19
Deli $2.19
Deli $4.38
Deli Sandwich $5.19
Italian 6 in. $3.19
Italian 12 in. $6.38
Italian Sandwich $5.19
Tuna Salad $3.69
Tuna Salad $7.38
Tuna Salad Sandwich $5.19
Chicken Salad 6 in. $3.69
Chicken Salad 12 in. $7.38
Chicken Salad Sandwich $5.19
Bacon 6 in. $3.69
Bacon 12 in. $7.38
Bacon Sandwich $4.19
Club 6 in. $4.00
Club 12 in. $7.00
Club Sandwich $3.50
Veggie 6 in. $2.19
Veggie 12 in. $4.38
Veggie Sandwich $3.19
Cheese 6 in. $2.19
Cheese 12 in. $4.38
Cheese Sandwich $2.19


Foods Size Prices
Original Turkey $5.19
Premium Turkey $6.00
Ham $5.19
Country Club $5.00
Bacon $5.00
Italian $5.19
Chicken Salad $5.19
Cold Cut $5.19
Tuna Salad $5.19
Steak $5.25
Pepperoni $3.00
Grilled Chicken $5.00
Pork $4.00

Hot Subz & Sandwichez

Foods Size Prices
Skinny Hot Chick 6 in. $3.99
Skinny Hot Chick 12 in. $7.98
The Big Philly 6 in. $5.59
The Big Philly 12 in. $10.69
Boom Boom Chicken Po’ Boy 6 in. $5.00
Boom Boom Chicken Po’ Boy 12 in. $9.99
Cali Turkey Flatbread (Original) 6 in. $5.19
Cali Turkey Flatbread (Original) 12 in. $10.00
Cali Turkey Flatbread (Premium) 6 in. $7.00
Cali Turkey Flatbread (Premium) 12 in. $12.00
Mexi Bagel Melt $5.99
Steak Sub 6 in. $3.50
Steak Sub 12 in. $6.99
Steak Sub Sandwich $5.25
Grilled Chicken Sub 6 in. $3.50
Grilled Chicken Sub 12 in. $6.99
Grilled Chicken Sub Sandwich $4.00
Meatball Sub 6 in. $2.00
Meatball Sub 12 in. $4.00
Meatball Sub Sandwich $2.29
Pepperoni Sub 6 in. $2.29
Pepperoni Sub 12 in. $4.58
Pepperoni Sub Sandwich $3.00
Pulled Pork Sub 6 in. $3.29
Pulled Pork Sub 12 in. $6.58
Pulled Pork Sub Sandwich $4.00
Meatball Sliderz 2 Pack $3.29
Meatball Sliderz 3 Pack $4.29
Popcorn Chicken 6 in. $4.99
Popcorn Chicken 12 in. $8.99
Popcorn Chicken Sandwich $6.70
Crispy Chicken 6 in. $5.49
Crispy Chicken 12 in. $9.29
Crispy Chicken Sandwich $7.29


Foods Size Prices
Shmonster Breakfast Platter $5.99
Shmonster Ultimate Breakfast Burrito (Tortilla, Bowl, or Cheesy Wrap) $6.00
Shmonster Breakfast Burrito (Tortilla, Bowl, or Cheesy Wrap) $5.00
Breakfast Burrito (Bacon, Sausage or Western) $2.00
Mini Hashbrownz $1.69
The Big Shwirl $2.79

Breakfast Breads

Foods Size Prices
Plain Bagel 1 Pc. $1.19
Biscuit 1 Pc. $1.19
Croissant 1 Pc. $1.19
English Muffin 1 Pc. $1.19
Sliced Sourdough 1 Pc. $1.00
Pretzel Roll 1 Pc. $1.00
Ciabatta Roll 1 Pc. $1.00


Foods Size Prices
Walker Breakfast Ranger $4.19
Dreamy Bacon Croissant $2.49
Maple Hotcake Griddler $3.89
Twisted BLT $3.15
Fried Bacon & Egg Sammich $5.20
Farmhouse Chicken $3.99
Kickin Chicken $3.69
Wildwest $3.79
Protein Showdown $4.19

