Wahlburgers Menu Prices (Updated: July 2023)

If the enticing aroma of Wahlburgers has ever wafted into your senses, you know it’s a gastronomic siren song that’s hard to resist. But have you ever stopped mid-drool and wondered, “Just how much would it cost to savor these delicacies?”

We’ve all been there—on the brink of surrendering to our cravings yet held back by the uncertainty of our wallets. Well, prepare to quell your curiosity as we dive into the depths of Wahlburgers’ menu prices.

We’re not just talking numbers here; we’re talking value for money, quality, and the sheer delight of their dishes. As foodies, we understand the importance of budget-friendly yet delectable choices and it’s our mission to guide you through it.

So tighten your aprons, fellow gourmands, we’re about to dissect the cost versus taste balance of Wahlburgers, offering you a roadmap to the best decisions for your palate and pocket!

Wahlburgers Menu Prices In 2023

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Foods Prices
Thanksgiving Day $8.25
Crispy Haddock $7.95
House Dog $4.25
Almas Favorite Chicken $7.95
Portobello Mushroom Cap $7.50
Top Off With (Extra cheese, onion rings, caramelized onions, crispy bacon sauteed mushrooms avocado, housemade chili) $1.00

House Burgers

Foods Prices
Our Burger $7.15
Triple Decker $9.50
Double Decker $8.25

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Beef Burgers

Foods Prices
O.F.D. (Originally From Dorchester) $9.50
BBQ Bacon Burger $8.25
The Melt $8.95
Dads Basic Burger $6.75


Foods Prices
Your Choice Of Beef burger, chicken, haddock, or turkey burger (add) $3.50
Classic $5.95
Almas Macaroni $5.95
Spinach $6.95
Caesar $5.95
Side Portion $3.95

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Foods Prices
Bottled Mexican Coke Sprite Fanta $2.95
Housemade Lemonade $2.50
Hornstra Farms Whole Milk $2.50
IBC Root Beer Float $4.95
Aquahydrate $2.75
Fresh Brewed Iced Black Tea $2.25
IBC Root Beer & Diet Root Beer $2.75
Arnold Palmer $2.50
Hornstra Farms Chocolate Milk $2.75
Creamsicle $4.95
Fresh Brewed Coffee, Decaf $2.25
Fountain Drinks $1.95


Foods Prices
Frappes $4.95
Apple Empanada $3.25
Cupcake Mojo $1.95 – $4.95

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Foods Prices
Smashburger $5.25
Grilled Cheese $4.50
Chicken Fingers $6.95
Kids Soft Drinks $0.95

On The Side

Foods Prices
Yukon Gold Fries $3.35
Sweet Potato Tots $3.35
Classic Chili $3.35
Tater Tots $3.35
Onion Rings $3.25
Almas Macaroni Salad $3.95

Wahlburgers History

Wahlburgers Menu Prices History

Imagine, if you will, the humble beginnings of a family-owned restaurant that has now become a revered name in the world of culinary delights—Wahlburgers.

It all began in 2011 when the Wahlberg brothers, Paul, Donnie, and Mark, collectively brought their unique culinary vision to life. Paul, a seasoned chef, was the culinary mastermind, while Mark and Donnie’s Hollywood stardom bolstered the brand’s image.

Located in the historic Hingham, Massachusetts, the brothers set out to create more than just a restaurant. Wahlburgers was an embodiment of their childhood, their shared love for food, and the vibrant family gatherings that often revolved around their mother’s kitchen.

They aimed to bring that warmth and sense of togetherness to every customer who walked through their doors. From its single establishment, Wahlburgers has flourished dramatically, now proudly serving customers at over 90 locations worldwide.

That’s a testament to the brother’s dedication to quality and their devotion to sharing a slice of their home with you. What’s on the menu, you ask? Their offerings go beyond the eponymous Wahlburger.

They’ve got sandwiches, hot dogs, salads, and desserts, with each dish crafted with as much care and thoughtfulness as the burgers. Not to mention, an impressive selection of cocktails for those who like a little spirit with their meal. Wahlburgers even caters to the ardent fans of the brand with a line of merchandise.

The story of Wahlburgers is indeed inspiring. Three brothers with a vision managed to cultivate a dining experience that merges the comforts of home cooking with the sophistication of professional cuisine.

As you explore their menu, remember, each dish carries a bit of the Wahlberg spirit and their commitment to serving you a meal that’s worth every penny. After all, Wahlburgers isn’t just about food; it’s about the taste of family, tradition, and a heritage of genuine love for cooking.

FAQs On Wahlburgers Restaurant

1. What are the price ranges on the Wahlburgers menu?

While prices can vary by location, typically, you can expect to spend between $7 to $15 for a meal at Wahlburgers. Signature burgers tend to be in the $9 to $13 range.

2. Are there any vegetarian options on the Wahlburgers menu?

Yes, Wahlburgers caters to vegetarians. They have a few options such as salads and the Impossible Burger, a plant-based alternative to their traditional burgers.

3. Is the Wahlburgers menu kid-friendly?

Absolutely! Wahlburgers offers a kids’ menu with smaller portions and kid-friendly meals, including chicken fingers and mac ‘n’ cheese.

4. Does Wahlburgers have a gluten-free menu?

Yes, Wahlburgers has gluten-free options. Many of their salads and a selection of their burgers can be made gluten-free upon request.

5. What is the most popular item on the Wahlburgers menu?

The ‘Our Burger’ remains a fan favorite. It features Paul’s signature wahl sauce, pickles, onions, American cheese, lettuce, and tomato.

6. Do Wahlburgers offer any special deals or discounts?

Deals and discounts may vary by location and time. It’s best to check with your local Wahlburgers or follow them on social media for updates.

7. Is there a dessert menu at Wahlburgers?

Yes, they offer a variety of desserts including floats, frappes, and a house-made dessert of the day.

8. Does Wahlburgers offer alcoholic beverages?

Yes, Wahlburgers offers a range of cocktails, draft beers, and wines at most locations.

9. Are there healthy options on the Wahlburgers menu?

Yes, there are healthier choices available. They offer a variety of salads and also the option to swap out the regular burger patty for a turkey or impossible burger.

10. Can I customize my order at Wahlburgers?

Absolutely! Wahlburgers encourages customers to customize their meals according to their preferences.

Final Words

Navigating through Wahlburgers’ menu prices is more than just crunching numbers. It’s about understanding the value behind the price tag. Every bite into their juicy burgers or crisp salads speaks of the Wahlberg’s family ethos – delivering quality, hearty meals that echo the comforts of home.

From the humble beginnings in Hingham, Massachusetts to over 90 locations globally, Wahlburgers’ commitment to their culinary vision shines bright.

Their diverse menu, suited for varying tastes and dietary preferences, goes the extra mile to ensure no one is left out of this dining experience.

Whether you’re curious about their famous “Our Burger,” looking to enjoy a refreshing salad, or perhaps intrigued by their cocktail selection, we trust you’ll find an option that’s worth your dime.

So, next time your cravings lead you to Wahlburgers, remember it’s not just about the price—it’s about the taste, the quality, and most importantly, the experience. Happy dining!

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