Jet’s Pizza Menu Prices (Updated: July 2023)

Every Saturday night the Jets Pizza restaurant is filled with customers within minutes of its opening. The aroma from fresh-baked pizzas and pasta dishes fills the entire area, enticing people into the establishment.

They offer a wide variety of food choices from appetizers to pizza by the slice as well as entree-sized pasta dishes. Appetizers include garlic knots, breadsticks& dough, string mozzarella cheese sticks and sauce, mozzarella balls (fried), chicken fingers with fries. Personal-sized pizzas are available in pepperoni or cheese for $5 each.

Customers can also choose to buy pasta dishes that include spaghetti with meat sauce; baked ziti and meatballs; and lasagna. spaghetti with meat sauce; baked ziti and meatballs; and lasagna.

They offer the following specialty pizzas: barbecue chicken, Hawaiian, veggie delite, meteor pizza (comes with pepperoni, ham, beef, and bacon), and four seasons (comes with pepperoni, mushroom, Italian sausage, and olive).

They also serve buffalo chicken pizza; taco pizza; Greek salad; steak and cheese sub; chicken Parmesan sandwich; meatball parmigiana sandwich; small or large fries.

“Jets Pizza is a very popular place to eat,” says Brady Sullivan, a recent dinner customer. “Every time I have been there it has been very busy, but the wait has not been more than a few minutes.”

“Their food is excellent and they have a good variety of options,” adds Sarah Sullivan, another diner. To place an order customers can call ahead with their order or walk-in or you can also check Jet’s pizza menu prices 2023 below.

Jet’s Pizza Menu Prices In 2023

Build Your Own Jet’s Pizza

Foods Prices
X-Large Cheese Pizza $ 25.29
Party Tray $ 47.14
8 Corner Pizza $ 20.80
4 Corner Pizza $ 12.87
Gluten Free Pizza $ 13.79
Small Hand Tossed Round $ 12.87
Large Hand Tossed Round $ 17.81
Small Thin Crust $ 12.87
Large Thin Crust $ 17.81
Large NY Style Round $ 17.81
Small Seasoned Cauliflower $ 13.79
Large Deep Dish $ 17.81

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Foods Prices
Mountain Dew $ 2.29
Pepsi $ 2.29
Diet Pepsi $ 2.29
Starry $ 2.29
Aquafina $ 2.29

Dipping Sauce

Foods Prices
Side Of Ranch Dipping Sauce $ 1.15
Side Of Pizza Dipping Sauce $ 1.15
Side Of Butter Garlic Dipping Sauce $ 0.86
Side Of Blue Cheese Dipping Sauce $ 1.15
Bottle Of Ranch Dressing $ 6.31
Bottle Of Greek Dressing $ 6.31
Bottle Of Italian Dressing $ 6.31
Side Of BBQ Dipping Sauce $ 0.99
Side Of Mild Buffalo Dipping Sauce $ 0.99

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Foods Prices
Cinnamon Stix $ 9.19
8″ Chocolate Chip Cookie $ 9.19
Chocolate Chip Brownie $ 9.19

Deli Boats

Foods Prices
Italian Deli Boat $ 10.34
Ham And Cheese Deli Boat $ 10.34
Veggie Deli Boat $ 10.34

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Jet’s Boat

Foods Prices
Jet’s Boat $ 10.34


Foods Prices
Garden Salad $ 9.76
Greek Salad $ 9.76
Antipasto Salad $ 9.76

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Foods Prices
Jet’s Bread $ 9.76
Jet’s Triple Cheese Turbo Stix $ 9.76
Jet’s Deep Dish Bread $ 9.76

Specialty Pizzas

Foods Prices
All Meaty $ 19.27
BBQ Chicken $ 19.27
Aloha BBQ Chicken $ 19.27
Super Special $ 19.27
Hawaiian $ 19.27
Jet 10 $ 21.10
Veggie $ 19.27
Buffalo Ranch Chicken $ 19.27
Eugene Supreme $ 19.27
Chicken Bacon Ranch $ 19.27

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Jets Pizza History

Jet’s Pizza Menu Prices History

Eugene and John Jetts were the founders of Jets Pizza in 1978. The company was started in Sterling Heights, Michigan. Jets Pizza is a pizza restaurant chain that is headquartered in Troy, Michigan.

The company has over 220 locations in the United States. Jets Pizza is known for its fresh ingredients and handmade dough. The first Jets Pizza opened in 1978 when the founders of the restaurant wanted to create a truly great pizza.

The founders of Jets began by working at another restaurant that specialized in making pizzas that were made from scratch. They believed that you couldn’t get a really good slice of pizza anywhere else, so they began their search for a location to make better pizza.

The Jetts brothers ended up finding an old car shop in the city of Sterling Heights, Michigan, which would be home to Jets Pizza’s first location.

opened on January 27th, 1978 near a Chrysler Air-raid plant in a small shopping center on Hall Road. Eugene and John Jetts opened the Jets Pizza restaurant, and while it was successful in the beginning, it wasn’t long before business began to slow down.

A few years later, a nearby Chrysler plant closed and about 700 workers were fired and decided to eat at the small pizza shop that their friends from work had been talking about. This helped Jets Pizza grow and continue to grow over the years.

Jets Pizza has grown significantly, but the founders still believe that it is important to maintain its small company feel, while also expanding into other markets.

The Jetts brothers are very involved in their community, so they decided to give back by creating a program called Jets Community Partners. This program allows Jets Pizza to give back to the communities that have helped them grow over the years.

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