Sweet Frog Menu Prices (Updated: July 2023)

They are known for their frozen yogurt. The business started in Richmond, Virginia. It is now open across North America, and it has over 100 stores. Some of the shops are franchised, but others are owned by the company itself.

People often go there to get a healthy treat because all of the frozen yogurts are low fat. On top of all of this, the Sweet Frog frozen yogurt prices are very affordable.

Sweet Frog’s flagship flavor is vanilla, and it uses real honey to sweeten its products. You can sample as many flavors as you want before choosing your favorite. There are over 300 different ones available, such as strawberry cheesecake and carrot cake.

There are various toppings you can add to your frozen yogurt for those who want a little crunch. They range from fresh fruit to crushed Oreos. A yogurt shop is a good place for kids and adults alike.

The latter can get coffee drinks and alcoholic beverages. Some of the wines and beers are local. The location makes it a great place to meet up with friends, hang out after work, or just grab a dessert.

People who want to enjoy Sweet Frog frozen yogurt but do not want to go out can buy pints and quarts online. They can choose from over 100 flavors and have them shipped right to their doorsteps. You can check the detailed sweet frog menu prices for 2023 below.

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Sweet Frog Menu Prices In 2023

No Sugar Added Flavors

Foods Prices
No Sugar Added Blueberry $0.50
No Sugar Added Cake Batter $0.50
No Sugar Added Cheesecake $0.50
No Sugar Added Chocolate $0.50
No Sugar Added Coffee $0.50
No Sugar Added Mint $0.50
No Sugar Added Praline $0.50
No Sugar Added Raspberry $0.50
No Sugar Added Strawberry $0.50
No Sugar Added Strawberry Banana $0.50
No Sugar Added Vanilla $0.50

Sorbet Flavors

Foods Prices
Chocolate Fudge $0.50
Green Apple $0.50
Key Lime $0.50
Orange Blast $0.50
Pink Lemonade $0.50
Pomegranate Raspberry $0.50
Strawberry Kiwi $0.50
Strawberry Lemonade $0.50
Very Berry $0.50
Watermelon $0.50

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Supreme Flavors

Foods Prices
Biscotti Gelato $0.50
Caramel Sea Salt Gelato $0.50
Chocolate Hazelnut $0.50
Chocolate Hazelnut Gelato $0.50
Peanut Butter $0.50
Tuscan Tiramisu Gelato $0.50

Low Fat Flavors

Foods Prices
Birthday Cake $0.50
Blue Cotton Candy $0.50
Cappuccino $0.50
Chocolate Caramel Turtle $0.50
Cinnamon Roll $0.50
Dulce De Leche $0.50
Dutch Chocolate $0.50
Fudge Brownie Batter $0.50
Mango $0.50
Milk Chocolate $0.50
Ooohlala Orange $0.50
Original Tart $0.50
Pineapple $0.50
Red Velvet $0.50
Salted Caramel Corn $0.50
Strawberry $0.50
Sweet Coconut $0.50
Toffee $0.50
White Vanilla $0.50

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Non-fat Flavors

Foods Prices
Alpine Vanilla $0.50
Angel Food Cake $0.50
Apple Pie $0.50
Cable Car Chocolate $0.50
Classic Chocolate $0.50
Coffee House Blend $0.50
Cookies n Cream $0.50
Country Vanilla $0.50
Creamy Mint Cookie $0.50
Egg Nog $0.50
Fancy French Vanilla $0.50
French Toast $0.50
Georgia Peach $0.50
Graham Cracker $0.50
Greek Black Cherry $0.50
Greek Lemon $0.50
Huckleberry $0.50
Irish Mint $0.50
Island Banana $0.50
Luscious Lemon $0.50
Maple Bacon Donut $0.50
Mountain Blackberry $0.50
New York Cheesecake $0.50
Orchard Cherry $0.50
Outrageous Orange $0.50
Pecan Praline $0.50
Peppermint $0.50
Pistachio $0.50
Pomegranate Raspberry Tart $0.50
Pumpkin Pie $0.50
Root Beer Float $0.50
Snickerdoodle $0.50
Toasted Marshmallow $0.50
Tropical Tart $0.50
Very Raspberry $0.50
Very Strawberry $0.50
White Chocolate Mousse $0.50
Wild Berry Tart $0.50

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Sweet Frog History

Sweet Frog Menu Prices History

Sweet Frog is a frozen yogurt chain that was founded in Richmond, Virginia, in 2009. The company is headquartered in India Richmond, Virginia. Derek Cha and Annah Kim are the founders of the company.

Sweet Frog offers a variety of flavors of frozen yogurt, as well as toppings and syrups. The first Sweet Frog store opened in 2009 on West Cary Street in Richmond, Virginia.

Since then, the company has expanded to over 350 locations worldwide. A new Sweet Frog location opens every 13 days, according to their website. Many of these new locations are located near college campuses or malls.

Sweet Frog is known for its affordable pricing for both frozen yogurt and its toppings. The cost is by weight, not by what size container you choose. In 2015 Sweet Frog was named the “Franchise of the Year” from the International Franchise Association awards.

Derek Cha and Annah Kim are founders of Sweet Frog Franchises Inc., which owns and operates Sweet Frog locations worldwide. In 2015, Sweet Frog celebrated its seventh anniversary in Richmond, Virginia, with a block party.

Sweet frog franchise fee starts from $30,000 to $80,000 depending upon location and unit size. The franchise fee covers training manuals and operations procedures for the franchise owner.

Annual royalty of 6% of sales is charged for the use of Sweet Frog’s franchise materials and support. This amount is paid directly to Sweet Frog’s franchising headquarters in India, Richmond, Virginia.

The minimum liquid capital required for a SweetFrog franchisee is $180,000. In 2016, there were 350 stores worldwide, with about half located in the United States.

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