Mac ‘n Cheese

Foods Size Prices
Three Cheese Mac ‘n’ Cheese Cup $2.99
Mac ‘n’ Cheese Cup $2.99
Chili Mac ‘n’ Cheese Cup $2.99
Boom Chicka Mac $4.99
Meatball Mac $4.59
Morning Mac $4.79
Szechuan Fire Mac $3.99
MTO Mac N Cheese with Chicken Tenders $4.89
MTO Mac N Cheese with Grilled Chicken $3.99
MTO Mac N Cheese with Ham $3.99
MTO Mac N Cheese with Popcorn Chicken $4.89
MTO Mac N Cheese with Pork $3.99
MTO Mac N Cheese with Spicy Chicken $4.89
MTO Mac N Cheese with Steak $3.99
MTO Mac N Cheese with Meatball $4.99
MTO Mac N Cheese with Hot Dogs $3.99
True MTO Mac N Cheese $2.99


Foods Size Prices
Sheetz House Salad $5.00
Steak n’ Fryz Salad $7.99
Spicy Chicken Caesar Salad $6.99
Fruity Nut Chicken Salad $6.99
California Cobb Salad $7.99
Crispy Chicken MTO $6.99
Grilled Chicken MTO $5.99
Ham MTO $5.99
Popcorn Chicken MTO $6.99
Premium Turkey MTO $6.99
Homestyle Chicken MTO $6.99
Spicy Chicken MTO $6.99
Steak MTO $5.99
Tuna Salad MTO $5.99
Turkey & Ham Combo MTO $5.99
Italian MTO $5.99
Chicken Salad MTO $5.99
True MTO $4.99


Foods Size Prices
Walking Tacos $4.99
MTO Burrito $5.00
MTO Ultimate Burrito $6.00
Cheesy Chili & Totz Burrito $6.99
Steak & Taters Burrito $6.99
Screamin’ Pork Burrito $6.99
Ultimate Quesarito $6.00
Quesarito $5.00
Macho Nacho $4.99
Taco Salad $5.00


Foods Size Prices
Buffalo Chicken Pizza $7.99
Philly Cheesesteak Pizza $7.99
Meat Overload Pizza $7.99
Veggie Pizza $6.99
Cheese Pizza 12 in. $6.99
Pepperoni Pizza 12 in. $6.99
Made-To-Order Pizza $8.00
Pizza Slice $3.29
Pepperolli’z $4.00

Snacks & Sidez

Foods Size Prices
Churros $2.59
Pick 3 Appetizer Sampler $5.00
Mozzarella Sticks or Mac N’ Cheese Bites $3.29
Fryz Bag $1.79
Fryz Cup $2.79
Fryz Bucket $3.79
Loaded Fryz $4.99
Tater Totz Bag $2.59
Tater Totz Cup $3.29
Tater Totz Bucket $4.59
Loaded Totz $5.00
Onion Rings Bag $2.59
Onion Rings Cup $3.29
Onion Rings Bucket $4.59
Wisconsin Cheese Bites Regular $3.29
Wisconsin Cheese Bites Large $4.99
Cheese Filled Pretzel $2.99
Cinnamon & Sugar Pretzel $2.99
Jalapeno Cheese Pretzel $2.99
Unsalted Gourmet Pretzel $2.60
Salted Gourmet Pretzel $2.99
Apple Slices $1.29
Cole Slaw $1.99
Hard Boiled Eggs 2 Pack $1.79
Rice & Beans $1.29

Hot Dogs

Foods Size Prices
BLT Dog $1.99
Jalapeno BLT Dog $2.99
Philly Dog $2.49
Jalapeno Philly Dog $3.49
Firehouse Dog $2.49
Jalapeno Firehouse Dog $3.49
Junkyard Dog $1.79
Jalapeno Junkyard Dog $2.79
Shmokehouse Dog $1.99
Jalapeno Shmokehouse Dog $2.99
Loaded MTO Dogz $0.89
Jalapeno Loaded MTO Dogz $2.29
Hot Dog $0.79
Pretzel Hot Dogs $1.29
Jalapeno Cheddar Dog $2.29
Pretzel Jalapeno Cheddar Dog $2.79


Foods Size Prices
El Gringo Burger $6.59
Boss Bacon Burger $5.19
Twisted Swiss Burger $6.79
The Big Mozz Burger $6.39
Cowboy Burger $6.39
True MTO Burger $4.00
Burger or Meatball Sliderz 2 Pack $3.29
Burger or Meatball Sliderz 3 Pack $4.29
Burger Shnack Wrap $2.29


Foods Size Prices
Fish Sub 6 in. $3.29
Fish Sub 12 in. $6.58
Fish Sub Sandwich $4.29
Fish Wrap $4.00
Fish Shnack Wrap $2.29


Foods Size Prices
Fish Platter 2 Pc. $6.00
Fish Platter 3 Pc. $7.00
Chicken Tenders Platter 4 Pc. $7.00
Homestyle Chicken Platter $6.00
Shwings Platter 6 Pc. $7.00
Popcorn Chicken Platter $6.00
Spicy Chicken Platter $6.00
3 Chicken Tenders Platter $4.00
4 Shwings Platter $4.00
Spicy Chicken Breast Platter $3.50


Foods Size Prices
Crispy Chicken Stripz 3 Pc. $3.99
Crispy Chicken Stripz 5 Pc. $5.99
Popcorn Chicken Regular $3.29
Popcorn Chicken Large $5.29
Shwings 6 Pc. $5.49
Chicken Sliderz 2 Pack $3.29
Chicken Sliderz 3 Pack $4.29
Atomic Sandwich (Grilled, Crispy or Spicy) $5.29
The Big Mozz Sandwich (Grilled, Crispy or Spicy) $6.39
The Boss Bacon Sandwich (Grilled, Crispy or Spicy) $5.19
Carolina Slaw Sandwich (Grilled, Crispy or Spicy) $5.69
Twisted Brunch Sandwich (Grilled, Crispy or Spicy) $6.29
True MTO Sandwich (Grilled, Crispy or Spicy) $4.00

Recipe Deli Sandwichez

Foods Size Prices
Garden of Eatin $4.60
Ciabatta Bing $5.00
24/7 Club $5.70
Boom Boom BLT $5.00

Sheetz History

Sheetz Menu Prices History

Bob Sheetz is the founder of the Sheetz restaurant company, which was founded in 1952 in Altoona, Pennsylvania, United States. The company started out as a dairy farm, and Bob Sheetz started to sell food items to the local area farmers.

He then began to sell sandwiches and other food items to the locals, and the Sheetz restaurant company was born. The company has since grown to become one of the largest convenience store chains in the United States.

The Sheetz restaurant company did not become a franchise for over twenty years, and the second store did not open until 1965. It was named after Bob Sheetz because it literally started as a sheet metal plant that he ran before turning it into the restaurant business.

The company used this building as the restaurant, but over time it became too small for their needs. They then converted an old bus station into a new building, where they opened their second store location in 1963.

Over the next decade the Sheetz restaurant company slowly expanded throughout Pennsylvania. By 1980 there were approximately 100 store locations throughout Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia.

A new family member joined the Sheetz restaurant company in 1979 when Bob Sheetz son, Steve Sheetz started working for the company. After graduating with an engineering degree from Penn State University in 1983, Steve Sheets became president of the Sheetz restaurant company.

In 1985 the Sheetz brothers wanted to take their business to a national level. They were looking for a solution that would work well in many different areas across the United States, and they found it with the older Sheetz restaurants.

The company decided to start converting these older stores into their own version of what is now known as Sheetz stores.

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